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The host roasted and ate a pet pig that had been kept for 100 days and came back to life in less than 10 days

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Probably no one expected, a few days ago, the world's netizens for the life and death of a pig with different languages of more than 40,000 floors.

And the whirlpool center of this verbal sword, is this pink pink tender pig.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

It started in May of this year. A Japanese anchorman has launched an online channel called Pig Eaten 100 Days later, announcing the fate of the pig to all Internet users from day one.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

The host posts a 2-3 minute video every day, recording the pig's growth, getting along with the food like a pet and taking it for a walk.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
Day 23 pig life record

Give it a nice bath.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
Day 42 pig life records

Especially when xiaozhu turned half a year old, the host held a birthday party for him.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
Day 95 pig life record

It is said to be food, but the pig's life that viewers see is not from a farm, but really like raising a pet pig.

Then, on day 100, the audience waited for hellip. … This video.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
Day 100 pig life record

This picture made a lot of people jump the gun.

It's ok to play terriers, but many people can't look at the ending after raising pigs for 100 days.

For the day, the host kept the promise of the channel's name and turned the pig into dinner. Only a portrait and a joss stick remained in the pig's cage.

100 days is also more than three months.

The viewers who come to the anchor channel every day have long regarded this little guy as a cloud pet. For a while, netizens who could not accept the reality of the incident argued for a week under the video, generating more than 40,000 comments.

The 100th day of the series finale has been viewed more than 3.2 million times and received almost as many likes as likes.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Countries with their own views, crazy output. Some netizens who expected the ending to turn around and didn't get their wish were heartbroken by piglet's fate:

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Some accused the anchor of being inhuman and heartless:

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

There is discussion about whether the pig is a pet or not, and whether the author ate his pet for 3 months:

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

There are people who defend the anchor.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Netizens in all countries for this pig keyboard output hard, but things really ushered in the reverse.

On September 10, nine days after the pig was eaten, the host suddenly updated the video, saying: "Stop making so much noise! Piggy lives!

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Anchor this is crazy quarrel net friend whole meng, you put this dirty soil reincarnation?

At this point, the controversial 100-day feeding and eating of a pig has not been put to rest, but has been pushed to a new stage of controversy.

Netizens were caught off guard by the reversal, with many saying they were glad the pig was still alive.

Immediately, back to the taste of the netizen figured out something wrong. Some people think that the pig should not be the original pig, and others think that it is the stock of the pig.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Some netizens found that the author had already mentioned that the story was pure fiction. It's just that this statement was very deliberately hidden in his video on day 100.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

The other thing that annoyed Internet users most was the emotional deception of the resurrection scenario.

They discovered that they were just one of many unbeknownst to the group, who spent three months working with the pig's owner to complete a script he had already written.

The feeling of being cheated made them look back at themselves after a week of fighting for pigs, as if they were being laughed at across the screen by an anchor.

And this channel also because of the pig's life and death cycle, really attracted 120,000 fans, obtained a high traffic and attention, and even made a successful case of the recent flow of wealth password, was analyzed by various Internet industry bloggers.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
Burst red piggy channel has become a recent flow success case

But if you've been surfing the Web for a long time, you'll probably find that cheating like this isn't uncommon.

It has long been believed that seeing is believing. But in the age of the Internet, the information that viewers receive across a screen can be manipulated. Many people take advantage of the public's psychology to artificially manipulate the reality that the audience's eyes can see.

When people focus on life on camera, they ignore the world off camera. For example, some big eaters don't really eat very much, but act like they do.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
A big show called off by CCTV

Just like the pig in the first 100 days, the audience seems to take the initiative to participate in the whole process of cloud pig raising, but in fact, all the information harvested by them is only a short, post-edited few minutes. Everyone is in accordance with the script written by the anchor finished the whole journey.

That's why many netizens were upset when the pig came back from the dead. — I feel like my emotions are being manipulated.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

Surfing is simple these days, but the routines are still complicated. And this pig also gave many people a lesson, some people are to find the flow password, some people learned to distinguish information content rational thinking.

After all, life is too tiring to be a pawn in the Internet.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?

In addition, whether the pig was eaten or not, a thousand hearts have a thousand answers, can only hope that no other small animals put on this script, to the same stage.

日本主播把养了100天的宠物猪给烤着吃了 结果不到10天猪又复活了?
It's the first day piggy has been in this house

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