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Why is 5g package so difficult to promote? In fact, 4G is enough, 5g has not been recognized by consumers

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In the early days, the popularity of 5g came from Huawei. Under the attack of network publicity, Huawei 5g has become a hot topic for many consumers. Two years later, Huawei 5g is not as practical as you think, and the promotion of 5g package is not satisfactory. It's not hard to see that 5g is like a little red meat, which is beaten back to its original shape after the heat, which is the reality of helplessness.

Back to the point, why is the promotion of 5g package so difficult? Are consumers not optimistic about the future development of 5g, or is 5g not effective and suspected of being flattered? I think there are five reasons.


1. What kind of products are worth promoting? Easy to use, reasonable price, 5g package obviously does not meet this standard

Many people will choose iPhone, Huawei mate series and P series when they buy mobile phones. One thing these three kinds of mobile phones have in common is that they are expensive. Expensive is not the original sin, but expensive is not easy to use, that is, there is a big problem. Obviously, the iPhone and Huawei flagship don't have this problem.

Although the price of these models is about 6000 yuan, they are worth the price in terms of workmanship, experience, performance and appearance. According to this logic, let's take a look at the 5g package. Is the 5g package easy to use? I don't think it's easy to use. I'll summarize the following points.


First, 5g signal is not fully covered. Many times, you use 5g package, but you enjoy 4G service.

Second, even with 5g signal, the network speed experience brought by 5g package has not changed much. In theory, 4G network speed has been able to keep up with the user experience speed.

Third, 5g package traffic is used too fast, more than 100 g will be used up in a certain period of time, this kind of use rhythm is not as good as 4G package.

Thus, 5g package is not as easy to use as expected, which is also an important reason why 5g package is difficult to promote.

2. No one is willing to spend money on products that are not worth it! Therefore, the price is the fundamental reason restricting the promotion of 5g package

Consumers' eyes are bright, which product is cost-effective? Which product quality is better, they will have an intuitive feeling. In the case of similar product experience, price becomes the fundamental reason for buying this product. According to this argument, 4G package is more competitive than 5g package!


I mentioned the disadvantages of 5g package above. Let's put aside the disadvantages of 5g package and talk about the price of 5g package. At present, the price of 5g packages is more than 100 yuan, and 5g packages of 200 and 300 yuan are common. The price of two or three hundred yuan a month is two or three thousand yuan a year, which is not a small amount for ordinary users.

Let's look at the price of 4G package. At present, many app developers have launched package services, such as Tencent's Dawang card, Xiaowang card, baidu flower card, Xiaomi satiety card, etc. In addition, the three operators also launched their own pure flow 4G cards. Comparatively speaking, there are too many choices of 4G package cards, and the package experience is more abundant. The price ranges from 30 yuan to 50 yuan. How can 5g package be promoted under the price impact of 4G package?


3. At present, 4G package is accepted by the majority of consumers, and it will take time for consumers to switch to 5g package

So the question is, will 5g package replace 4G package? My answer is yes. In the 2G era, no one would expect the 3G era to come, but it took five years to upgrade from 2G to 3G. The same thing happened in 3G and 4G, which took eight years.

By 2019, China's 4G network will be fully covered. In other words, it will be only a year and a half before our 4G network is fully popularized. In the past nine and a half years, 4G network and 4G package have brought great convenience to consumers. For a while, consumers are not willing to accept 5g package. Let me briefly talk about consumers' recognition of 4G package.


First, you can surf the Internet anytime and anywhere, and the Internet speed is very stable.

Second, the price of 4G packages is affordable. Some packages cost 19 yuan and can be used for a month.

Third, the 4G package has no problem playing games and watching videos, which meets the requirements of most people.

Under the use of 4G package for many years, most users will not be interested in 5g package, which is also the reason why 5g package is difficult to promote. In other words, when the 5g package will reach the experience of 4G package, and the price is generous, then consumers will naturally be interested in 5g package.


4, 5g package is artificially promoted, this feeling is a bit annoying, many consumers are disgusted with 5g package

I often receive the upgraded 5g package SMS sent by the operators. The frequency of this kind of SMS is very high, and I feel disgusted after watching it for a long time. Why do you feel this way? It's like three people trying to buy something in the supermarket and you don't have to worry about it? Facing the frequent promotion of 5g packages by operators, what will consumers think? The more you promote it, the more I prefer not to replace the 5g package. This is the normal psychology of people.

As I said earlier, in order for 5g package to be accepted by consumers, you must make consumers interested in 5g package. Now for the better, consumers are not only not interested, but also disgusted with 5g package, so the promotion of 5g package has to wait until the golden age.


5. The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments. The expectations brought by Huawei 5g have not changed people's lives, so 5g package naturally falls out of favor

How is 5g hot? I think many people will think of Huawei 5g. In 18 and 19 years, Huawei's 5g patent was talked about by the majority of consumers. For a while, Huawei became the leader of 5g standard. Many netizens even think that 5g belongs to Huawei. Without Huawei, other manufacturers can't use 5g.

In fact, Qualcomm still has a number of 5g communication standards. In terms of the number of 5g core patents, Qualcomm is also stronger than Huawei. Of course, many netizens don't care about this. They think Huawei is ahead of 5g, so 5g can change our lives, and the future belongs to the 5g era.


But 5g mobile phone came out, operators also launched 5g package, and then consumers really used 5g network. so what? No, then! 5g network has not greatly changed the lives of consumers. Where is the Internet of things? I didn't see it! Life becomes more convenient? Still don't see it!

The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments. 5g network and 5g package are not worthy of the name, which only increases Huawei's reputation. Will consumers like this 5g package as they did at the beginning?!


6. Write at the end

If I remember correctly, Ding Lei, the founder of Netease, made 5g comments. In his opinion, 5g can't change people's lives in the short term. In addition to improving the Internet speed, the majority of users have no intuitive feelings. Ding Lei's remarks were attacked by many netizens at that time, and some netizens also insulted Ding Lei for not having the overall situation, which was a derogation to Huawei. Now looking back, Ding Lei's point is too reasonable. In other words, Ding Lei has the courage to say that, but many people just dare to be angry.


It can be seen that 5g heat should be stopped for some time. 5g is what it is. Don't raise it or belittle it. When it happens, 5g will naturally become the first choice for consumers, and 5g package will be accepted by consumers without promotion.

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