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Does lock power affect the game? Comparison test of new and old RTX 3060 graphics card

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We all know that NVIDIA's new graphics card is a new core limiting the mining performance, and the official name is LHR version. Many players are worried about whether the new LHR limited hash rate GPU will affect the game performance of the graphics card itself.

In order to dispel your doubts, we will discuss the performance differences between the new and old versions of the same model.


The video card as like as two peas of RTX 3060 apex OC is used by Zotac. We have prepared two models of Zotac RTX 3060 Ti Apocalypse OC graphics card, one of which is new version of lock computing power and the other one is old version. The differences are as follows:


We see that the new version of Suo Suan Li is Apocalypse GOC, while the original version is OC. Through this information on the top of the box, players can easily distinguish the difference between the old and the new.

But our goal today is to analyze the performance difference between the new version of RTX 3060 and the old version from the perspective of various types of games.

Introduction of test platform


In order to ensure that there is no CPU performance bottleneck in this evaluation, we chose the latest Intel 11 i9-11900k platform for testing, and matched it with a lot of high-performance accessories.

Memory Zhiqi f4-3600c16d-32gtnc:


Because the combination of i9-11900k and z590 top platform is used, and there is almost no difference between the two graphics cards, in order to ensure that other hardware of the system will not be affected, the test uses the f4-3600c16d-32gtnc flame halberd series memory of Zhiqi, which has a timing of 16-19-19-36, a voltage of 1.35v and a single capacity of 16GB, A total of two constitute a dual channel ddr4-3600mhz frequency and 32GB capacity. It can give better play to the performance of these two sotay RTX 3060 x-gaming graphics cards.

TSMC Tenglong ds10 512gb SSD:


In this test, the system disk adopts the TSMC Tenglong ds10 512gb SSD, which adopts the innovative xtacking? Architecture, Lianyun domestic Master, Changjiang storage 64 layer 3D TLC domestic particles, the maximum continuous reading speed can reach 550mb / s. At the same time, the hard disk adopts the appearance design of domestic Chinese culture, with good appearance.

Power supply: pure power 11 FM 750W:


The power consumption of the two video cards used in the two tests is not high, so we used the 80plus gold medal power supply with 750W rated power of German biku pure power 11 FM 750W.

The power supply is dual 12V output, in which the current of 12v1 can reach 36a, and the current of 12V2 can reach 32A. It adopts active PFC and ultra-low noise fan, which can provide more pure and sufficient power supply performance for the system in a lower noise environment.

Radiator German biku silent loop 2 360:


As the CPU is a top-level Intel processor core i9-11900k with 8 cores and 16 threads, in order to make the processor run stably and smoothly at a lower temperature and give better play to the overall platform performance, we chose silent loop 2360 integrated CPU water-cooled radiator from German biku.

This is a 360mm cold exhaust pump. Its water pump adopts a three chamber water pump design. The water flow inside the pump body can be fully and orderly divided, and a large range of shock absorption design is added to the periphery of the pump, which can effectively reduce the vibration and noise caused by water cooling.

Theoretical performance test of 3dmark






First of all, we did the theoretical performance test of 3dmark. We can see that the performance of the two new and old graphics cards is almost the same, and there is no loss of theoretical game performance due to the new lock core.

Aida64 GPU test

Many people think that the limited hash rate version of GPU will also hurt the normal usage scenarios. In order to dispel this doubt, we also implemented the GPGPU benchmark of Aida 64.


Apocalypse OC original


Apocalypse GOC

From the above two figures, we can see that the speed of the new and old versions of SHA-1 hash is normal, and the new version is even slightly higher due to floating,This also indirectly shows that the hardware driven double lock computing power is based on the monitoring of virtual currency computing power. It is not daily use, and there is no brain to cut half. Therefore, players need not worry about the performance loss when they use it daily.

Comparative test of 12 games


In order to make a more comprehensive study of the differences between the two in the actual game, we chose 12 different online games and 3a masterpieces of various types to test. After a lot of data, we can conclude that there is no difference in the performance of the game between sotay RTX 3060 Tianqi GOC and sotay RTX 3060 Tianqi OC. They are the real performance of RTX 3060, Combined with the above many tests, it is not difficult to find that there is no difference between the two in the actual game.

Comparison and summary of mining calculation power


Limit the mining capacity of Tianqi GOC


Mining computing power of original Tianqi OC

As we all know, NVIDIA's latest drivers lock the computing power, so when running the mining program, the computing power of the two graphics cards is about 20m / s, which greatly reduces the mine owner's enthusiasm for this card, and the mining cost performance is very low.


So in general, through this test, we also understand that the new LHR core only limits the hash rate of virtual currency,Daily use and playing games are not affected at allSo if you have the chance, you can rest assured to buy the new sotay RTX 3060 Tianqi GOC graphics card.

Here I also sincerely wish DIY market return to normal track as soon as possible, also wish you players friends to buy your favorite graphics card as soon as possible.


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