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Flow, scene, product and technology iqiyi Qilin's summer growth "four in one"

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Under the background that the flow market has gradually entered the era of stock, many business operators find it difficult to achieve growth.

According to the data of quest mobile, from December 2019 to December 2020, the number of mobile Internet users in China will only increase by 0.51%. With the permeability approaching the saturation boundary, the traffic volume will show a low growth trend, and the challenge for enterprises to obtain growth through online channels is also increasing day by day.

In such an environment, it is more and more important to grasp the opportunity window of traffic growth, such as summer node. As a large group of students across the country begin to take vacations, they have more time to touch the Internet, which will significantly increase the overall scale of the traffic market.

Therefore, in order to better help advertisers dig for summer traffic bonus, iqiyi Qilin has recently integrated its existing products and various supporting measures and launched a package of summer delivery strategies for enterprises. From this detailed launch guide, we can understand how advertisers can benefit from the effect advertising products launched by iqiyilin.

Flow levelFind the right opportunityMake good use of new resources

To a large extent, whether we can find the change direction of the flow market has become a prerequisite for enterprises to achieve efficient growth. If we can accurately capture the opportunity points in the complex traffic ecology, we can help advertisers achieve low-cost and efficient growth.

In the summer launch strategy, iqiyilin made a forecast of this year's summer traffic according to the traffic data over the years. Among them, it is not difficult to find that the effect advertising traffic of iqiyi Qilin this year will present at least two characteristics: first, it will present a pulse trend in the four months from June to September, in which the traffic on weekends will be significantly higher than that on weekdays; Second, the peak of the pulse will appear in the first ten days and the middle ten days of August.

For enterprises, the weekend will become an important time to take the volume; At the same time, for the coming August, enterprises also need to make full preparations in advance to act quickly and accurately at the first time when the traffic dividend is released.


But it is worth noting that the changes in the flow market only create a prerequisite for enterprise growth. However, whether advertisers can really profit from Nuggets' traffic dividend will test the strategy level of different advertisers, especially the ability to make good use of resources.

According to the forecast of iqiyi Qilin's summer launch strategy, the patch ads on the broadcast page will become the main advertising inventory resources contributed by new users. During the summer vacation, the proportion of patch advertising in all forms of advertising will be more than half. This is due to the fact that watching movies, dramas and variety shows are the most important leisure ways for people during the holidays. This kind of rigid demand ensures the sufficient supply of inventory. Therefore, enterprises need to pay more attention to the placement advertising resources.


Even in other forms of advertising, enterprises also need to explore potential resources earlier than their competitors. Only in this way can they ensure real growth with controllable cost.

For example, in the form of information flow, which is an important effect of advertising, iqiyi Qilin's vertical screen layout resources are particularly worthy of attention. According to the introduction of the strategy, this resource will be loaded in the home page recommendation page and TV series, variety show and other sub channels. Compared with the traditional horizontal screen resources, the vertical screen materials are obviously more suitable for the original scene of mobile phone viewing, so the improvement of experience will significantly enhance the effect of advertising materials.


According to the data released by iqiyi Qilin, compared with the horizontal version, the vertical version has increased the click through rate and ECPM value by 12.77% and 35.51% respectively in the same delivery position. This kind of scientific measurement similar to a / B test strongly confirms the effect of vertical screen layout resources, so it is also worthy of attention of enterprises.

Scene levelFull user coverageAll round touch


In addition to the resources within the domain, iqiyi Qilin also integrates the resources outside the domain through its alliance products, so as to achieve the coverage of new summer traffic to the greatest extent. At present, iqiyi alliance has achieved comprehensive coverage of 8 first-class industries, and has accessed more than 30 powerful media.

In particular, different from other alliance products, iqiyi alliance pays more attention to audition resources and cross screen advantages. For example, it has established a dual alliance architecture, which not only establishes a mobile alliance with a large number of head mobile applications and mobile phone manufacturers, but also builds a smart TV alliance with TV manufacturers and broadcasting systems.


By extending the strength in the domain to the alliance outside the domain and relying on the national level traffic advantage, iqiyilin has realized the coverage of all users and all-round touch. For enterprises with different demands for personalized growth, this comprehensiveness and flexibility is undoubtedly a major advantage that can be fully used.

Product levelConstruction of universal powerLink layer adjustment

Reading through the summer strategy released by iqiyi Qilin, it is not difficult to find that, in terms of products, iqiyi Qilin mainly provides corresponding capabilities in two directions: on the one hand, it makes further efforts in general capabilities and effectively reduces the entry threshold of enterprises; On the other hand, the link construction is adjusted according to the actual growth demands of enterprises to enhance the transformation efficiency and effect.

First of all, in the construction of the general layer, it integrates the existing experience and precipitates a lot of efficient and reusable capabilities, which can greatly reduce the threshold and cost of the enterprise.

For example, in the online service industry, the interactive creativity level of landing page directly determines the advertising conversion rate. When the audience is interested in the main idea and click behavior occurs, it essentially represents the user's high conversion intention; However, in practice, due to the poor quality of landing page, it is easy to lead to the loss of user expectations, resulting in the embarrassing situation of mismatch between CTR and CVR performance.

In order to alleviate this problem and reduce the threshold of creativity, iqiyi Qilin has deposited a large number of templates according to different types of online service customers, including different types of materials such as incentive, answer, channel, learning and so on. These material capabilities can often be directly used by enterprises, and because they are mature templates that have been repeatedly verified in real scenes, the final release will generally get good data performance.

Through the completion, improvement and continuous precipitation of similar general capabilities, the advertisers on iqiyi Qilin have the conditions to achieve the growth of cost reduction and efficiency.


Secondly, on the link layer construction, iqiyilin has also adjusted according to the actual business scenarios of different industries to ensure the smooth link from front-end display to end conversion.

In the investment of education industry, retention of funds and clue collection are the important links before the final transformation. In order to improve the transformation effect, iqiyi Qilin has made important adjustments in the link construction, such as the introduction of front-end products of in frame transformation components.

In the original link, users need to watch the material and click to jump to the registration page to complete the reservation, but this is not friendly to the user experience. Iqiyi Qilin's in frame conversion component product puts the registration node in front, realizes the parallel synchronization of viewing materials and registration data, and successfully retains the funds without interrupting the viewing task. From the data point of view, the improved link has effectively improved customer conversion, and the click through rate, ECPM and registration rate have increased significantly.

Technical levelTake advantage of TechnologyEnjoy traffic dividend

In addition to the substantial improvement of the product level, as the underlying support, iqiyilin has also launched a large number of powerful technologies to ensure that enterprises can benefit more scientifically and efficiently from the summer traffic bonus. These technologies are scattered in almost every node to protect enterprises from traffic dividends.

At the bidding level, it launched the oppx double bidding mode, which can directly anchor the delivery pricing to deeper and back-end transformation goals. For game manufacturers and other customers who have strong demand in the effect level, this mode is obviously more friendly for growth. It is worth noting that it has also introduced 2.0 compensation rules for double bids, which gives enterprises more flexible strategic space and guarantee.


In addition, there are more technologies that can help enterprises tap summer traffic dividends through iqiyi Qilin's effect advertising platform, including one key inheritance, automatic expansion, etc. the continuous supply and supplement of technical capabilities will become a strong backing for enterprises' summer growth.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find that iqiyi Qilin has made full preparations in terms of flow, scene, product, technology, etc. Therefore, at the critical moment when the summer traffic bonus is coming and the enterprise will soon usher in a valuable growth node, advertising mainly wants to catch up with the high-speed growth train, iqiyi Qilin should become one of the key options that can not be ignored in the delivery portfolio.


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