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87 key stable accurate fierce hyperx origin competitive RGB game mechanical keyboard

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What is the definition of E-sports? On the basis of the game, it is the ultimate challenge to the players' thinking ability, reaction ability, limb coordination ability, willpower and team spirit. It not only requires the players to be outstanding in mental and physical strength, but also to keep improving in equipment.

There are three major items for E-sports players: keyboard, mouse and earphone. The demand is very simple, which is to be fast, accurate, professional, efficient and gorgeous, especially the game keyboard. Excellent equipment helps players achieve better results. The RGB game mechanical keyboard of the origin of hyperx alloy origins core is such a comprehensive mechanical keyboard.


Refining 87 keys to pure game mechanical keyboard

The traditional 104 key keyboard is more suitable for most users, but for game players, especially for the masters of E-sports level, 104 full-size keyboard is not necessarily the most suitable equipment. The reason is very simple. The number keyboard, which needs little in the game, occupies the most core desktop space and squeezes the control space of the mouse.


After removing the numeric keypad, the length of the RGB game mechanical keyboard of hyperx origin competitive version is only 360mm. Compared with the length of 104 keyboard, it can release about 80mm space width. You should know that the width of the general mouse is only about 60mm. Releasing one more mouse width greatly improves the operability of the mouse, thus avoiding the embarrassment of the mouse hitting the keyboard in the past. Moreover, the smaller keyboard is more convenient to carry out and can be easily stored in the notebook backpack. The detachable type-C braided cable also greatly avoids the problem of data cable winding.


Hyperx's autonomous axis has excellent hand feel and long service life

The key to racing is the engine, and the key axis is the core of the keyboard. In the competitive competition, the fighter is fleeting, and its life and death are in the slightest degree. Even a slight mistake may fall short of success. Therefore, the key axis must respond quickly and accurately, and the hand feeling should conform to the habits of the players as much as possible.

The RGB game mechanical keyboard of hyperx origin competitive version has three types of hyperx independent axis: Fire axis, water axis and ice axis. Each type of axis is of high quality, which can meet the competitive needs of players, but there are subtle differences in the feel. The trigger pressure is 45g, the trigger stroke is 1.8mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. After the trigger, the trajectory is a straight line without any drag; The water axis belongs to the silent section axis, the trigger pressure is 45g, the trigger stroke is 1.8mm, the total stroke is 3.8mm, and the difference with the fire axis is that there will be weak feedback after the trigger to help players confirm whether the operation is triggered; The ice axis belongs to the section axis with sound. The trigger pressure is 50g, the trigger stroke is 1.8mm, and the total stroke is 3.8mm. After the trigger, it can bring pleasant crisp sound and weak feedback. Many players have a special preference for the mechanical keyboard, which is due to the mechanical sound and elasticity.


Game players or competitors will use the keyboard more frequently, and the life of hyperx's autonomous axis, which is up to 80 million times, is obviously more durable than ordinary keyboards.

The most gorgeous fireworks in high-value competitive arena

How to be the most beautiful player in the competition? Just plug in the RGB game mechanical keyboard of hyperx. The exposed LED can bring brilliant and gorgeous lighting effect, and the lighting effect can be customized through the hyperx ngenuity driver software. Different background colors can be set according to different games to increase the sense of game substitution. The keyboard on-board chip can also store three groups of user-defined color configuration files. Even if it is separated from the setting host, it can call the personalized color scheme. It is so simple to become the most beautiful child in the field.


In addition, the RGB game mechanical keyboard of hyperx origin Sports Edition also has 5 levels of brightness adjustment, which can emit dazzling colors even in the daytime, and dim the brightness properly at night to protect eyesight.

Hyperx origin competitive RGB game mechanical keyboard releases the compact desktop space, there are three different independent key axis options, plus the gorgeous RGB dynamic lighting effect, it can be said that it is the ideal equipment for competitive players.

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