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Ps5 is in short supply, but Sony's president is being coaxed out of office?

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Recently, Jim Ryan, Sony's new president, got involved...

A few days ago, overseas netizens launched a petition to dismiss Jim Ryan, President of SIE.


It's very strange. Last year, Sony was the most profitable game company in the world.


He took office in 2019, just in time for the last generation change, presided over the development and marketing of ps5, and achieved good results.

In principle, how could such a hardworking President be dismissed?

In fact, this is related to a series of changes in Sony interactive entertainment in recent months.

The first storm started with a very small thing, that is, the XO of ps5 was unified.


It's about the differences in game habits between Japan and Europe and the United States. In Japan, O is the confirm key and X is the cancel key.

But the opposite is true in Europe and America, where x is the confirm key and O is the cancel key.

In the era of PS4 games, different games will have different settings according to this. Basically, the games developed by Japanese studios and the games on sale in East Asia are all confirmed by O and cancelled by X.

In Europe and America, on the contrary, developers will design localized handle settings according to different regions.

But in the ps5 era, it's all in accordance with European and American standards...

The players in Asia are very dissatisfied with this. In principle, after playing for so many years, we have been used to it. O is confirmation, X is cancellation. You can change it if you want.


What's more, it's very good to be in the same area as before? What do you have to change?

After everyone quarreled about this, Sony couldn't hold on and added a custom.

But it didn't affect Sony's overall situation. The ps5 is still in short supply. It's selling well. Do you like it or not.

As a result, another thing happened at this juncture.

What is this? It's a series of Sony Japan studios where all the old employees have left.

These people are the gold medal producers of Sony games in Japan for many years, such as Keiichiro waiyama, a famous game designer who once supervised horror games such as silent hill, dead soul, and gravity fantasy world.


The co producers of blood are ornithal mountain and mountain.


Junsuke Saito, artistic director of gravity fantasy world.


There is also shomi Yamamoto, former executive producer and external production director of SIE Japan studio.


Sony mutual entertainment confirmed that it will restructure Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studios on April 1 and transfer the functions of these studios to Playstation studios.


The Playstation studio includes Sony's first party game developers such as Santa Monica and naughty dog.

It can be said that Sony Japan's studio has basically disappeared.

According to VGC, Sony Japan studios were restructured because they didn't make money.


More importantly, they don't make money. Even if they make money, they only want to make money from Japan, not from the world.


This is a little intolerable for Sony interactive entertainment with a global perspective.


What is global vision? What is strategic awareness?

Of course, from a profit point of view, Sony Japan's games are certainly not as good as those sold all over the world.

For example, the God of war is sold all over the world directly, and there is no geographical restriction at all.


But it's not necessarily developed by Japanese studios, such as gravity visionary girl.


However, many things can not only look at the level of profitability, but also from a long-term perspective.

For example, vanilla club's "Thirteen fighters defense circle" has a general local sales volume, but which one has not said it is good?


Another example is the last guardian, which was written by literati Ueda earlier. Although the game is not a sales representative, it is a touch of moonlight in many people's hearts.


After all, games are not only commodities, but also works of art to some extent.

Just like movies, there are commercial films and art films.

However, in Sie's view, only profitable games are good ones...

Of course, this storm is more than these things.

There are other Sony operations, such as closing the PS3 / PSV download store...


And let all kinds of exclusive games on PC when they are on sale...


It's not exclusive to Sony, it's not exclusive to the market!

All in all, this series of things, let the president of Sony on the cusp of the storm.

Now the petition has become more and more intense, and more than 2000 people have participated in the petition.

Although there is a high probability that Sony will not respond to this petition, Sony should pay more attention to the voices from players.

After all, Sony's ps5 didn't go on sale for long. It's not a big deal now. The next generation war has just begun.

Microsoft next door bought a studio on the left and landed an XGP on the right, which made Sony too busy.

Originally, the core strategy of the last generation was to monopolize. Now, if you monopolize PC for one year, no one will believe it.

Where will Sony go next?



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