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The game also ushered in the "new wave"? NVIDIA RTX lights up a big wave of national trend

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As the most popular term in the field of clothing and FMCG in recent years, the popularity of some classic domestic brands has become a hot social phenomenon. Consumer goods, which are closely related to national memory and national culture, have formed a trend and are loved by more and more people, especially by the younger generation.


The birth of this phenomenon, in addition to the large-scale improvement of the consumption level of domestic players, investors have brought more resources to developers, but also has something to do with the technological progress of the game development industry.

On July 6, "my world" RTX beta version of Chinese version was officially launched. It has brought three new ray tracing game maps with national style characteristics to players together with top domestic creators;

On July 8, the much anticipated unrestricted action competitive game "eternal robbery" will officially open the pre purchase and non deletion test on the official website.

In addition, there is the first experience version of shadow torch City, which is developed by Shanghai titanium nuclear network and supports NVIDIA RTX technology and DLSS technology, as well as the new area of classic FPS competitive game, which has just been released recently and will support NVIDIA reflex technology.

In the past two years, the reason for the rapid development of domestic games is not only the self-confidence and craftsmanship of domestic developers, but also the substantial improvement of game development specifications and technology.

More and more developers are actively contacting and trying the latest game development technology, and the enthusiastic pursuit of players can also see that the current game market is constantly catering to this trend.

NVIDIA RTX, DLSS, reflex and other cutting-edge game technologies, which were actively used by world-famous game developers, are also widely used by domestic game developers. At present, a large number of domestic games have actively applied NVIDIA RTX technology in the R & D stage. The cooperation and support between NVIDIA and more than a dozen mainstream game engines also enable more and more domestic independent game developers to easily add RTX, DLSS and other technologies to their own games.

For example, during the first beta test, the game has already supported NVIDIA DLSS technology. The RTX 3060 GPU turns on the DLSS automatic mode at 4K resolution at the same time. The performance improvement is up to 63%, which perfectly surpasses the standard of smooth operation of 4K 60 frames. This can be said to be the greatest blessing that DLSS brings to players.


NVIDIA DLSS has been applied in the testing phase of forever, and will soon support the reflex technology

In the new official website non deletion test launched on July 8, the game fully supports NVIDIA reflex low latency technology, bringing players faster response and lower latency competitive experience.

"My world", which has always been the best-selling video game in the world, launched the Chinese version RTX beta on July 6. It can be seen that this game with great vitality is adapting to the trend of domestic players with new content full of vitality.



Thanks to the support of NVIDIA DLSS, a revolutionary rendering technology, the Chinese RTX beta version of "my world" makes use of the powerful function of deep learning neural network to improve the frame rate and generate clear images comparable to the original image quality for the game. Players can experience the beautiful national style lighting effect supported by RTX effect.

If the RTX beta version of forever and my world in China is the representative of the famous developers' team using RTX technology to build AAA masterpiece, then the shadow torch city developed by Shanghai titanium nuclear network can be said to be a model for independent studios to introduce NVIDIA RTX technology and DLSS technology at the research and development stage. This domestic independent game is based on virtual engine 4, RTX and DLSS will "shadow torch city" to a new level of vision and image quality.


Domestic independent game shadow torch city supporting NVIDIA RTX and DLSS

Players who come to bilibilibili world 2021 from July 9 to 11 will have the chance to play the RTX demo of shadow torch city first when they go to NVIDIA booth. At that time, you can see the power aesthetic scene of diesel punk galactic demon city under the effect of ray tracing reflection, shadow, global lighting, water wave reflection and other technologies.

Recently, crossfire HD zone, officially released in public beta, also announced that it will support NVIDIA reflex low latency technology in future version updates. As we all know, competitive games have high requirements for players' reaction speed and operation accuracy. Even the gap of tens of milliseconds is enough to affect the success or failure of a game.


"Across the line of fire" will support NVIDIA reflex Technology

In addition to the above works, one of the most well-known national wind immortal IP "Legend of swordsman" also adds NVIDIA RTX real-time ray tracing technology support for the game. In the newly released in-game RTX trailer, we can see that the pool water uses NVIDIA hybrid transparency technology, which makes the reflection effect of water get ray tracing blessing, and its reflection effect is more realistic than the traditional SSR technology.


Water caustics technology brings sparkling water quality to the classic guofengxianxia IP "Legend of swordsman 7"

This real caustics effect is calculated in real time by using NVIDIA ray guided water caustics (rgwc) water caustics technology based on ray tracing, so that the caustics effect of the water body and the characters can interact realistically. The combination of the two results in the sparkling pool water shown in the trailer, which is difficult to achieve by traditional rendering methods.

RTX technology has rapidly become the ubiquitous technology in today's game masterpieces. With the new trend of China's games, RTX technology support is constantly added, and the quality of domestic games is on the same level as world-class. From this point of view, it can be said that the rapid adoption of RTX technology is the watershed of the game industry. As one of the fastest applied technologies in the history of PC platform technology, it will help local developers and independent studios to a higher level.

Appearing in bw2021, RTX space breaks through dimension

If you are interested in the new national trend works mentioned above, you can't miss the NVIDIA RTX space on bilibilibili world 2021.

NVIDIA RTX space will parachute into the booth of BiliBili world 2021 3H 3a23 from July 9 to July 11. There will be a number of RTX new national trend Games' latest content display and preemptive experience, including the pre order and non deletion test on the official website of forever, the three RTX national style world of China's RTX beta version of my world, and the preemptive real machine experience of shadow torch City, etc.

There will also be esport e-Competition area, anchor live area, NVIDIA Studio Creator area and bifili world themed geforce garage customized card exhibition area for you to experience. Click the link at the end of the article to go to NVIDIA RTX space area for more details.


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