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Monitored? Being dumped? Being cheated? I don't dare drive Tesla anymore

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By Zhou Xiongfei

Source: lianxianchuxing

Behind these answers is the uneasiness and panic of car owners about Tesla.


Once the answer is exposed, it has caused a lot of disputes among car owners, and they are worried that their personal privacy will be disclosed.

In response, Tesla issued a statement on the 19th of this month, saying that Tesla's vehicles do not infringe the owner's privacy through in car cameras, and stressing that all Tesla vehicles in the Chinese market have not turned on in car cameras.

For such an explanation, but the car owners are no longer willing to believe it.

Because in their view, whether the camera is turned on or not is up to Tesla, not the owner.

Tesla's trust crisis is deepening.

Just recently, Tesla was exposed to the brake failure event, and its attitude of choosing to throw the pot again has aroused widespread doubts from the outside world.

Many of the Tesla owners interviewed by online travel have experienced vehicle accidents caused by brake failure, stall and auxiliary driving identification error.

What these car owners didn't expect was that when they were injured to protect their rights, Tesla officials either didn't give a positive response, or put the responsibility for these accidents on them.

Since 2019, musk has been preaching the technical advantages of its company's automatic assisted driving in some public occasions, and claimed that it could achieve full automatic driving by the end of last year.

However, after Tesla's two e-mails to the California motor vehicle administration (DMV) were exposed, the world talent learned that the previously publicized auxiliary driving technology was false, only to reach the technical level of L2.


Tesla's email to the California motor vehicle administration


Tesla can monitor you at any time?

Just after musk tweeted that Tesla can monitor the car owners through the camera in the car, some people in some groups of Tesla owners and new energy vehicles raised such questions.

For such a truth, the industry is surprised. In the view of the industry, it is a consensus that Tesla has installed a camera outside the car to perceive the environment. However, most people don't know that a camera inside the car is also installed in the rear-view mirror of model 3.


Model 3 cab camera location, source Tesla owner's Manual

Compared with the surprise after knowing the truth, the vast majority of Tesla owners are more worried that their personal privacy may have been leaked.

Like Zhao Ming, some other Tesla owners also said that they didn't know about the camera.

According to them, when they first bought the car, the sales staff did not mention the existence of this camera, nor did they say that Tesla could monitor the car owners through this camera.

Because of this, although Tesla official later said that domestic vehicles did not turn on the camera, it did not calm the panic of car owners.

Zhao Ming told wired travel that after he found the camera, he stuck it with double-sided tape. In his view, privacy in the car and in the home are equally important and inviolable.

According to the source quoted by the former Wall Street insider, the domestic government has begun to restrict the use of Tesla by military personnel and key state-owned enterprise employees, and some organizations have begun to require employees not to drive Tesla to work, as well as to prohibit them from driving into residential areas of sensitive enterprises.

The Chinese authorities have asked Tesla owners to park their cars outside sensitive property to prevent data from being collected by on-board cameras, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

According to the report of Peng Bo, it is worried that the data collected by Tesla in the process of use may cause safety problems. Tesla's car camera can continuously obtain images, vehicle use time, location and other data. The government is worried that some data may be sent back to the United States.

In fact, with the development of smart cars, the presence of cameras in the car is not new. The camera in the cab is generally regarded as the sensor part of the driver monitoring system (DMS) in the industry. When the driver is driving, the main function of DMS is to see if the driver is driving seriously and prevent fatigue driving.


For such a function, car owners are not against it, but they need to be informed to turn it on.

Take Weilai, another new energy vehicle company, as an example. According to Weilai's owner's manual, all models of Weilai are also equipped with cameras, which have the functions of self photographing and monitoring the status of the car, which can improve the security of the car's anti-theft and privacy. According to Li Yi, when Weilai sells cars, the sales staff will tell the consumers about the cameras.

But Tesla chose to hide, which further exacerbated the outside world's distrust of Tesla. Combined with the reported out of control incidents, Tesla's brand image is in jeopardy.


Tesla out of control again and again

Zhang Ou said with a bitter smile about the accident. In his opinion, during the downhill period of the accident, Wuling Hongguang, which costs tens of thousands of yuan, could brake the car in time, but Tesla, which is worth more than 200000 yuan, rear ended the car in front of it due to brake failure.

He bought Tesla's domestic model 3 late last year, and in order to buy it, he sold all the fuel vehicles he had been driving before.

On the 7th of this month, Zhang Ou was driving the Tesla Model 3 normally on a highway in Tianjin. After seeing the vehicles in front of him start to slow down, he also stepped on the brake pedal, but the vehicles didn't give any feedback on slowing down. As a result, he stepped on the brake pedal to a deeper position, and the vehicle only slowed down a part of its speed, and remained at a speed of 40km / h until it hit the car in front of the rear end.


Model 3 after the accident

In fact, before the accident, this Tesla had some problems.

According to Zhang Ou's recollection, about a week before the accident, his Tesla had an OTA upgrade. After that, he found that the kinetic energy recovery function of the vehicle was not very easy to use.

Kinetic energy recovery is the use of pure electric vehicle deceleration inertia, so that the wheel drives the motor to rotate, so that the motor into a generator, to supplement part of the battery. When this function is in operation, it will also assist the vehicle in braking.

Li Yi was also involved in the accident due to the vehicle problem, but the difference is that he encountered a Tesla stall.

Li Yi had to rely on the inertia speed of the vehicle to stop the vehicle that had lost its power on the side of the highway. At that time, it was more than 1 a.m.


Accident vehicle being towed onto trailer, tuyuan interviewee

During the conversation with Li Yi, we learned that he was one of the first car owners to get Tesla Model s in China. In the seven years from 2014 to now, the situation in the previous years was ok, but the vehicles began to have problems from 2019.

In the middle of 2019, Li Yi felt that the battery life was a little reduced, and there were some abnormalities during charging, so he sent the vehicle to the local Tesla Center for maintenance. At that time, he was told to replace a battery for free, but after the replacement, he felt that the battery life had not changed, and the charging abnormality was still there. He suspected that the battery had not been replaced.

Last year, more small problems began to appear, such as the sudden black screen of the central control panel for no reason and the power failure of charging.

In spite of this, in the past seven years, Li Yi has been driving the model s even though he has a Weilai car, and even used it more frequently than Weilai.


How difficult is it to protect rights?

Many Tesla owners don't understand the difficulty of safeguarding their rights.

Just after he asked repeatedly, Tesla staff gave a reply and said that it was possible that the vehicle lost its power due to the water entering into the vehicle motor. However, according to Li Yi, before the accident, he basically did not drive through any wading area, and there was no rainy weather in the near future.

After repeated communication, the staff member attributed the cause of the accident to the water entering the motor, said that it was due to the failure to install the battery heater before the accident, and then led the cause of the accident to the water experience in 2019. However, in Li Yi's opinion, these factors are unlikely to cause the accident.


Screenshot of the chat between Li Yi and Tesla staff, source: Interviewees

As of press time, he has not yet got his car, and Tesla officials still have not given him a positive response on safeguarding his rights after the accident.

Zhang Ou also suffered a lot after the accident.

According to Zhang ou, during the call, Tesla first reported a group of background driving data, including when to step on the brake pedal, how much brake pressure and other information. The other party said that from the data, everything was normal when the vehicle was in an accident, and there was no brake failure as Zhang Ou said.

However, Zhang Ou made a comparison between the data given by Zhang ou and the time of the dash cam, and found that there were several seconds difference in all the time. In this case, Zhang Ou communicated with the staff of Tesla, and wanted to get the background data for verification, but the other side said that the data could not be given to the car owner.


Wechat screenshot of Zhang Ou's conversation with Tesla staff

Later, Zhang Ou called the customer service again, and the other side said that there was no problem with the data. It was his personal factors that caused the accident.

In the industry, both Li Yi's loss of power and Zhang Ou's brake failure have a lot to do with Tesla's software, and drivers account for a small proportion.

But in the face of car owners, Tesla adopted the attitude of throwing the pot, and this picture has been staged many times since the beginning of this year.


Some of Tesla's statements, tuyuan Tesla customer support official micro

If it is said that some Tesla owners have been hurt by these accidents, the negative attitude of Tesla officials towards the accidents makes this kind of injury even worse.

Whether it's the concealment of the camera or the unfriendly treatment in the face of the rights protection of car owners, many car owners have been disappointed and regretted about Tesla. In the future, what can Tesla do to make consumers continue to trust it?


Can you still believe Tesla?

There are many consumers who believe and choose Tesla since the sale of Tesla.

This can be seen from Tesla's domestic sales data this year. According to the data of the passenger Association, Tesla's domestic sales from January to February 2021 were 15484 and 18318 respectively, with a total sales of 33802. Compared with the same period of this year, Tesla's sales volume of 13338 cars and weipeng's sales volume of 13379 cars in the first three months of this year are relatively large.


The sales of Tesla, Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal from January to February 2021 are based on the travel map of the association of passengers

For any car company, whether it is popular in the market or not, it is the most obvious method to count from the purchase volume of consumers.

Although Tesla has been exposed to a number of out of control accidents at the beginning of this year, the sales volume of Tesla is still growing. The personal charm of musk and the cost performance of Tesla are all playing a role.

There are many admirers around the world. He has been promoting the cutting edge and cool of Tesla, attracting more and more people to choose Tesla.

As far as automatic assisted driving is concerned, musk mentioned Tesla's advantages more than once.

In 2019, musk spent nearly three hours on auto driving investor day to show Tesla's achievements and plans in the field of auto driving, and said that through the popularization of FSD function, Tesla is expected to be able to realize completely unmanned operation by the end of 2020.

At last year's world artificial intelligence conference, musk once again boasted that he would complete the development of basic functions of L5 automatic driving within 2020. After this function is delivered, the vehicle can navigate autonomously in the area with signal reception, even on the road that Tesla has never driven, and can realize zero intervention driving.

In addition to oral publicity, the introduction interface of auxiliary driving function on Tesla's official website also creates an illusion for consumers to realize automatic driving.


The screenshot of Tesla's introduction to assisted driving is from Tesla's official website

However, the reality is far away from publicity.

In the middle of this month, according to the two e-mails Tesla sent to the California motor vehicle administration (DMV) at the end of 2020 exposed by foreign media, Tesla admitted that FSD, like autopilot, is only a L2 level automatic assistant driving system.

It is conceivable that consumers who do not know the truth of the technology will choose Tesla in the face of the temptation of technological advantages publicized, but what they finally get is really a car that does not live up to its name.

What's worse, car owners who blindly believe in this kind of publicity may encounter safety accidents.

In 2016, Tesla owner Xu Zhong bought an imported version of Tesla Model s in the boom of electric vehicles. At that time, the car upgraded its system to version 7.0 through OTA upgrade, which was accompanied by auxiliary driving function. According to Tesla, it can automatically identify buses, trucks and motorcycles.

According to his recollection, in late 2019, when I was driving on the expressway, I saw that the road condition was very good and there were not many cars, so I turned on the auxiliary driving. While turning on this function, his hands were also ready to take over. However, when encountering a curve, the vehicle did not recognize the solid line of the road. After finding the problem, he quickly stepped on the brake, but still hit the roadside guardrail.

In addition to Xu Zhong, more car owners have encountered such accidents.

In July last year, a Tesla Model s, which was in assisted driving mode, collided with a road maintenance truck driving in the same direction in Beijing, resulting in the scrapping of the Tesla vehicle. Four people of the other vehicle were injured, including one with a serious fracture of the thoracic spine.


Scene of the accident, xinhuanet.com

Accidents like this happen not only at home, but also abroad.

In May 2016, a man in Florida, USA, driving Tesla Model s and starting auxiliary driving, collided with a semitrailer truck driving in the middle of the road, resulting in the driver's death on the spot.

Now it seems that it is the fact that the camera and monitoring are concealed from the car owners, the attitude of throwing the pot after the accident, and the technical advantages that do not exist in the publicity that make more and more car owners distrust the Tesla brand. At the same time, more and more car owners no longer dare to drive Tesla.

It can be predicted that with the increasing competition in the whole industry, if Tesla still treats car owners with a concealed and negative attitude in the future, it will not only lose the trust of consumers, but also give up its market share to competitors.

(at the request of the interviewees, Zhao Ming, Li Yi, Zhang ou, Xu Zhong and Sun Tao are all pseudonyms.)

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