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Why are young people getting poorer and poorer?

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Even if you feel at ease when a "salted fish", do not participate in the volume, but you do not progress, will fall into the poor.

What makes young people feel poor? Why are young people getting poorer with more money?

According to the survey statistics, about 67% of the people think that housing is the first factor causing poverty, 45% think that tourism is the second factor, and 44% say that the sense of poverty comes from the upgrading of consumption to improve living standards.

The existing income can meet the basic expenses, but it can not support the higher consumption desire. The consumption upgrading is the pain point of almost all young people.

In what ways are young people more willing to upgrade their consumption and please themselves?

The first is blind box.

Head player bubble Mart has become a listed company with a market value of nearly 100 billion Hong Kong dollars. Now public information shows that the most extreme probability of all kinds of hidden money in bubble mart's blind box is 1 / 720. This means that if a consumer is not lucky enough to buy 720 blind boxes at a price of 59 yuan to get the desired style, it will eventually cost 42480 yuan.

Secondly, young people's way of relaxing is not simply watching movies or buying. Script killing and secret room escape have become new trends.

According to statistics, the number of script killing related physical stores nationwide will soar from 2400 to 12000 in 2019. According to meituan's data, there will be 30000 script killing stores nationwide by the end of 2020, and the growth rate is really amazing.

Young people are under great pressure at work and have tight time after work. It's better for them to go to the store to play a script when they go home to watch TV and play another role to express their inner feelings. It's also a good form of relaxation. In Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, the ticket price of single player is between 200-400 yuan. Some deep players who consume frequently can spend about 2500 yuan per month on it.

Fun is fun, and so is expensive.

In addition, in terms of clothing, young people are increasingly pursuing personality, and traditional Hanfu is very popular.

Many cities have also opened Hanfu Experience Hall. Daily Hanfu experience is usually within 300 yuan, outdoor Hanfu photo shooting will be relatively expensive, but generally within 1000 yuan. A young man who had just entered the Hanfu hole make complaints about the more than 5000 of his clothes.

In addition, young people are also the main force in the shoe market. Adidas coconut shoes, which sell for less than 2000 yuan, soared to 10000 yuan a week after it was released, and Li Ning's shoes, which originally cost 1499 yuan, were fired to 48889 yuan. The counterpart of some people's huge profits is the young people who are reaped by desire.

A cruel reality exposed behind the consumption upgrade is that this generation of young people have begun to be in debt.


Data source: China's young people's debt situation report (January 2019) released by Nielsen

According to the report on the debt situation of young people in China released by Nielsen, 86.6% of young people aged 18 to 29 are using credit products. Among them, 42.1% of the young people consume with credit products such as Huabei and credit cards, and pay off their debts within the interest free period. If this proportion is deducted, the proportion of real debts among the young people is 44.5%.

Take a look, in addition to housing loans, where are young people's credit funds used?

Under the pressure of debt, is there any way to save in the future?

The answer is yes. In this free, open and creative era, hobbies, life skills and professional knowledge can be developed into careers.

Besides, when many big men were young, they might be more unhappy than you.

When Ren Zhengfei was 40 years old, his career failed, his wife divorced, and he was poor. At the end of the day, with 21000 yuan of borrowed money, Huawei registered a company, which is the origin of Huawei. After that, it took 32 years to achieve Huawei's present position step by step.

Dong Mingzhu, 35, is a single mother working around her children. At the age of 36, she worked in Guangdong to sell air conditioners. At that time, her sales alone accounted for one eighth of the whole factory. In the most difficult time of Gree Electric, Dong Mingzhu took over the post of operation minister and gradually grew into the chairman of Gree.

There are a lot of people like them who are late achievers.

Liu Chuanzhi left the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the age of 40 to participate in the creation of Lenovo;

Zong Qinghou was still selling popsicles in three rounds at the age of 42, and founded Wahaha at the age of 44;

Zhang Zhongmou founded TSMC at the age of 56; Sanders founded KFC at the age of 66;



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