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Experts respond to whether allergic constitution can be given a new vaccine: all these misreading should be known

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At present, China is rapidly promoting the free vaccination of the new crown vaccine, perhaps because everyone's knowledge of the vaccine is limited, so there are some wrong opinions circulating on the Internet, and experts also appeared to respond one by one.

Misreading 1: the protection period of Xinguan vaccine is only half a year

Do you want a booster vaccination? Liang Yaqiong said: nine months of data will be released soon, and this data will be constantly updated. If the antibody level drops sharply after a certain period of monitoring, a reasonable suggestion will be made to strengthen the vaccination, which will be decided according to the later observation data.

Misreading 2: the second dose of vaccine will be wasted

In response, Liang Yaqiong said that after the completion of the first dose of vaccine, the second dose requires an interval of more than three weeks, and the two doses should be completed within eight weeks. If the second dose of new crown vaccine can be completed beyond the time limit, even if it is more than 8 weeks, there is no need to re vaccinate, as long as the non seeded dose can be completed.

Misreading 3: preparation for pregnancy cannot be vaccinated

Pregnant women are not recommended to be vaccinated, but pregnant women do not need to take special measures after vaccination. Is there a contradiction between the two?

Four crowns: allergic constitution can't be vaccinated

The second is those who have had severe allergic reaction to the vaccine in the past. So the question is, in spring, there are not a few people who are allergic to pollen and antibiotics. Can they get the new coronavirus vaccine? An Zhijie, deputy director of the center for immunization of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the current vaccine ingredients do not contain antibiotics, so antibiotic allergy is not a contraindication for vaccination. In other words, people allergic to penicillin, cephalosporin and other antibiotics can be vaccinated with the new crown vaccine.

What is the allergy caused by the new coronavirus vaccine? An Zhijie said that the proportion of people who are really allergic to the vaccine is not very high. Allergic rashes are more common. Many of them are transient (pass at once) and recover quickly. Of course, some slightly more severe symptoms, anaphylactic shock, were also detected. The probability is very, very low, generally below one in a million.

The incidence of severe allergy to the new coronavirus vaccine is so low, do you need to stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes?

An Zhijie explained that because serious allergic reactions occur about 15 minutes after vaccination, as long as you stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes, in case of relatively serious reactions such as laryngeal edema and anaphylactic shock, the vaccination site can give timely treatment to avoid other accidents. The overall vaccine is very safe, but in order to prevent these very small probability, we still have to stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes after vaccination and then go home.



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