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Buy a Hedwig in Jingdong and you can enter Hogwarts? Jingdong 618 takes you to explore!

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Do you expect such a person: TA has traveled a lot and seen a lot of scenery, but for this person, TA's final destination is always you.

Such people may be hard to find, but such goods are always available. In the process of transportation, I saw a lot of scenery, but their goal is always to reach your hand.

German Cuckoo Clock

Farthest index

Distance: 7224 km

This cuckoo clock from trenkle can realize your childhood dream. The as like as two peas, which are the same as the scenes of the animated cartoon in childhood.


What's more, it has a photosensitive device in it. At night, when the light in the room is turned off, it will automatically turn into silent mode, so there's no need to worry about being woken up.

Icelandic sea cucumber

Farthest index

Distance: 7777 km

As a high-grade tonic, sea cucumber has always been welcomed by many Chinese. It can improve the body immunity, regulate the body function, and beauty.

There are many places of origin for sea cucumbers. There are Liaoning and Dalian in China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Turkey and so on. Sea cucumbers from Iceland in northern Europe are among the best.

Because Iceland is close to the Arctic Circle, and the water temperature is kept below 4 ℃ all the year round, the sea cucumbers grown in this environment taste crisp and not numb, and these sea cucumbers have been growing for 5-10 years. They contain higher sea cucumbers saponins and sea cucumbers mucopolysaccharides, which are more functional and nutritious, warm and easy to absorb.


Want to feel the magic of Icelandic sea cucumber? Then open the Jingdong app and find the Icelandic sea cucumber you want in Jingdong international.

Peru Alpaca doll

Farthest index

Distance: 17047 km


(source from the Internet)

With the popularity of Alpaca in China, many people keep it as a pet at home. However, no matter its price or its breeding environment, not everyone can afford it.

However, although you can't raise it, it's very easy to have an alpaca doll from Jingdong international Peru National Museum! This Alpaca doll is made of 100% alpaca wool by professional alpaca wool craftsmen in Peru. It feels just like real alpaca.

In fact, besides sprouting, alpaca's wool also has a very strong function of keeping warm. In particular, Peru alpaca wool, which is produced in the Andes, is bright and elastic, and is the raw material of many high-grade garments. As a big handicraft country, Peru has always been committed to making these handmade Alpaca dolls so that people all over the world can appreciate the charm of the national treasure of alpaca wool.


Argentinean red wine

Farthest index

Distance: 18898 km

Which country is the farthest from China? Argentina, of course, is in South America. The straight-line distance is 22000 kilometers. What is the concept? If there is a direct Expressway from Beijing, China to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, a person can drive 1000 kilometers from Beijing every day, day and night, without rest, and it will take nearly a month to drive to Buenos Aires.


Hedwig LEGO toy

Farthest index

Distance: it can't be measured because it crosses the dimensional wall

When you see this Hedwig, does that familiar BGM sound in your mind?

Yes, Hedwig's here. He's here with the Hogwarts admission notice. It flies from the distant British magic world, across the border of magicians and Muggles, across the Pacific Ocean, all the way to China, and sends the offer of Hogwarts to you. This is the distance across the dimensional wall!


(source from the Internet)


The footprints of Jingdong commodities are all over the world. They come to China from far away countries and bring you different exotic customs. Take advantage of this 618, choose your favorite international products on Jingdong app. No matter where the goods come from, Jingdong will bring them to you as long as you like them.


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