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What's the situation of the first batch of factory e-commerce people going to the sea now

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Today, in 2020, opening an online store and starting a business is nothing new.

After all, e-commerce has become a red sea; Ten or twenty years ago, when the competition was not so fierce, the e-commerce circle was full of gold.


So, in the past, did the e-commerce industry really make money, such as mowing grass, or did it make money? Is it true that there are more and less e-commerce nowadays?

This time, crucian carp had the honor to interview two 1688 e-commerce companies who joined the e-commerce market more than ten years ago, and talked with them about the e-commerce environment in the past and some changes now.

After reading it, you will find that the old e-commerce people who have lived to the present are actually wild in your imagination.

In 2002, on Alibaba's official website, countless people made the first pot of money on this page


Mr. Zhan, from Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, is the first generation of e-commerce.

When everyone was worried about how his salary had not been paid this month, he had already reached the peak of his life by selling humble helmets.

And behind this website, which looks like a local flavor, there are business opportunities in it.

Mr. Zhan's shop Homepage


Under the influence of the local business atmosphere for generations, he started his own business career as soon as he graduated from university.

It's just that unlike his grandparents, he does business online.

Yes, as early as 19 years ago, when everyone thought that the Internet was virtual and the water was deep, he began to open a shop in 1688.


And the reason why he chose e-commerce is also very simple, that is to dare to venture and try! E-commerce is such an interesting new thing. How can we not try it?

Of course, in addition to his early entry, we can also see his unusual way from his selection. At the beginning, boss Zhan's factory mainly made children's toys and sporting goods.

However, boss Zhan thinks that there are too many people eating this meal, and it's a little less challenging. He started to make some adult toys: helmets, masks and other role-playing products.


Asked if the e-commerce environment 19 years ago was better than it is now, he said:

At that time, the information was not as smart as it is now, and the network was not developed enough. It was even more difficult to get financing. The cost and risk of engaging in e-commerce were much greater than now.

Most of the time, taking a different road is not just to make a lot of money, but not satisfied with the status quo and the trend.

A paragraph written by boss Zhan at the end of the website


Unlike Mr. Zhan, President Liu, who graduated from the computer department of Xiamen University, has a lot of willful reasons for engaging in e-commerce, that is, he doesn't want to work.

In his junior year, he had a plan to become an e-commerce company.

He should have become a programmer. After the outbreak of melamine incident, he saw the business opportunity of replacing milk powder with soymilk, so he opened an online shop and sold soymilk machines by OEM.

To know that year's Taobao homepage, it still looks like this:


At that time, general manager Liu said: it's too difficult to compete for business offline, and it's an opportunity to establish brand awareness online.

Soon, he made the first pot of gold by online shop.

But the trend of the electrical industry is also changing, a fresh eat all day also only exists in the animation.

With the price and channel cost of OEM products getting higher and higher, in 2018, President Liu actively changed and decided to build his own factory.

Now, their next step is cross-border e-commerce, ready to expand overseas markets.

When it comes to the top, we should carry it down, and when changes come, we should lay out the layout earlier, so that we will not be eliminated by the times.

But when crucian carp asked how to lay out in this era of involution, the practice of the factory directors was surprisingly consistent.

Just last month, they came to Shenzhen to participate in 1688 Yuanyuan new factory merchants' Festival and the 29th Shenzhen gift and Home Furnishing Exhibition.

Among them, boss Zhan wants to know more about the needs of young people, so as to produce more fashionable helmet masks.

And the purpose of boss Liu is more direct: through the exhibition, get customers quickly with low cost.

Generally speaking, although their stories of making a fortune and the purposes of coming to the exhibition are different, their qualities of actively seeking change and daring to work are the same.

First of all, the exhibition dares to bring those Chinese factories who have been behind the scenes to the stage.

It's time for the Chinese factory, which has never been exposed, to become the leading role.


In order to let more people see the strength of Chinese factories and products, this exhibition has set up a bridge, directly to 200000 professional buyers under the wiring.

In addition to the brand effect brought by this, this wave is stable.

If you can let more people know the source of your high quality factory goods, I believe boss Liu will be worthy of this trip.

Before that, the 1688 merchant festival was only held online, while this exhibition was held online and offline simultaneously, with more than 1000 source factories participating offline alone.

But these are just the surface.

Because the organic combination of traditional offline business and digitalization is the real killer of 1688.

In the interview, the bosses also said that the platform often provides them with some data and support on the supply chain, which can quickly adjust the operation and production based on their own conditions.

Tangren industry, which produces air fryers, is an example.

A few years ago, most of the air frying pans were exported, and the domestic heat has been tepid. But in the midst of the epidemic, young people's demand for cooking suddenly rose.

At the stage when buyers are still looking for goods everywhere, through the big data feedback of 1688, Tangren industry has achieved small batch production of air fryers in just a few months.

Yes, they predicted the trend before the market exploded.

This kind of direct supply consumption scenario, which young people like, can make factory directors jump out of their own circle, avoid just taking orders for production, and better grasp the future trend.

Among them, boss Zhan, who likes novelty, has made a lot of profits.

In the exhibition, he found that young people in China are full of vitality and strong purchasing power. Masks and props with Chinese cultural heritage may be the trend in the future.

And so on. Let's make a summary

The innovation of exhibition content with the factory as the leading role, the digital experience of online and offline integration, and the strategic evolution of daring to work with the source factory to build the road and create new products from the source. Of course, with the exhibition area of 240000 square meters, more than 200000 offline professional buyers visited the exhibition....

Therefore, in addition to a gathering of new and old e-commerce people, it is also likely to be a new start of the trade fair.


Of course, for such a multi-faceted Innovation Exhibition, factory directors dare to participate in it, which is a brave move in itself.

Take Chenghai District where Mr. Zhan is located as an example. Local enterprises started with OEM toys, and now they have original IP such as pleasant goat and grey wolf and firepower young king, producing nearly 70% of toys in the world.

Shunde, where boss Liu is located, has also gained the reputation of China's home appliance capital from OEM to self created brand.


Yes, in the face of huge market demand, many Chinese factories, like upgrading, continue to improve their manufacturing and innovation capabilities, from quantitative change to qualitative change.

As a result, crucian carp would like to say that the golden age of e-commerce is still online, because in the new era that manufacturing in China can continue to move forward, there are still business opportunities and gold everywhere.



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