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Ddr5 particles look like this! Yingchi ddr5 memory is about to surface

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Since 2020, the high demand of 5g, artificial intelligence, automobile and electronic competition market has accelerated the product iteration and technology upgrading of DDR. Recently, the new generation of mainstream storage standard ddr5 is constantly updated, which indicates that the era of ddr5 is accelerating.


With many years of deep cultivation in the field of storage and extensive layout, Yingchi technology keeps up with the forefront of the development of storage technology, and has become one of the pioneers of the blue ocean of ddr5 storage. Recently, Yingchi ddr5 DRAM memory particles have arrived at the factory and began to enter the trial production stage of engineering samples.


From the photos, the appearance of ddr5 memory particles is not significantly different from DDR4, the size is the same, but the encoding method is different. In addition, the chip pin design is different, and they are not compatible with each other.


The difference of pins means that ddr5 and DDR4 are different in power consumption, capacity, frequency and ECC. Ddr5 supports the transmission rate of 6400mbps, which is 2 times faster than DDR4. It also supports ECC error correction, and can correct 1 bit level errors by itself. The operating voltage is 1.1V, which is more energy-saving than 1.2V of DDR4.


In short, compared with DDR4, ddr5 has faster speed, larger capacity, higher stability and lower energy consumption. It can create an ultra-high specification with single capacity of 512gb and frequency of 8400mhz.

Faster speed

The improvement of memory bandwidth is one of the most direct changes between ddr5 and DDR4. The pin bandwidth (frequency) of ddr5 memory is twice that of DDR4. The starting frequency will be 4800mhz, which is 50% higher than the standard frequency 3200mhz of DDR4. In the future, it can even reach 8400mhz.

More capacity

The most significant feature of ddr5 memory is the substantial increase in capacity. A single ddr5 allows a single memory chip to reach a density of 64gbit, which is four times higher than the maximum density of 16GBIT of DDR4, which helps to improve the capacity of a single flash memory and the memory capacity. It can be predicted that in the era of ddr5, 16GB will become the common starting capacity of single memory.

Higher stability

Lower energy consumption

In terms of energy consumption, the voltage of ddr5 can be as low as 1.1V, which is 0.1V lower than 1.2V of DDR4. It can provide more adjustment space for players to fully squeeze the performance of memory. Considering that the actual voltage of DDR4 is mostly 1.35v, and even the memory voltage of some over frequency versions is 1.5V, ddr5 has made great progress in reducing energy consumption.

From DDR4 to ddr5, it has spanned nearly a decade. It is said that the sword will be sharpened in 10 years. From the comparison of parameters, ddr5 has not let you down. At present, Yingchi's ddr5 memory has entered the trial production stage of engineering samples, and will appear in the near future. We look forward to its final arrival, and open a new era of ddr5 with the players.


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