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Is the neck of China's industrial Internet stuck?

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The introduction of the new national infrastructure policy accelerates the catalysis of a new generation of information technology, including 5g, edge computing, artificial intelligence, etc.

However, due to the urgent needs of the current digital transformation, the development of these new technologies can not keep up with the pace of digital transformation, so there are some phenomena, such as the chip is jammed, 5g is jammed, big data is jammed and so on

Is the neck of industrial Internet stuck?

As we all know, China has always been a big manufacturing country, but due to the impact of the epidemic, China's manufacturing industry has been greatly impacted, so that the industry which was originally in the dominant position began to decline.

Many factories had to stop production during the outbreak,Labor shortage, weak offline demand and shrinking trade have seriously affected the development of industrial manufacturing.

For example, Foxconn factory has postponed all production activities, which is expected to lead to Apple's mobile phone shipments. In Suzhou, Wuxi and other places, a large number of enterprises have already settled in the factory, but no workers work, and the enterprises are in production stagnation.

Chain reaction, production fluctuation, supply chain rupture and capital chain tension continue to affect the development of manufacturing industry.The decline of downstream sales causes a chain reaction in the supply chain, which severely damages the upstream small and medium-sized enterprises; abnormal production fluctuations affect the sustained and healthy development of manufacturing industry; supply chain rupture increases the uncertainty of future export trade; the tension of capital chain becomes the uncertain factor for the subsequent development of enterprises.

"Made in China 2025" proposes that China plans to build a manufacturing power in three steps:

The first step is to become a manufacturing power by 2025;

Second, by 2035, China's manufacturing industry as a whole will reach the middle level of the world's manufacturing power camp;

Third, in the 100 years since the founding of new China, China's status as a manufacturing power will be further consolidated, and its comprehensive strength will enter the forefront of the world's manufacturing power.

The state attaches great importance to the development of manufacturing industry, and with the progress of science and technology, it is gradually combining new technology with manufacturing industry to seek new sparks and bring new economic growth points to manufacturing industry.

Industrial Internet has become a major contributor. In order to cope with the impact of the epidemic, these manufacturing enterprises actively explore the use of industrial Internet technology, while improving the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, help enterprises accurately dock customers, realize online collaborative office, improve enterprise management ability and decision-making ability, and accelerate the recovery of the manufacturing industry.

Xu Xiaolan, President of China Industrial Internet Research Institute, introduced that during the epidemic period, China Industrial Internet Research Institute gave full play to the role of industrial Internet platform as the hub of industrial total factor connection and the core of industrial resource allocation, realized the regional and industrial control of the resumption of work and production of more than 2.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises, and supported the statistical reporting work of the Ministry of industry and information technology.

It is estimated that in 2020, the economic scale of China's industrial Internet industry will reach 3.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 2.9% of GDP, contributing more than 16% to the growth of digital economy, and driving the employment of 1312900 people.

Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, once said that in 2020, China's industrial added value will reach 31.3 trillion yuan, becoming the world's largest manufacturing country for 11 consecutive years.

The impact of the epidemic has shaken the status of China's manufacturing power to a certain extent. However, from the above data, it can be seen that both the industrial Internet and the development of industrial manufacturing show a growth trend. It can be said that the current achievements can be achieved, and the industrial Internet has played a strong supporting role.

But on the other hand, as China's industrial Internet is still in the early stage of development, the overall development level and practical foundation still need to be strengthened, the key infrastructure support capacity is insufficient, and the core technology and high-end products can not meet the application needs of the whole industry.

Industrial software

Industrial software plays a core role in the digital, networked and intelligent control of industrial Internet platform and business model innovation. The digital design, verification and testing of industrial products and the digital control of industrial equipment are inseparable from the support of industrial software.

Industrial software is by no means ordinary software. It is the digital packaging and reuse of industrial mechanism model, which requires long-term accumulation of industrial process, technology and mechanism.

At present, there are more than 150 kinds of industrial software commonly used in various fields in the international mainstream, covering R & D and design, production control, testing and verification, almost all of which are provided by foreign enterprises, and the software is closed and not open source.

The lack of the whole chain of domestic industrial software in China's industrial segments has affected domestic enterprises to integrate industrial software with industrial Internet, which has become the biggest obstacle for Chinese enterprises to deploy industrial Internet platform.

industrial control system

The original closed environment of industrial control system has been gradually broken, and its openness and interconnection are becoming stronger and stronger, which makes it possible for industrial control system to cooperate with various business systems. Industrial equipment, people, information system and data are more and more closely linked, and the integration of system, intelligent equipment, business collaboration, information sharing, panoramic decision-making needs, and all over the world Process networking has become the development trend of industrial control system.

But it is not easy to achieve the real integration of Internet and industrial control system.

First of all, key technologies need to be broken through.

Secondly, the ecological environment has not been established.

Moreover, there is a serious lack of cross-border standards.

With the introduction of information technology, industrial control system has become more intelligent, transparent, open and interconnected. However, without a large number of unified technical standards, service standards, management standards and security standards, it is difficult to achieve system compatibility, data sharing, information security and interoperability.

Finally, there are still some security problems when the Internet is integrated with the industrial control system

First, deep networking and multi-level interconnection increase attack paths.

Second, the introduction of traditional IT products brings more security vulnerabilities.

Third, the protection system of emerging information technology in the field of industrial control is not mature.

Industrial Network

Providing industrial network access services to meet the needs of industrial application scenarios is a necessary guarantee for the smooth flow of internal and external information channels of industrial Internet platform.

Fixed optical fiber network can not meet the needs of mobile application scenarios of industrial equipment, traditional indoor WiFi can not meet the needs of massive device access, large scene mobile roaming, multi-channel data high-speed concurrent transmission, and industrial WiFi equipment has problems such as large scene deployment can not be flexible.

According to the special needs of industrial application scenarios, 5g has become the key technology for the development of industrial Internet with its characteristics of low latency, high speed and wide connection. According to the 5g network service capability, we can customize the 5g private network deployment scheme for industrial application scenarios, which can solve the network access pain points, is technically feasible, and has high cost performance.

However, as 5g and industrial Internet are in the initial stage, the construction and operation costs are very high, and 5g business has just bought the business stage, the technology industry ecology has not yet formed; The application scenarios of 5g in the industrial field need to be further explored. The integration of the two requires higher knowledge difficulty and professional production links. Most of the existing technologies, products and solutions are aimed at a certain link of industrial manufacturing, and a complete industrial ecology has not yet been formed.

Industrial safety

The security of industrial Internet itself includes equipment security, control security, network security, application security and data security. The security challenges of industrial Internet include data security, industrial control system security and trust system of Internet.

Among them, the industrial Internet platform suffers from network attacks such as viruses, and the harm is even greater.

At present, the security risks of industrial Internet platform come from many different levels. It is necessary to ensure the hardware and software security from different industrial Internet platform service providers to ensure that there are no loopholes and Backdoors; it is necessary to ensure the network access security to ensure the access to a safe and trusted network; it is necessary to ensure the data use security, and manage and use the data in strict accordance with the requirements of industrial data classification.

At present, the comprehensive safety guarantee system for industrial equipment has not been fully established due to technical and institutional reasons.

Industrial software:

In addition, we should strengthen the financial support for independent innovation enterprises by means of tax relief, credit support and listing financing. Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and promote the industrialization of independent intellectual property achievements.

Industrial control system:

To ensure the safety of industrial control system will become the core element for enterprises to build intelligent factory and realize intelligent manufacturing.

Therefore, first of all, the country needs to improve the introduction standard of foreign industrial system and formulate a more stringent verification system. For enterprises, it is necessary to focus on the R & D and industrialization of key technologies and products such as industrial control system, safety data acquisition and monitoring system, distributed control system, etc.

Industrial Network

Accelerate the development of network access services for industrial application scenarios. Promote the application of 5g in industrial application scenarios, select the appropriate network deployment and networking mode according to the special needs of industrial application scenarios, tailor the special network access service with high cost performance to meet the access needs, and improve the network access service capability in large mobile scenarios.

Continue to optimize industrial WiFi, promote the application of industrial WiFi in industrial application scenarios, improve mobile deployment and elastic scalability service capabilities, and meet the access requirements of application scenarios of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises.

Industrial safety:

We should coordinate the relationship between development and security, and speed up the construction of industrial Internet security system. Industrial Internet enterprises classify and classify, implement the main responsibility of network security, improve the enterprise network responsibility system, set up network security institutions and security management responsible persons, and take corresponding technical protection measures.

At the same time, gradually establish and improve the enterprise level industrial Internet security monitoring platform according to the situation, and realize the docking with the industrial Internet security monitoring platform above the provincial level.


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