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Why can the talkative, timid and Buddhist tea Yan Yue se become the business card of Changsha?

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It is no exaggeration to say that tea is the name card of Changsha. When Chuangye Bang came to Changsha, the taxi driver told us that he had taken three guests and was going to take the train back to Shijiazhuang that night. Each of them had a cup of tea, and Yan Yuese said that he would take it back to his friends in Shijiazhuang.

The so-called one side of the soil and one side of the people. The weather changes in Changsha are extreme. One minute the sky is clear, and the next minute it rains heavily. People who don't have umbrellas on the road have no time to escape. Changsha people's character is like the weather in Changsha, with clear love and hate, stubborn and hot temper.

With the increasingly fierce competition of new tea drinks and the industry ready to go on the market today, what is the latest product launched by tea Yan Yuese (store) in 2021?

It's not that you don't remember. The answer is, No. In this regard, chayan Yuese explained that we are more Buddhist. It is said that the two best-selling products of tea Yan Yuese have a history of 8 years. The number of SKUs in the store is always around 20, which is very restrained.

Why can a talkative, timid and Buddhist tea become the name card of Changsha, which is spicy in the air?

Chinese style service

In the Wanjiali Plaza store, which is known as Changsha cosmos center, store tips can also place orders with small programs. However, tea Yan Yue color of the small program to turn around for three minutes, the system has been busy. So I queued up and ordered a triple season bug. There are two brothers in the queue to serve you. They will prompt the waiting time and the order number.

I walked in Wanjiali for more than 20 minutes and returned to tea. Unexpectedly, the little girl at the front desk timidly told me that the three season insects we asked for before and after were all wrong, and they would exchange a cup of other varieties for us for free. In the little girl's continuous apologies, no one in our group raised any objection. We all waited for a few more minutes to change the product.

During the waiting, I found that there were seats in the queue area and books were also provided. Why should a tea seller provide books? Can these books be taken away?

As for the provision of books, the brand Department of chayan Yuese said that the first reason is that the founders love reading books, so the founding team also like reading paper books. So you have this idea. All books are recommended by employees. These books are not second-hand books donated by employees, but new books bought by the company.

In the tea scene, I raised my mobile phone to the store to take a photo of tourists. A passing little girl suddenly put her hand into the camera and made a V to me, so I was amused and completely forgot to drink less than three seasons of worms. People who like tea say that it's just like this feeling. I hope there are many small surprises in stores, products and services, waiting for users to find out.

At Changsha South Railway Station, Chuangye Bang saw that every employee with a pleasant tea face had a small fan in his hand, not for himself, but for people in line and travelers asking for directions. Chayan Yuese said that many practices were spontaneous by employees and later promoted by the company. I hope that tea can make people have some unexpected surprises in a foreign land.

It's hard to deal with timid Buddhism

In any catering and retail company, more than half a year has passed, and the company has not yet developed new products, especially in the case of constant innovation of its peers, the product leader has to go away. But this kind of thing should not happen. Because the company's biggest product manager is Lu Liang himself.

According to public information, Lu Liang was born in 1979 and graduated from Changsha radio and TV University, majoring in Chinese language and literature. After graduation, he engaged in advertising planning work, took over some of the ancient creative planning. In 2013, chayan Yuese opened its first store.

Lu Liang is a serial entrepreneur. The meaning of continuous entrepreneurs is that they have failed to start a business. He joined a milk tea shop, opened an advertising company, sold popcorn, opened a bittern shop, and finally decided to open a tea shop he wanted. Other people's stores are going to open in two months. It took Lu Liang more than a year to open his first store in Huangxing square. The core reason is that I have no confidence in myself.

In March 2019, chayan Yuese obtained tens of millions of yuan a round financing from Tiantu capital. Shunwei capital investment will be obtained in July 2019. In August of the same year, chayan Yuese completed round a financing. The investors are Yuansheng capital and source capital.

After the completion of round a financing, Lu Liang did not start to accelerate the expansion, tea Yan Yuese is not slow. He is always worried that the expansion is too fast to give consumers a stable experience and eventually destroy the brand. Today, chayanyuese only has more than 370 stores in Changsha, Wuhan and Changde. In addition, it has established a flash shop with wenheyou in Shenzhen, but it has not officially entered Shenzhen.

From another point of view, it is because he is timid, because he has read too many books, and from the perspective of his peers that he is a difficult founder to deal with. Because it's hard for timid scholars to make big mistakes. For example, Cha Yan Yue se has been a direct store.

Although timid, Lu Liang's vision is not small at all. With a great reputation in the retail industry, Huang Mingduan, the founder of Gao Xin retail board and founder of Chinese mainland's big business development, is known as the king of land warfare. But because of his low profile, many people outside the industry do not understand him. Lu Liang has studied RT mart and praised Huang mingduan's management of RT mart, although the two formats are far from each other.

Lu Liang riding an electric car to patrol the shop was found and reported by the media, which puzzled him. What's so strange about this. Huang mingduan, who has a fortune of 10 billion, does not have an assistant to follow him when he patrols the store. They are all private visits. Huang mingduan probably did not know that he would have a bosom friend in the tea industry. Lu Liang is very serious about the site selection. He thinks over and over again and never takes the store rashly. It is Huang mingduan's custom to look at the location of the store independently.

From these actions, including the research on the operation process of the store, the division of labor, and the moving line design of the queue, you can feel that the tea color created by him is actually true in the store operation end. Lu Liang once said that to open a shop, we must strive to live one. There is no flow thinking here.

At this time, you will feel a sense of crossing when you drink tea. This place should be south of the Yangtze River, rather than Changsha, where the rain is like fried beans in the sky.

Where is the difficulty of combining Chinese and western

From a commercial point of view, the difficulty in the development of tea beauty lies in the fact that the founder has got a bit of the true story of the traditional retail industry, and at the same time, he wants to integrate a literary and artistic China into the new tea industry. How can he do this well without being abrupt? And when the store scale is more and more, how can we keep this kind of brand tonality?

If you have to dismantle the tea, then from the front desk, the product, appearance and culture are indispensable. And these three are very Chinese. However, from the background, the management and operation of Cha Yan Yue se all refer to the mature management methods and system tools of western catering industry and retail industry. This kind of model, which is Chinese in appearance and western in style, is not unique. Many Chinese dinners have begun to explore the front desk national style and back office standardization.

In addition, Chuangye Bang believes that the real difference is still the Chinese style service advocated by cha Yan Yuese, as well as the way to get along with users, which is careful, sincere and high-frequency.

It is true that if you have a mistake, you will make complaints about it. It is not that you have not made mistakes, including the fact that consumers are not respectful of women. The so-called high frequency, on the one hand, tea Yan Yue color main do not disturb users, moisten things silently communication. But on the other hand, Cha Yan Yue se doesn't let go of any of the service's contacts. She talks a lot, but is good at using multiple contacts to influence consumers' performance.

As a subdivided brand in China's catering industry, why is cha Yan Yue SE's service paradigm and brand tone suitable for it, while Haidilao's is suitable for Haidilao? The reason is that the new tea drinking track where Cha Yan Yuese is located is also a new segment track, which is essentially a niche market. They can't copy it. They have to innovate.

It is precisely because Lu Liang's original intention is very small that he inadvertently enters a big market that young people like. Only in this way can he have a pleasant face of tea, which is full of pressure today. Only in this way can he have a Changsha business card that countless people are eager for.



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