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Accidentally, the second-hand iPad I bought on a certain platform overturned

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It's a sad story to tell. Recently, Tony bought a second-hand iPad on a certain platform, and I feel that my IQ has been seriously despised by the store....

The specific cause of the matter is this.

A while ago, Apple launched new IOS, iPad OS, watchos, tvos and Mac OS systems at the WWDC 2021 developer conference, and announced the list of compatible models for each new system?

Tony took a brief look at the list of compatible devices for the iPad OS 15 and found that the iPad air2 was also on the list of support for the new system


You know, this iPad was released by Apple as early as 2014, and it was discontinued in 2017. It's seven years old, so it's time to retire.

But can you imagine that it can even be upgraded to the latest system? Considering that almost none of the other tablets released at the same time can upgrade the new system, it seems that apple is too conscientious!

But then again, whether the iPad can upgrade the new system and whether the new system can run smoothly on old devices are two different things. Whether the 2G memory and a8x chip of the iPad air2 can bring about the iPad OS 15 is still a problem.


So in order to find out how the new system works on the iPad air2, Tony decided to take a second-hand iPad air2 and plan to upgrade it to the new system. After some experience, he will write an article to share with you.

At the beginning, things went smoothly. After finding a store with high sales volume and high praise, which only sold original second-hand iPads, Tony finally bought a 128G 99 new iPad air2 for 1329.


When I saw that the seller still sent me SF express, Tony even gave the title of the article before the express delivery arrived


Before the express official sign in, Tony also kept an eye on it and carefully checked the appearance of the second-hand iPad air2. There were no big bumps and scratches on the whole machine, which really met the business description of 99 new.



What's more, I'm clearly photographing the WiFi version, but this iPad has a SIM card slot on the side and a partition strip made to prevent metal shielding signals, which means that it not only supports WiFi, but also supports card insertion. There's something wrong with it.


The information about the operator displayed on the iPad also proves that the tablet does support plug-in cards. If it is the WiFi version, there is no such information at all


At the beginning, Tony thought that maybe the seller sent the wrong product and mistakenly sent the WiFi version to the plug-in version. However, because it was higher than the configuration I originally bought, he didn't care much, and even had a feeling of earning money~

However, when I installed the description file of iPad OS and prepared to upgrade the system, Tony unexpectedly found that there was no software update interface in the settings of this iPad, which meant that it could not update the system at all!!!

This iPad is only about this machine, and there is no software update. For a normal iPad, there should be a software update under this machine


Good guy, this is a machine with problems...


The result of hourglass test shows that the hardware of the equipment is normal


It's the same with ACE assistant. The test results are all green



Once the factory settings are restored or the iPad is swiped, it will be locked by the ID lock so that it cannot be used.

Some bad friends may not know what Id lock is.

The existence of Apple ID lock is to protect users' privacy leakage caused by device loss or theft. Only after you log out of Apple ID, can others log in to their own account and use the device normally.


IPads with ID locks are mostly machines of unknown origin, or some second-hand iPads are sold without logging out their Apple ID and closing the search for my iPad. In a word, they are not normal iPads.

In order to verify this statement, the unconvinced Tony also tried to brush it.


At this point, Tony's second-hand iPad rollover is a sure fact.

In fact, in this process, Tony thinks that the reply from the merchant is also very intriguing.

I asked TA if your iPad couldn't update the system. They explained to me that the system was too much for many games, so they stopped upgrading. If you need to upgrade, you can buy a 4G card version


Emmm, shouldn't the new system be compatible with more games, and the system upgrade seems to have nothing to do with the iPad version?

Then I said that since the iPad doesn't support upgrade, I can always brush my computer. As a result, I was told that the WiFi version doesn't support brush restore. As for why the second-hand iPad sold by others can brush my computer, it's not clear.


When I asked TA why the serial number was found on Apple's official website and the purchase date was not verified, Ta directly told me that the serial number of the iPad had been changed and was not hidden.

As for why we need to change it, because of the over insurance... What happened???


In fact, people who know a little bit about the hardware will see something wrong: if this is a normal iPad, it should be able to restore and upgrade at will, and there is no need for the store to change its serial number because it is out of warranty.

But not everyone has taken the time to understand these gateways, so you will see in the comments area that many people think that as long as the tablet function is OK, runs smoothly, and does not play the game, they will get off successfully.


Even if you have some doubts in the process of using, the store owner will convince you with the seemingly plausible words that Tony experienced before.

If you are dissatisfied with the iPad, Ta is likely to tentatively offer you a refund, as long as you can give a good comment:


If you can't, or if you meet someone who knows how to cheat you, there are still seven days left for you to return the goods without any reason


After the whole set of combo fights, almost all the people who should take the bait have already taken the bait; Those who are not hooked will not choose to keep the iPad in the end. These two results have almost no loss to the store.

The price of an iPad with ID lock and without ID lock can be hundreds of times lower than that in the second-hand market. If you sell an iPad with ID lock but without ID lock, the business will definitely make a profit.

In addition to the iPad with ID lock Tony encountered this time, there are many problems in the market, such as the expansion of 16g to 128G; Only mainboard is reserved, other parts have changed assembly machine and so on.

For these machines, we can use the GSX activation strategy query service provided by a certain treasure to preliminarily determine whether there is a problem with an iPad.


GSX can check the specific activation time, specific model and specification, whether it is an official replacement, whether it has ID lock and so on.


Whenever the query result does not correspond to the machine.

For example, your iPad is actually a silver 128G version, but the GSX query result is a gold 16g version. There is a high probability that this iPad will have problems, and it is likely that someone has replaced the back cover and expanded the hard disk.

However, GSX query is not omnipotent. If you encounter that the hardware information of this iPad has been modified, but all its information is copied from another normal iPad, then GSX can't find out.

In the final analysis, these people are still making use of the black money that we are not familiar with the iPad, and their tricks on the iPad can not be prevented, including the second-hand iPhone.

In this regard, Tony can only say second-hand water depth, bad friends and buy carefully.


These official renovated iPads are different from the new ones in terms of quality and function, besides the packaging box. They can also enjoy the one-year warranty provided by apple.


It's just the price. Because it's an official renovation with a warranty, it's definitely a little more expensive than the second-hand ones on the market. Sometimes you can buy it from other channels, and it's not impossible to buy a brand-new machine with the official price.


In Tony's opinion, the most ideal situation is to avoid professional second-hand dealers and collect a second-hand machine for personal use. This not only has a small probability of rollover, but also has a much lower price than you can buy an official machine directly.

It is very important to judge whether a seller is an individual seller to see if TA can provide the original purchase certificate of the second-hand iPad, and the certificate should preferably record the serial number of the iPad.

In this way, at least you know the origin of the iPad. Individual sellers usually have no ability to handle the iPad. After receiving it, you just need to check whether the iPad functions normally and whether it has been disassembled or repaired.

Tony collected the 2018 iPad pro from a personal seller a while ago. The seller bought it at the original price of HK $13399, with a small ticket. I started with the price of 4800, and it didn't roll over. It's very cost-effective.


I know that at this time there must be some bad friends who want to ask this price plus a little money can buy 2020 low configuration iPad pro. Why does Tony want to buy 2018?

It's not because the iPad OS 15 system is too mediocre, plus the a12x chip on the 2018 iPad pro, its multi-core performance and graphics performance are better than A14, so I have no reason to buy a new model~

If you're interested, Tony can consider another full issue of the 2018, 2020 and 2021 iPad Pro review. Let's see the difference between the three iPads running the iPad OS 15.

Thank you for watching!



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