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Which brand of vacuum cleaner is better? Who should buy vacuum cleaners and floor sweeping robots at the same price?

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As early as when the sweeper robot came into the market, it was predicted that the vacuum cleaner would be replaced by the sweeper robot, which would withdraw from the market and disappear in front of us. However, over the years, the popularity of vacuum cleaners has not decreased, but also increased year after year. Do you know why? In fact, this is because in recent years, the vacuum cleaner not only has not stopped the pace of development, but also has stepped up the pace of research and development by taking advantage of the trend of the times, following the waves of scientific and technological development, thus making every aspect of its own completely changed, making its comprehensive performance no less than that of the floor sweeping robot at the same price.

But perhaps it is because of this, many friends do not know the same price in the choice of vacuum cleaner or the choice of sweeping robot, also do not know which brand to choose! So here, let's take fina tomefon as an example, which we all pay close attention to. By evaluating the optimization of power device, filtering device, noise reduction device, air duct and intelligence of fina tomefon vacuum cleaner, we can help you more clearly understand the change of vacuum cleaner, and help you set up a comparison template, as follows:

Power plant: as the No.1 brand in Europe, fina tomefon not only has high popularity, but also has solid professional technology and R & D ability. Therefore, the core technology of fina brushless motor carried by the brand vacuum cleaner creatively applies the principle of electrical engineering, and increases the contact area of the blade and the guiding amount of air flow through the oblique overlapping design of the blade, The central line pressurization is realized, so that the power of single motor can be as high as 150aw, and the overall suction is increased by 40% compared with that before. After the improvement, the suction can be as high as 27000pa, which can easily penetrate into the depth of the floor gap, effectively remove the stains deposited for many years, and make the cleaning more thorough.


Filtering device: the ifner tomefon vacuum cleaner is equipped with the first high-end multi cone cyclone filtering device at present, so it can form multiple cyclone spaces by centrifugal force while cleaning, so as to separate dust and gas more quickly and efficiently, so that the dust can be put into a large capacity dust cup specially for storing dust, and the gas can be discharged from the machine after purification by multi cone cyclone, which is as clean as new, This highly efficient and thorough filtering device can effectively reduce the dust and hair in the machine, avoid air duct blockage, make the motor run normally, and make the suction lasting as new.


Noise reduction device: many friends don't like vacuum cleaners because the noise of vacuum cleaners is too loud and people's eardrums hurt. Therefore, fina tomefon has also improved the noise reduction device of vacuum cleaners. The brand uses a variety of acoustic materials to create 7-fold full chain noise reduction. Starting from the source of noise, it takes strict precautions against noise and has a very good noise reduction effect, Friends with old people and children at home can also rest assured to use it.


Air duct: the traditional S-type air duct is changed into a straight air duct by fina tomefon vacuum cleaner. After the transformation, the straight air duct can not only effectively avoid dust accumulation in the bend, but also make the suction reach the clean area more smoothly.


Intelligence: compared with the above aspects, the most surprising thing is that the figna tomefon vacuum cleaner is equipped with an intelligent dust removal system. This intelligent dust removal system can use infrared to sense and analyze the amount of micro dust in the air flow, so as to adjust the power independently according to the amount of micro dust, automatically change the suction, which makes cleaning more intelligent and more targeted.


Seeing this, some friends may think that we have just mentioned several aspects of the development of vacuum cleaners, but not the aspects that vacuum cleaners are inferior to floor sweeping robots. But in the final analysis, it is difficult to compare the vacuum cleaner with the floor sweeping robot. The floor sweeping robot is more convenient and does not need manpower to clean, but its suction and sweeping ability is certainly not as good as the vacuum cleaner; The vacuum cleaner may not be as convenient and labor-saving as the sweeping robot, but its suction is incomparable. In short, both have their own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. But from the above five aspects, we have to admit that today's vacuum cleaners have greatly improved in cleaning ability and intelligence, and it's really more convenient to use, so we really don't need to worry too much, just choose according to our own needs.


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