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Does the world's largest flashlight do you have a bright? Open the test instrument on the spot explosion

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I don't know what everyone is so curious about the biggest flashlight in the world?

No! right.

To be honest, little pepper is also, after all, no one wants to do this. .

But what you can not say, when this is really made, the little pepper did not hold back & ldquo; ohhh & rdquo; .

This is the case, there is a team called Smith Dream Factory abroad because it did not find a flashlight when power outages, decided to be a & ldquo; & nbsp; easily found & rdquo; flashlight.

So they did a super large flashlight. .


Light is not big, I can't see it in it. This guy is still bright enough.

At present, the best flashlight that can be bought in the world is & nbsp; Imalent MS18, which contains 18 Cree LEDs, which can provide 100,000 brightness of brightness, and you can flash your eyes after opening.

Amazon price about RMB 4350 yuan & nbsp; ▼


And the giant flashlight they did was stuffed with 300 Cree LEDs in terror, what is the concept of brightness.

It is the handle of the flashlight to open all the way, and the chickens in the farm will think of dawn. .


Don't be practical first, then resurrection Dijia Altman is enough to use this flashlight.


Cough, pull back.

In order to more scientifically measure how bright, they also come to a light energy radiation meter. The stronger the light, the faster the metal blade in the light energy radiation meter is turned.

This is the speed of the rotation of the blade under ordinary household flashlight, and it can be seen very slow.


This is & nbsp; the speed of the rotation in the case of imalent MS18, and the speed is slightly.


Finally, let's take a look at the effect of the flashlight of the Smith team, and the light energy radiation meter will directly perform a true & ldquo; (should be temperature excessive). .


Although this giant flashlight compared to ordinary flashlight, it is big, and the LED is more, but if it is really making it, it is not easy.

First, in order to give & nbsp; 300 Cree LEDs, they designed & nbsp; 50 special boards, each board not only supports 6 CREE LEDs, but also need to scatter excess heat as much as possible.


Due to the characteristics of & nbsp; LEDs, as the connection battery is longer, its brightness will be lower. So in order to ensure that the brightness remains the same, the team adds 50 constant current LED drivers in the middle of the battery and LED.

But the light source is not good, but also gather them to be able to illuminate, and give this team a similar magnifying glass.

Under this stuff, even the sun is light, you can also burning golf.

Can you transfer a blogger under the end? & nbsp; ▼


Of course, so many Creel LEDs gather together, the temperature is too high, so they have done a giant heat dissipation plate.


At the same time, in order to ensure that these light sources do not generate excessive temperatures, the flashlight is burned, and the reflective paper is also filled around the wall.

In this way, the largest flashlight in the world is born.


Such a giant searchlight opens, the neighbors think it is dawn?


I thought this team called Smith Dream Factory was just a funny combination, and everyone was confused every day.

But in fact, this biggest flashlight is only a team of entertainment, and their main business is a variety of weapons and equipment in the film, game, and comics.

Team founder: James Hobson ▼


Say that you may not believe that they are not a simple shape of the weapons, and the basic functions of those weapons should also be returned.

For example, they have replicaed the most robust shields in the world (& mdash; beautiful team shields, what arrow fireworks can stand up.


The shield can be able to attack, don't say that it is broken, it is broken bricks and cutting with cutting.


They even added a super-suction electromagnet on the arm, and the perfect completed the classic movement of the US team to recover the shield.


Rely on this nearly & ldquo; perfect & rdquo; restore the video of the Team Shield, this team's subscription amount is doubled directly, and the other one has a midburns of video, which is the radian of the Star War.

Whether it is folk enthusiast or an official, a rectified light sword is nothing more than a bright daylight tube.

But the plasma light sword made by the Smith dream factory, but it is really telescopic. They achieve the stretching of the blade by controlling the amount of gas into the light sword.


And this flame temperature is as high as 2200 ° C, you are iron gates or steel doors, like movies & mdash; & mdash; everything can be cut!

Movie lens replica & nbsp; ▼


So the problem is coming, what is the stronger shield? This is not only China, but also topics that all of the world's netizens are interested.

So they used the light sword to piercing the beautiful team shields before, the result is: The Team lost. .

Oh, the shield of the Zhenjin material is also like this & nbsp; ▼


In addition, they also returned the hammer of the thunderstorm, and staged a movie in Raytheon to take the scene on the shield of the Team, this is really too courageous.


From the beginning of the team, they have returned the evil Knights helmet, Spider-Man induction system, and the heroic equipment such as the iron soldiers.

In these re-enactment equipment, you really have to pick up a most exclusive, and the small pepper feels that it should be an iron man.

This automatic foot-filled steel man mask is only a small meeting.


Their Iron Man's gloves not only have a strong batch, but also emit lasers and destructive power.

Whether it is lettering or fire, it is not there.


Even if you don't smash your bottle, you will be more than enough.


In order to appreciate the first perspective of the laser hit, the team also sacrificed a camera. .


Like Tony Starker, once the team started to start the steel man equipment, it will stop. .

Before the dark red mask and gloves, they had made a metal glove that could cut 2.5 cm steel plates, a metal iron hero helmet with a self-contained view display, and a charged arc reactor.


Of course, as a & ldquo; Iron Man & Rdquo; if there is no Jaweis, just like his wife cake, there is no soul.

So, he also made Javis to his own studio, which can control a complete set of automation.

Just say something & ldquo; & nbsp; Jaweiz, open the blockade mode & rdquo; all the lights all the lights will close, and open the emergency light, and quickly close the door, even if you can block you outside.

If you are thirsty, say a sentence & ldquo; Javis came a cup of coffee & rdquo; a robot would be slowly sent to you a cup of coffee.


In order to restore the steel man more perfectly, they also cooperate with other teams to launch the rocketn gloves, and try to do the steel man aircraft, can say that he is the most close to Iron Man in the world.


However, despite the step approaching the Iron Man, he is far from Tony Starke so rich.

For example, in order to be able to fill as the steel man, buy 10 electric fan, but this will be 3,800 US dollars, and finally bought a giant electric fan under the fans.


Even from his early video, it can be seen that the studio called the village warehouse is not over.


Over the years, their entire team has almost rely on advertising and other sponsored to get benefits.

It is better to make a profit, they can continue to expand, but also let everyone see more and more virtual equipment is reached in reality.


The video of Smith Dream Factory not only let everyone look cool, but also incentive, many students have chosen engineering majors, but also make countless enthusiasts and engineers have created power, to complete the so-called & ldquo; impossible & rdquo;


Maybe in their influence, a group of people have brought more future equipment into reality.

In fact, small peppers are also very good for their approach. From a certain point of view, they have proved a sentence with practical actions: a lot of things that are considered impossible in this year, with the progress of technology, it has become a reality in modern times.

It is like a person through ancient times to now, he will think that the TV will think is magic, but in fact, this is just that the signal is passed from one place to another.

Just as the founder James said: Never because now & ldquo; impossible & rdquo; give up the dream of creation.

By the way, they settled in B this year, everyone is interested in search: Hacksmith.

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