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The wolf smoke is burning again, the hunting starts again《 Why does Monster Hunter: Rise fascinate global players?

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Since I had switch, my game life can be summed up in two words: I missed the fitness ring adventure in 19 years, and I can't help seeing its double price; 20 years to miss the "assembly! I was just an outsider in the days of animal crossing, the fishing for all kinds of vegetables. In the past March, I missed the Monster Hunter: rise from kapukong.


"Monster Hunter: Rise" did not stop the wave of players sweeping the world because of my hesitation. It sold 5 million copies in seven days. The average score of MC media was 88 points, and ign Japan gave full marks.


Fortunately, I didn't fall behind much this time. I got "Monster Hunter: Rise" in "the second time" and soon became addicted to it. This is not like "fitness ring adventure" can strengthen the body, not like "collection! What game player does Animal Crossing play in games that are suitable for old and young? What kind of charm do they have to let players indulge in the hunters?

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  • What does "strange hunting" play when it becomes a hunter and starts hunting?
  • Is it fun to play strange Hunting: Rise?
  • Why is strange Hunting: rise so popular?
  • Player interview! What do old and new hunters think?
  • Conclusion: let's set foot on the road of hunting!

What does "strange hunting" play when it becomes a hunter and starts hunting?

As an important IP of Capcom, the global cumulative sales volume of strange hunting series has exceeded 70 million copies. Although not as well-known as Mario and baokemeng on the switch platform, strange hunting can be found in Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft's many PCs, handhelds and mainframes.

The queer hunting P Series on PSP, queer hunting X and queer hunting XX on 3DS, and even queer hunting's derivative works queer hunting diary and queer hunting language are childhood memories of many domestic players. Queer hunting world, which has been on sale for three years on PC, is still popular today.


"Monster hunter world" on steam platform

As an ARPG (action role play) game, the game background and game logic of strange hunting series are not complicated



Although the basic mode is fixed, but different weapons, different style strategies, different characteristics of the entourage, coupled with the variety of monster species and the differences in the environment of the venue, the combination of various elements makes strange hunting full of infinite possibilities.


There are 14 kinds of weapons in strange Hunting: rise

The experience of strange hunting is the "infinite possibility" of the combination of various elements. It is really a kind of ritual feeling to go hunting by making the painstakingly collected materials into gorgeous and practical armour and weapons. Before hunting, it is necessary to arrange all kinds of traps, potions and ammunition and practice a cat meal.


In the process of hunting, we can use local materials to deploy potions and props, barbecue meat to replenish our physical strength, sleep in the camp and hide our talents. Even if we are defeated several times by the monster (that is, the cat cart) and run out of ammunition, we can still make players hope to defeat the monster.

The fun of queer hunting lies in the fact that it carefully restores the "hunting". Whether it's the careful preparation before entering the hunting ground, the process of fighting with monsters accompanied by intense background music, or the stripping of material after a successful hunt and the relief like victory animation, people feel like "I'm hunting".

Hemingway's the old man and the sea tells the story of an old man fighting with a big marlin. A classic saying often comes to my mind when I return to the hunting ground after the cat Cart: "a man can be destroyed, but not defeated."


Is it fun to play strange Hunting: Rise?

In "strange Hunting: Rise", the basic setting of the previous generation has been continued, and many new playing methods have been added. Some have changed the game mechanism to make hunting more fluent and gorgeous; Some balance the difficulty of the game, so that novices and veterans can enjoy it.

  • Special effects

With the addition of xiangchong, the play of strange Hunting: rise has changed a lot.

Flying insects, as the name suggests, are insects used to fly. In "strange Hunting: Rise", whether it is a village or a hunting ground, players can control the flying insects (initial number is two) to send out tough insect silk, so as to realize the mobile operations such as flying over the eaves and walking over the wall, fast forward and so on.


In the draw state, with different weapons, players can also use flying insects to use a variety of wire worm techniques to achieve the effects of binding the enemy, quickly avoiding counterattack and chopping in the air.


After using the wire worm technique to cause certain damage to the monster, you can use the worm wire to control the monster to enter the Dragon state. You can not only ride, but also operate the monster to launch attacks on other monsters. Maybe this is to avoid repeating with the dragon. The setting of riding a monster while attacking the mounted monster in monster hunting X has been cancelled.


  • Tooth hound see you! New pet on stage

Since the beginning of "strange hunting p2g", AILU cat is the favorite pet of strange hunting series. In monster hunt x, we can even control ELU cat instead of hunter to enter the copy. Unlimited force to the ground (Hunter cat car 3 missions will fail), unlimited pickaxe and insect net make it very convenient for players to hunt.

In strange Hunting: rise, hunters have a new companion hound, which not only allows us to ride and speed up the speed of the map, but also uses hunting gear and skills to attack monsters and give players blood or buff.


  • A new way to play Bailong at night

In the setting of "strange Hunting: Rise", Yanhuo village, where players live, was attacked by night monsters led by "grudge tiger dragon" 50 years ago and suffered heavy losses. 50 years later, the Dragon night tour is coming, and the hunter played by the player will take on the task of fighting monsters and guarding the village.


Bailong night tour is similar to tower defense game. The fighting place is set outside Yanhuo village. After entering the mission, players need to quickly arrange the mechanism crossbow, artillery and other attack devices on the defensive fortress before the monster invades. After the monsters enter the field of vision, they can control the equipment to attack.


When the counter attack smoke rises, the final decisive battle will start. The hunters entered the battlefield and began to hunt. They guarded Yanhuo village with the villagers until the end of the battle.

  • Optimize system, fresh experience

If you are an old player of the strange hunting series, you must still remember the tips of props damage, the cumbersome reconciliation system, the setting that you can't move after drinking medicine, and the rich and varied hunting styles. In strange Hunting: rise, they all changed.

The system of strange Hunting: Rise seems to be a continuation of strange hunting world and has been optimized again. The collection tools can be used indefinitely, and the props can be made after collecting all the materials; When drinking medicine, you can walk slowly, even drink medicine at full speed on the hound; The unique hunting skills of hunting style with weapons are also replaced by simpler wire worm skills.

Even if you are the first to experience the cute new strange hunting series, you can also be familiar with all kinds of matching operation of weapons in the newly added training ground.


Skills and even move buttons will be clearly displayed

As the orthodox sequel of the first handpiece, compared with the same handpiece "strange hunting XX", the progress of "strange Hunting: Rise" is very obvious.

Visually, "strange Hunting: Rise" is clear and delicate, and the color is more fresh and bright. After experiencing "strange Hunting: Rise" and then opening "strange hunting XX" on the 3DS, I don't know how I put up with the eyeful of pixels and dull pictures.


Operation, thanks to the switch reasonable key layout, although need to use a lot of keys, but the operation is very smooth. What, or can't accept it? Let's see how the hunters on the 3S hunt.


The C-type gesture created by the old hunters in order to give consideration to both perspective and mobile

Why is strange Hunting: rise so popular?

High threshold, hard core, action, these nouns together, always make people wonder why "strange Hunting: Rise" will be popular, although it seems to be the same as "set up! The animal crossing is completely different, but the "weird Hunt: Rise" is just like the latter, which is very sociable.

In the leisurely collection! In animal crossing, we can visit, play and sell cabbage on our island. In the hard core "strange Hunting: Rise", the fox dragon suit, which has been made for a long time on the equipment, and a hunting with friends can also be regarded as hearty.


Different painting styles, the same friends

Switch, which has been on sale for four years, ranges from the popular malio and Zelda series to the fitness ring adventure and the collection! The Animal Crossing club has already had a very wide game player group.


However, some of these games, such as "ghost story" and "God eater", have not been registered on the switch platform, or they are not well evaluated due to production problems. As the first legitimate sequel of strange hunting released on the switch platform, "strange Hunting: Rise" has almost entered our vision without any similar competitors.

At the same time, the outstanding characters of huoya and Shuiyun, the Gemini Kanban girl, may also contribute to the sales of strange Hunting: rise.


Kanbanniang, who releases missions, is an indispensable role in monster hunter games of all ages. Kapukong, who is familiar with players' preferences, even arranges kanbanniang to enter players' homes directly after completing a mission in strange hunting X.


The 15th anniversary of monster hunter's kanbanniang costume Exhibition

Say, you are hunting, is it because of the twin sisters flower just started "strange Hunting: Rise"?

Player interview! What do old and new hunters think?

We don't deny that "strange Hunting: Rise" is a very excellent game, but as a high threshold hard core action game, I believe many cute new ones are still waiting to see. So we interviewed some old hunters and new hunters to see how you evaluate this highly praised new game.

*The content of the interview was slightly adjusted on the basis of not modifying the original intention

  • I've been addicted to fake powder hunting for 100 hours in PSP

From P2 in the earliest PSP era to rise on switch this year, holding the handheld and chopping the dragon face to face are always the most elegant forms of playing monster hunters. Just talking about the experience of the rise, we can summarize it in three words: solid, straightforward and friendly.

The seamlessly loaded big map, rich environment interaction and high-low terrain from the host version of strange hunting world have been well extended to the rise. It runs very stably on the switch and hardly encounters bugs that affect the game experience.

In addition, new elements such as flying insects and dragon defense further expand the sense of space in the battle of rising. "Flying Hunter" is not just a talk; There are also Bailong night tower defense, many people play, both pit each other, but also in a hurry, very happy, now has become my friends and I online preferred mode.

In a word, I still hope kapukong can make "rise" a long-term operation product similar to that of the world, with new monsters, new play methods, sand sculpture linkage, and even an expansion film, which can be expected in the future.

  • Old Nintendo Hunter

In terms of the final product, "rise" is a "new era work" of "series collection".

The result of this series of reforms is that the game greatly accelerates the hunting rhythm while maintaining high playability. This is a very modern design, and the dynamic difficulty and disk reading speed are specially optimized for portable platforms such as switch, which makes the game fun for one person or a group of people.

Although the current game content is limited, but we know that those monsters will come back. There is no doubt that "Monster Hunter: Rise" is my favorite "Monster Hunter" work at present.

  • From switch to host

It's a shame to say that the first time I know that quelieri is a skin line in the glory of the king: "the big sword stops the Dragon cart.".

As a completely cute player who wants to experience all of switch's popular games, he still hesitates after experiencing the trial version of strange Hunting: rise. The operation of all kinds of weapons, complicated flying insect skills, and difficult to judge monster attacks make me suffer a lot. But still can not resist the recommendation of friends, after a period of time familiar, now has enjoyed the game.

Switch is chosen because of its portability. Strange Hunting: rise is a game that is very suitable for playing anytime and anywhere. It seems that it does not reach full resolution, but the picture performance is really excellent. It may be the best picture and operation experience in the third-party game, worthy of the action God kapukong.

I was not familiar with the operation in the early stage, and the game process was extremely depressed. After reading the hunter's experience notes, I went to the training ground to have a good experience of various weapon combinations, and finally I experienced the fun of strange hunting. If you are an action game enthusiast or interested in such games, "strange Hunting: Rise" will not disappoint you.

  • I'm very committed to the pet system

What surprised me most was the addition of a new hound. In "strange prey language", the player can ride the monster that has fetters with the player and gallop around on the map, which is very handsome. Before that, if we wanted to chase the boss, we had to run on the map by ourselves. We always hoped that strange hunting could introduce mounts. Now it has finally come true.

Another thing that makes me happy is that the logic of "rise" seems to be connected with "Monster Hunter: the world", so it will be relatively simple. Adapted to the "monster hunter XX" complex buttons, now the rise of play up a lot of comfort.

However, although it is to simplify the complexity of the game operation and reduce the threshold of play, it is not very acceptable to cancel the restrictions on the number of times of using insect catching nets and pickaxes. Because the process of synthesizing these things is very interesting, unlimited number of collection equipment directly leads to cheap ore resources.

In addition, I think that it's a bit strange to set up the setting of resisting the dragon and then hitting and breaking away from it during the hunting process. It's always a bit cruel to break away from other people just after using it. It's a pity that the attack on the back of the rider monster has been cancelled.

After reading your comments, are you eager to try? If you are Mengxin who wants to join the ranks of hunters, here are some tips for "strange Hunting: Rise"!

  1. You can start from the trial version, although the difficulty is different from the official version, but at least you can know whether you can accept the style of playing;
  2. "Strange Hunting: Rise" Japanese and Hong Kong Chinese, don't buy the wrong area;
  3. Before you play, you must carefully read the hunter's notes and guides, and try the feel of various weapons in the training ground. If you really can't make up your mind, it will be easier to try weapons with shields;
  4. Before the game must remember to set up shortcut keys, or encounter monsters can not find medicine will be very embarrassed;


You don't want to barbecue in battle

Conclusion: let's set foot on the road of hunting!

Kapukong fully demonstrates the high quality of switch game, excellent screen performance, excellent action design, short loading and reading time, smooth seamless map experience. "Monster Hunter: Rise" has achieved almost perfect master experience on switch.

Of course, "Monster Hunter: Rise" is not without shortcomings, the main plot is too short, many players feel not enjoyable; Bailong night travel gives players too high expectations before the sale, and the actual experience is somewhat lost; There are many changes to the former. New hunters are easy to learn, but old hunters always feel less. Fortunately, as a long-term continuous update of the game, we can continue to look forward to it.

When I walk in the streets of Yanhuo village, listening to the music of the breeze and looking at the cherry blossom in full bloom; When I enter the hunting ground and fight with monsters through skillful operation; When I finished the fight, stroked the hound and lay down on the ground; When I roam in this unique, realistic, harmonious and murderous fantasy world, I know that from March 26, 2021, there will be another masterpiece in the list of switch must buy games.

Let's set foot on the road of hunting!

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