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2021 sunflower award officially announced: Huawei home intelligent won four awards

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In the process of popularization of intelligent products, the most profound feeling should be smart home, because it is closely related to people's life. I believe that most people now have at least one or two intelligent products, such as intelligent air conditioner, intelligent fan, sweeping robot, intelligent microwave oven, intelligent desk lamp, intelligent speaker, etc.



So, with what can Huawei win four awards at one stroke? Huawei believes that adding some intelligent lamps, air conditioners and so on to the home is not the form of smart home in the future. Whole house intelligence is the ultimate development direction of smart home. Huawei's whole house intelligence hopes to bring the digital world into everyone, every family and every organization, and build a world of interconnection of all things.

Huawei House intelligence has a highly intelligent central module, stable connection ability, and rich and extensible ecological support for all categories. It can collect and analyze users' data in real time, and actively provide processing methods, so as to bring immersive, personalized and sustainable wisdom experience to the whole family. It is not a simple combination of all kinds of intelligent devices.



It is worth mentioning that the whole house intelligent solution launched by Huawei also fits perfectly with the newly released harmony OS Internet of things system. With the blessing of this brain, Huawei whole house intelligent can collect Huawei's whole scene terminal data, sensor data and Internet data in real time, and transmit them to Hongmeng AI engine through two networks. Hongmeng AI engine then calls the scene model, In the local real-time analysis and calculation to form the most reasonable decision, active control equipment to execute various scenarios.

This allows a variety of devices to process independently according to the real needs of users, and does not require users to preset the mode in advance through a variety of complex operations, and perform the operation in manual mode.

For example, when a user comes home from work in the evening, Huawei smart will automatically turn on the lights in the house and close the curtains, and then automatically adjust the air conditioning gear according to the current temperature, and even send greetings through the smart speaker to actively ask the owner's needs. This series of operations are like flowing water, and users do not need to consider the logic of the smart device.



After solving the brain (1 machine) and vein (2 network), we have the rudiment of the whole house intelligence. Next, we only need to connect the limbs (intelligent devices) into the system, and a complete set of loop completes the closed loop.


At present, Huawei smart house provides 8 supporting systems, which represent all kinds of scene applications in life, such as lighting system, water health system, environmental system, etc. through the adjustment of sunlight, air, water, safety and entertainment, Huawei smart house creates safe, healthy, comfortable and smart scenes for users.

At the present stage, more than 1000 big brands have reached cooperation with Huawei smart, such as AO Smith of water system, Sidon of lighting system, Bosi of kitchen power system, etc. in the future, the system will continue to be upgraded and expanded.

When you get up in the morning, Huawei intelligent will also use the Hongmeng AI engine to preset the indoor light according to the actual situation of indoor and outdoor light, imitate the sunlight change that is most suitable for human light, and dynamically adjust the indoor light in a day, so that you can wake up in a natural state, and stimulate your vitality in the early morning, providing people-oriented rhythmic and healthy lighting.

And these will be the active operation of the system, which can be realized without manual preset.


At the same time, Huawei smart will also automatically provide immersive experience, such as the 30 Night New Year's Eve dinner. During 17:00-23:00, users only need to click the dining mode to open a sound and light show with strong Chinese New Year flavor, so that you can still stop in busy days and make your life full of ceremony and surprise.

In addition, Huawei smart home will provide continuous updates of all kinds of scenes in the future, so that users can obtain family wisdom. Scenes are as simple as changing themes of mobile phones, such as Valentine's day, wedding anniversary, etc. sound and light linkage will create a romantic atmosphere and add a trace of warmth to your busy life.

If you have any problem with the whole house intelligence, you can find Huawei

In addition to subverting the industry's smart home system, Huawei smart home also provides one-stop 4S service, providing professional services from purchase, decoration to later maintenance.

The first is the convenient purchase experience. Huawei has launched seven all home smart flagship stores nationwide in early May. Consumers can experience the purchase in person offline, and they can also choose from the official Huawei flagship stores of vmall, Jingdong and tmall online.


Secondly, the construction and later maintenance process are also convenient. The whole construction process of Huawei's whole house intelligent system is efficient and transparent, and consumers can easily view it on the app. The after-sales and daily maintenance after occupancy is also professional, efficient and convenient. As long as there is a problem in any link of the whole house intelligent system, no matter what the product, you only need to find Huawei to solve it, Huawei will provide 7x24 hours hotline service. In case of problems, engineers will come to solve them within 3 hours. One stop after-sales service covers the whole house.

Huawei ecological blessing, to the whole house intelligence, everything connected

On the whole, Huawei's whole house intelligent solution has brought a more mature supporting solution, which has solved the messy and scattered experience of the smart home industry in the past. Through its own integration of ecology and the ability of hardware and software integration, Huawei has opened up many core technology advantages in the fields of communication, IOT, AI, chip, cloud technology, etc., bringing an integrated experience, It shows Huawei's strong communication technology support and ecological appeal ability.

Huawei also connects all the devices in the whole house through its unique harmony OS, which brings users a uniform intelligent experience.



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