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Hard disk in a hurry! Did not expect that miners began to use hard disk to dig money, e-commerce inventory was almost wiped out

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The enthusiasm of the miners, so that many graphics card manufacturers cut off the goods.

The normal 7000 yuan a graphics card, now doubled are not necessarily able to buy, let alone second-hand acquisition.


△ tuhao mining site

Ah, why is the hard disk out of stock??

A 4T mechanical hard disk (HDD) was sold for 1500 yuan, and all other capacities were out of stock.


Tuyuan: Taobao


Tuyuan: what's worth buying

Samsung's SSD, which usually costs about 4600 yuan, now soars to 6000 yuan.


Tuyuan: buy slowly

Even if it's hard disk hoarding, it's not as crazy as this, right?

Originally, after GPU, hard disk can also be mined!


The miners set their sights on a new currency, Chia (XCH), and began to mine with hard disks. The larger the capacity of the hard disk, the more mines it can dig. No wonder the large capacity of the hard disk has been swept away.


This time, Chia was born in China. The miners first swept away the hard disk of the mainland, and now they are looking to the overseas market.

It's easy to understand how to mine with CPU and GPU. If you don't have the computing power, how can you mine with a hard disk that can only store data?

What is Chia coin?

Bram Cohen, the founder of this project, is the inventor of BitTorrent (BT software we are familiar with), and the investors are not small, including a16z, Greylock and other old venture capital institutions.


Compared with proof of work (POW) and proof of stake (POS), it puts forward the concept of proof of space and time (OST).

Specifically, compared with other currencies such as BTC (bitcoin) and eth (ether currency), digging Chia currency does not rely on computing power, but on the contribution of idle hard disk space.


There are two steps: P (plot) disk and mining.

First of all, in the process of P disk, the CPU or graphics card will be used to fill the hard disk with hash data through some algorithm. There is no mining profit in this process.

Then, after the P disk is finished, the program will scan the hash data on the hard disk and submit it to the main network for verification, that is, mining.

This process is like quickly filling your hard disk with lottery numbers, but whether you win or not is another matter.


However, Chia network has not yet started the transfer transaction function, and it is planned to go online in early May.

Founder personally remind: not online, don't be cheated!


In addition, Chia coin is not going to be issued in the form of ICO (initial currency issue), but in the form of IPO.

Before that, the only way to get Chia coins was to contribute hard disk space.

Therefore, as soon as Chia was opened, users flocked to Chia.

After the project went online, it soared directly to the top of GitHub hot list.


After selecting the corresponding system and downloading Chia blockchain, you can see the interface:


It can be seen that the general function is no different from that of mining



Specifically, at present, there are 21 million Chia coins as strategic reserves, and 64 Chia coins are awarded every 10 minutes, which will be halved in three years.

After 12 years, four Chia coins will be awarded every 10 minutes.

So, is the Chia coin really as good as the legend, and it's worth using?

Chia's ideal


Bram Cohen, the founder of Chia, has always regarded decentralization as his ideal from P2P download protocol to blockchain.

Special ASIC mining machines are concentrated in low-cost power areas, which centralizes a lot of computing power, making it difficult for retail investors to participate in them only relying on personal computers.


Δ calculation power ranking of large ore pools

Instead of using bitcoin code, Chia developed it from scratch. The POC consensus mechanism ensures that everyone with the remaining hard disk capacity can participate in it.


Another ideal of Chia is to create a more environmentally friendly virtual currency system.

POC is not as demanding as POW for power. The power consumption of an ASIC miner is hundreds of kilowatts, while the hard disk is only a few to dozens of watts.


In addition, Chia hopes that large storage service providers can recover part of the cost in advance through Chia before users purchase the requested storage space.

Enterprise hard disk is usually replaced after 3 years of operation due to the decrease of stability. With Chia, these laid-off hard disks can be used to dig hard disk mines instead of entering landfills.

But wantonly buy hard disk, with powerful multi-threaded CPU, the fastest speed to fill these hard disk plot file.


Although a large number of data read and write to the SSD is extremely serious loss, miners still focus on the SSD for write speed.

In earlier versions, generating a 100GB plot file consumed 2TB of read and write. After optimization, 1.4tb was needed.

Although there is no upper limit for mechanical hard disk, long-term high load work will bring heat, which will also affect the life and stability of hard disk.

The ore pan will not only lead to the loss of money, but also the loss and damage of the data in it.

In addition to miners, there is another profitable group, hard disk sellers.

According to glitchtech, hard disk dealers around the world have begun to influence the supply of hard disks by pressing down on them in order to further increase their prices.

Due to the large capacity of hard disk, POC can gain more advantages, and the price and inventory of small capacity hard disk are relatively stable at present.

However, with the rising demand and insufficient capacity of hard disk production line, the price of small capacity hard disk may rise in the future, affecting the DIY market.

After all, miners will not stop until the marginal revenue of the mine is less than the marginal cost.



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