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Is the opportunity of cleaning and mopping both for cleaning and mopping one the development direction of mopping robot?

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In recent years, with the rapid development of China's floor sweeping robots, more and more new products have emerged in the market. Among them, the development of all-in-one sweeping and towing robots is particularly rapid, and only a few brands are left to launch dedicated sweeping / mopping robots. Can't help but sigh that the future market of household cleaning robots will be the world of all-in-one sweeping and towing robots?


Compared with the special floor sweeping robot, the price of the robot is not much more expensive. One machine has two functions of sweeping and mopping, which is very cost-effective and has successfully attracted the attention of many consumers. But Chinese people often say that the technology industry has its specialty. Will the integration of the two functions affect its professionalism? The answer is yes.


The semicircle rag of the sweeper Trailer


iRobot Braava jet m6


Wet wipe cleaning pad for iRobot braava jet M6

At the same time, iRobot braava jet M6 also supports two cleaning modes: dry wipe and wet wipe. In the wet wipe mode, the wet wipe pad made of wick fiber is used. It can be washed and reused, and can effectively decompose the greasy dirt and kitchen oil on the ground. It can be used with disinfectant, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%. It is a sharp tool for deep cleaning the ground. Dry wipe when using washable dry wipe cleaning pad, it can use fiber to capture the floor, tile dust, hair, no water, very suitable for cleaning wood floor.

It is not difficult to see that the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot is stronger than that of the sweeping and towing robot, and the small body has a large water tank, which can clean a larger area. For example, the size of a new type of sweeping and towing robot of a certain brand is 353 * 350 * 96.5mm, and its volume is almost 1.5 times that of iRobot braava jet M6, but its water tank volume is only 300ml, which is 2 / 3 of 450ml of the latter. If you want to further improve the cleaning effect, braava jet M6 can also be linked with Roomba I3 / I4 / i7 / S9 series floor sweeping robots through imprint interconnection technology to realize the cleaning mode of first sweeping and then dragging or first dragging and then sweeping.


IRobot braava jet M6 water tank

Friends who have used the sweeping robot will leave the impression of huge noise. So will the sweeper tractor. When it works, the friction sound of the cloth can be ignored, but the noise caused by the centrifugal fan is often more than 60dB, just like being on the side of the road. Unlike the mopping robot, which has no fan, it only makes a little noise when spraying water and walking. The noise of iRobot braava jet M6 is only 52dB when working, so it will not disturb the rest of the family and does not need to be used in an unmanned environment.

The all-in-one sweeper has two functions of sweeping and mopping, and the cost performance is very outstanding. However, the self sweeping robot, which is born out of itself, is unavoidably deficient. The cleaning ability and coverage are not as good as the special mopping robot, and the working noise is greater. It is impossible to completely replace the mopping robot. In the future home market, there are still many kinds of cleaning robots coexisting.


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