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The past of Yuncun: the "pre Ding Lei era" of Netease cloud music

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On May 26, Netease cloud music submitted its listing application to the Hong Kong stock exchange. According to the prospectus, Ding Lei is the chairman and CEO of the board of directors, Li Yong is the executive director and vice president of business intelligence, and Wang Yanfeng is the executive director and one of the directors of self-made content.

As the former CEO of Netease cloud music, Zhu Yiwen did not appear in the list of directors, but only appeared as the "senior vice president" of the top management team.

In the prospectus, Zhu Yiwen is still responsible for the overall management of the company. However, it is an open secret that Zhu Yiwen was "demoted internally" by the end of 2020. At present, Ding Lei has taken over the management of Netease cloud music. It is widely said that Zhu Yiwen has been elevated by Ding Lei and is frustrated.

In the past few years, Netease cloud music has not been comfortable. It has lost nearly 7 billion yuan from 2018 to 2020. The internal middle and high levels have changed frequently. Many of the core figures who set up the "cloud village" have left. Recently, some people in the industry have begun to speculate about Zhu Yiwen's future. In addition, the previous media reported that the executives of Netease cloud music did not get the shares.

Faced with the situation of Netease cloud music, I don't know how Zhu Yiwen's future is. Will he remember those "soul figures" who left Netease cloud music.


That Saturday morning many years ago, Wang Shimu made one of the most important decisions in his life.

At the beginning of the birth of Netease cloud music, the reputation among users was very good, but the transformation was not satisfactory, mainly because it was born too late. Other music platforms had many years of user precipitation, and many users had hundreds or even thousands of personal music collections in other platforms. They had already relied on the platform, and the migration cost was too high.

As the product director of Netease cloud music project, Wang Shimu is eager to solve this problem.

The product, design and technology of importing function are almost ready, but Wang Shimu hesitates slightly. This is a very radical competitive means, which can't avoid offending peers.

Until one Saturday morning, Wang Shimu saw the user discussing in the news of Netease cloud music's talent: "if we can easily transfer our selected collection in xxapp to Netease cloud music, more people will like to use this product, because it's so easy to use.".

Seeing this, Wang Shimu made up his mind to start this function. On Monday, when the team was not ready, Wang Shimu temporarily increased the need to start and import the song list function. After the function went online, there was no large-scale publicity. He just released the news in a 100 person seed user group.

Hundreds of thousands of music lovers flocked to Netease cloud music and became loyal users. This function also laid the foundation for Netease cloud music to become the top music product in China.

This is also an important battle for Wang Shimu to become China's top product manager.


Wang Shimu is a very excellent product manager and is highly praised in the industry. Ding Lei once publicly praised Wang Shimu as "a model for all product managers". In 2019, Jin yechen, the managing director of yuanshoujin old man, also openly said in his circle of friends that the best product related work of that year was Wang Shimu's behind the scenes product.

Relying on Wang Shimu's spirit, Netease cloud music has gained a large number of users and become the number one music product in China. Wang Shimu creatively created the music product logic of "song list", which has made Netease cloud music an artifact in the hearts of countless music lovers. Later, the community focused on the development of Netease cloud music has also made it seize the opportunity of music social interaction.

But then one thing happened, which was very interesting: in 2018, Netease cloud music was deprived of Jay Chou's copyright, and a large number of fans turned to QQ music. The "import song list" mode created by Wang Shimu was also well used by Tencent and other music platforms, and a large number of users "defected" from Netease cloud to other music platforms almost without cost, The radical competition means of Netease cloud music finally got the counter bite after many years.

We have heard a comment from a senior user of Netease cloud music: the Netease cloud music of a few years ago is "both popular and minority". Many people around the public are really using it. Minority refers to a group of people who have almost the same taste and style.


Although Wang Shimu is talented in making Netease cloud music, it does not seem to continue in other fields.

At the end of 2016, Netease established its first level department, Xinmei business division, and launched the first vertical female community Netease aesthetics, with Wang Shimu as the person in charge. However, the project does not seem to be taken seriously in NetEase. The market voice and user response are not very good. Compared with Netease cloud music, the construction of community and content is really different. Later, after Wang Shimu left, the Netease aesthetic app stopped.

In March 2019, it was rumored that Wang Shimu was dismissed. The industry speculated that it was the reason why Netease's aesthetics didn't do a good job. However, Netease's official reply was "personal reason".

Where did Wang Shimu go after leaving?

From the perspective of public information, no one knows the answer and no information can be found on the Internet.

However, we often hear people in the industry disclose that Wang Shimu has joined Tencent. Of course, the word "joining" is not accurate. In Tencent's internal work email and enterprise wechat, it is "Zha Wuren", and Tencent officials have not indicated that he has joined. However, we have learned that Tencent's internal employees know that Wang Shimu has actually worked in Tencent, It is said that the price is not low.

If Wang Shimu really goes to Tencent, if it's music related business, he should also meet his old comrade in arms Wang Lei again.

Wang Lei is a senior music critic in China. He once worked as a cultural and entertainment reporter in Beijing times, and later as editor in chief of Netease Entertainment Center. Since 2012, he has been the senior director of Netease music, responsible for the operation and management of Netease music channel and Netease cloud music.

Judging from his resume, Wang Lei is a man of special literature and art. He has written more than a million words of music and film reviews, published books related to music reviews, served as a judge for Hunan Satellite TV's happy male voice, planned concerts for Faye Wong, Zhao Chuan and Li Jian, and planned records for Zhao Wei, Tan Weiwei and Huang Yali. He is a veteran in the music circle.

Wang Lei is the core figure of the birth of Netease cloud music, and even said that Wang Lei should be the one who established Netease cloud music. However, Wang Shimu's fame is too big, and he wrote books, which makes people feel that Netease cloud music was created by Wang Shimu alone.

There is a rumor that Wang Lei and Ding Lei had a drink at that time, and ER Lei had a good chat with each other. Ding Lei said that he wanted to make a music player, and the Netease cloud music project became a success.

Since the launch of Netease cloud music in April 2013, Wang Lei has been the person in charge of the product. Although he is not as deeply rooted in the product as Wang Shimu, as the person in charge of the whole product, he has also made a decision to "focus on the soul" of Netease cloud music. For example, the name of Netease cloud music is Wang Lei's insistence.

There is a passage in a 2015 report of Financial World: before the launch of Netease cloud music, Ding Lei thought that this product should be called "bad monkey", so he had to admire Ding Lei's brain hole. But Wang Lei wanted to call cloud music because the three words of cloud music all start with the initials "Y". Therefore, in some occasions with hosts, in order to read the three words "cloud music" correctly, the host wanted to call it "cloud music", We have to slow down and strengthen the tone, which will leave a deep impression on the audience. This reason barely convinced Ding Lei for a short time, and later Ding Lei proposed to use bad monkeys, but Wang Lei resisted.

That is to say, with Wang Lei, today's "Netease cloud music" came into being.

Wang Lei took Netease cloud music for four years. He left his post on April Fool's day in 2016. The official reason is the same as Wang Shimu's, but also "personal reason".

After leaving, Wang Lei joined Baidu music as general manager.

Baidu music has not been able to make a big splash for so many years. In 2018, Wang Lei left Baidu music and joined Tencent music on the eve of Tencent 930 adjustment.


After Wang Lei left, Zhu Yiwen took the helm of Netease cloud music.

In April of the year Wang Lei left, Netease cloud music was upgraded from the music product center of Netease Hangzhou Research Institute to Netease music business department, and upgraded from a secondary department to a primary department, increasing the weight of Netease cloud music in the group.

At the same time, Zhu Yiwen, who was the senior product director of Netease cloud music at that time, was promoted to general manager of Netease cloud music business division and CEO of Netease cloud music. He was responsible for the overall management of Netease cloud music and reported directly to Ding Lei.

Zhu Yiwen joined Netease in 2006. He once worked as the product director of Netease blog technology development and Netease SNS community. He is a person with enough precipitation for products and technologies.

When taking over Netease cloud music, this app has become the fastest growing and best-known music product in the market, with more than 200 million users, but the times are not as good as before.

Around 2016, the industry changed dramatically, and every company was cracking down on pirated music and promoting legitimate music. It was also in those two years that Tencent, with its huge financial resources, forced Netease cloud music nowhere to hide.

Under Zhu Yiwen, Netease cloud music began to focus on the development of community, social and UGC content. Among them, Li Yin, vice president of marketing, became his strong helper.

In 2017, Li yindao, Netease cloud music selected some words in Song reviews and made a marketing campaign in Hangzhou Metro. "Netease cloud suppression" broke the circle and became popular from this year.


Since then, although Netease cloud music can't beat Tencent in copyright, it still has wave after wave of community content and marketing means, barely maintaining.

However, no matter how community-based it is, it is also a music platform after all. There is no perfect copyright. Everything else is a trick. The direct result is that it is difficult to make profits.

In the past few years, Netease cloud music is still remarkable in terms of dissemination, but it has no business income, which makes Ding Lei feel that Zhu Yiwen's work is unfavorable. This is also the reason why Ding Lei plans to take over in person later.

At the beginning of this year, Li Yin also left Netease.

According to the report before latepost's delay, Li Yin's resignation is mainly due to the fact that there is little room for innovation in Netease's cloud music products, but the copyright weakness is obvious.

Zhu Yiwen has been at the helm of Netease cloud music for several years, but he failed to give Ding Lei a good performance, which inevitably leads to the end of marginalization.

It has been nine years since the establishment of Netease cloud music in 2012. After many twists and turns, half of the core figures have disappeared. Now Ding Lei takes over personally. Netease cloud music has just entered the era of Ding Lei. Whether it can turn a loss into a profit still needs to be questioned.

These people in the "pre Ding Lei era" also have their own home. How long can Zhu Yiwen still shine in Netease cloud?



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