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From the perspective of hardware, why I don't like the steam handset

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Recently, steam suddenly released its new handheld steam deck, which is the following guy:

As soon as the new handset was announced, it attracted a heated discussion among players.

Some players say that valve is not doing business again, while others say that this handset is destined to die like the steam handle before.


First of all, as a steam platform user and hardware enthusiast, I'm very happy to see the birth of such a handheld device as steam deck. And after this handheld device goes on sale, I'll probably buy it for the first time to experience it.

But that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to the future of this handset. Let's talk about the reasons.

From a design point of view, steam deck has several embarrassments.

The first is the design of the left and right touch panel.It's understandable that this kind of touchpad design will give players a better experience in sliding selection, but for the steam platform games, the practicality of these two touchpads has to be questioned.

Secondly, the positions of the cross key, the rocker and the key are too far up. This design may be a failure for a handheld computer, because it will feel very uncomfortable when playing games in the hand.

After all, we can see that the key buttons of switch, PSV, and 3DS are all located in the middle of the fuselage. The design that is too close to the top makes the control feel of steam deck more suspended.

Thirdly, the L1 / L2 / R1 / r2 keys are designed at the top of the steam deck handle. As anyone who has used switch knows, this kind of design really doesn't feel good.

Especially if you want to play some games like "Monster Hunter", you must have an external handle. However, many games on steam do not support handle operation. It would be embarrassing to encounter this kind of problem.

Finally, the size. Steam deck is 29.7cm long, 11.7cm high and 4.8cm thick.

The familiar switch size is 24 cm long, 10.16 cm high and 1.4 cm thick. The former is equivalent to the thickness of three switches stacked together, plus the weight of 669 grams, which can really be used as a brick.

Therefore, from the point of view of the whole product design, the biggest problem of this handset is the position of the cross key, rocker, key and touchpad, which will cause a strange handle.

Now let's talk about hardware.

The main problems of steam deck hardware configuration are as follows:

Firstly, the customized APU of AMD Zen 2 architecture is adopted, and the GPU is designed with rDNA 2 architecture.

The configuration of Zen 2 architecture APU, which is the last generation product of AMD, is undoubtedly behind the mainstream generation. In terms of basic parameters, this APU adopts a 4-core 8-thread design, with the main frequency of 2.4ghz-3.5ghz. In terms of specifications, it is basically the hyper threaded version of the entry-level processor, the sharp dragon 34300u.

The floating-point operation capacity of GPU fp32 is 1.6tflops, and the 448gflops of CPU is the floating-point operation capacity of 2tflops, which is slightly higher than that of PS4 host (1.8tflops).

Therefore, if there is no special optimization, the steam handheld can not run all the games of the steam platform smoothly.

Second, steam deck starts with a storage capacity of 64GB. In addition, there are 256gb and 512gb. Among them, 64GB is the EMMC PCI 2.0 specification. Although it is a solid-state disk, its read-write speed is far less than that of nvme solid-state disk, which is only about 500MB / s.

The 256gb version is nvme PCI 3.0 SSD, and the 512gb version is high-speed nvme PCI 3.0 SSD.

According to the current read-write speed of SSD, the read-write speed of 256gb version is about 2000mb / s, the write speed is about 1500mb / s, the read-write speed of 512gb version is about 3000mb / s, and the write speed is about 2000mb / s. so if you want to get faster game loading speed, you should buy at least $529 256gb version.

In addition, this handset supports micro SD card expansion, but for players, the cost of this part is relatively high.

Steam platform contains many large-scale games with tens of gigabytes. At present, the micro SD card with 256gb costs about 250 yuan, 400gb costs more than 500 yuan, and 1TB costs more than 1000 yuan. With the price of the host, you can get a good second-hand high-performance game book.

Or, according to the performance of steam deck, you can actually buy a brand-new sharp dragon platform notebook at the corresponding price. For example, is the Zen 3 architecture of Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 165000 not good?

Finally, let's talk about experience.

In terms of experience, my biggest concern is the optimization of the game.

As mentioned above, the floating-point operation ability of steam deck is only slightly higher than that of PS4, not as good as that of PS4 pro. But PS4 as a pure host, the games running on its platform are targeted optimization, so it can basically maintain a stable fluency of 30fps.

As the handheld bearer of steam platform, steam deck will not be specially optimized by game manufacturers. As a result, many games will not run smoothly on this handheld.


In addition, it is precisely because game manufacturers do not do special optimization, so the problem of UI adaptation in low resolution may also affect the player's experience. For example, under the 7-inch screen, the font size of the game interface is a thorny problem.

Another issue that may affect the experience is heat dissipation. In fact, although steam deck is a handheld computer, it is essentially a customized version of the sharp dragon platform computer.

From the design, we also see the fan and air outlet design. Switch uses Tegra processor, the overall temperature control is quite good, but it can also feel that the fuselage is relatively hot after a long game.

Steam deck adopts the Zen 2 platform with high power consumption. It is very likely that the core temperature will soar to 60-70 ℃ or 80 ℃ under high load, which will lead to more obvious heat conduction on the back and affect the user experience in handheld mode.

I make complaints about so many things. Finally, I want to say something positive.

Although I think the prospect of steam deck after its listing is worrying, it is also a good thing for the handheld industry to have such a troublemaker.

At this stage, there are many so-called windows handsets on the market, mainly claiming that they can play Steam games freely. This time, valve officially launched steam deck, and the price is more competitive in this kind of products, so it can bring some impact on this market, and let those domestic windows handhelds who want to reap IQ tax converge.

From the perspective of gamers, although steam deck is difficult to meet the smooth operation requirements of large 3A games, it is a good choice for those who like independent games.



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