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Hongmeng 2.0 starts to push Huawei OS to land mobile phone for the first time! Full of highlights

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Soon! Huawei Hongmeng 2.0 is coming.

At present, Hongmeng 2.0 has opened the public beta, and many Huawei users have begun to experience it.

According to Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software department, Huawei's mobile phones will be able to fully upgrade the Hongmeng 2.0 system in early June this year.

Hearing this news, many netizens first reaction: my number is gone?


Ridicule belongs to ridicule. What is the actual experience of Hongmeng 2.0?

We have collected the experience of all parties, both at home and abroad, as well as its comparative effect with Android and apple.

How about Hongmeng 2.0?

Let's talk about the highlights of Hongmeng 2.0.

One of the highlights is Hongmeng's distributed system.

Zhihu @ fluorochloronaphthalene said that the version of Hongmeng system has built-in three Hongmeng apps, including CCTV AV, Youku and Sina News( It is said that the app is very small. Hongmeng CCTV has only 1.35MB of audio and video

Taking Youku as an example, @ fluorochloronaphthalene simply demonstrates an application method of distributed system


Good guy, after switching to Huawei's flat panel, the mobile phone will automatically become a remote control!

In addition to the remote control, the Hongmeng system can display background information and stars' exclusive perspective synchronously on the mobile phone when playing video on the tablet.

@Fluorochloronaphthalene said that this is not a simple screen, but equivalent to the application page drawing, logic and other complete to the end device processing, complete function, and no delay.

Second, small memory and fast startup speed.

Zhihu @ phorcys phorcys says that in terms of memory usage, Hongmeng 2.0 is hundreds of megabytes less than emui 11.

With the same mobile phone, the feel of Hongmeng 2.0 is better than emui 11, and the app startup speed is faster (including settings / photo album / email, etc.).

Of course, Huawei Hongmeng 2.0 is still in beta, so there must be something to improve.

One of the slot points is the occasional Karton.

@Phorcys phorcys also points out that when using a negative screen (the list of functions on the left side of the home page), it occasionally gets stuck.

However, some foreign bloggers pointed out that the current beta version of Hongmeng 2.0, there is a card frame phenomenon when loading the game.

Yes, another slot is the game card screen.

Weibo netizens using mate 30 Pro pointed out that after upgrading Hongmeng 2.0, the winner appeared the phenomenon of card screen.


So how does it compare with apple?

Although the model can't do the same, and Hongmeng 2.0 is still in the testing stage, you can still compare the software opening speed.

Oil pipe blogger @ black mob made a simple fluency comparison between IOS 14 and Hongmeng 2.0, and concluded that each has its own merits.

In terms of game software, IOS 14 loads faster than Hongmeng;

But in life applications such as Alipay, hung Meng is almost seconds in advance, iOS 14 has been loading for a while:


As for Android, the biggest feeling of many users who upgrade from emui 11 to Hongmeng 2.0 is fluency.

This is obvious in the game experience.

Zhihu anonymous users said that daiyuanshen was not too hot, and the temperature dropped quickly after quitting.


From the day Hongmeng was born, the quarrel over this issue was much hotter than technology and experience.


So, is the new mobile phone Hongmeng OS2.0 an Android shell?

First of all, on the boot screen, Hongmeng OS 2.0 has lost the word "powered by Android".

But Zhihu @ phorcys phorcys also observed the underlying processes, system files, and so on.

The first is the system process, called com. Android. Shell.

/Compared with ordinary Android phones, the content under system / framework is less than 1 / 3. Most of them are Huawei libraries. Most of the common jars are gone. The ones with Android are hidl, test, location and NFC.

/There are a lot of libmaple XXXXX. So, phorcys in system / lib64 (Toolkit). Phorcys speculates that it should be the runtime of the ark.

According to Huawei's official statement, Hongmeng OS is still compatible with Android applications.

Considering the compatibility problem, a large number of Android APK call interfaces have Android paths, which is inevitable.

So, whether it's just the file name with Android, or the whole file is moved, which is unknown to the outside world, can only be verified through the source code.

At present, we can see that the mobile version of Hongmeng 2.0 still retains some traces of Android, but in the core, Huawei's own achievements have been gradually replaced.

What's the significance of Hongmeng's five years?

According to the official statement, Hongmeng started its research and development in 2016.

On May 19, Google suspended part of its cooperation with Huawei, including the transfer of hardware, software and technical services.

On May 20, Huawei immediately responded: Huawei has the ability to continue to develop and use the Android ecosystem. In the future, Huawei will continue to build a safe and sustainable whole scene intelligent ecology to provide better services for users.

This is the first time that the government mentioned the intelligent ecology of the whole scene, which also proves the micro kernel, full scene, distributed and cross terminal characteristics of Hongmeng system.

In 2019, Hongmeng OS will appear for the first time. It is hard to say that the US sanctions have not accelerated. However, at that time, Hongmeng OS only asked about its name, but did not see the fact. Many public opinions questioned whether it was empty.

Until 2020, Hongmeng OS 2.0 was released, and now it is on the mobile phone.

What's the significance of Huawei's efforts to be Hongmeng?

Zhihu user @ Guo Yi gives an interpretation from three aspects: short term, medium term and long term.

The most direct value in the short term is that it is the most promising and likely successful attempt and effort for China to break the Western monopoly in the field of operating system.

In the medium term, through Hongmeng system, it is possible for China to build an independent ecosystem in the field of information industry, which will carry the prosperity and development of all kinds of software applications in China upward and nourish the development of semiconductor hardware in China downward.

In the long run, Hongmeng system will not only appear in mobile phones, but also in IOT ecology, where everything is connected.

Therefore, no matter how much Android Hongmeng still retains at this stage, it is undeniable that the PPT of that year is becoming a reality step by step.


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