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New and old Sony PS5 host comparison: Realistic education

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At the end of July to the end of August, Sony began to launch a small improvement PS5 new model CFI-1100 series. The game console will continue to launch a new model, improve design and process, and reduce costs throughout the life cycle. But this update has triggered some debate on social media. Let's take a look.

The cause of argument is that the tubing UP master Austin Evans, he sent a video to indicate that the PS5 new model is not as good as the old model. According to the result of his test, the power consumption is 230W during the new model, which is more than 5W of the old model, and the temperature of the exhaust port has increased by 4 degrees, and the weight of the motherboard + heat dissipation is reduced by nearly 300g. Some horror conclusions, and simple judgment methods triggered supporters' criticism.

▲ The heat dissipation is very obvious.

If the new model is indeed reduced if the radiopaque is specifically. However, this is the new model is poor than the old model, the user's experience and interest will be damaged? With a relatively true buddy, open the machine and built a temperature sensor to the part of the PS5, and do more detailed tests. The result obtained is:

1080P, the power of the new model, there is almost no difference. 4K game, the new model will be 2-8W. The main interface is standby, the new model should be 0-5W.

The newly old model of the fan speed is the same, the fan weight is also the same.

Open the game and place it, measure noise in 1 m multi-distance, new model 25.9dba, old model 24.8 dba. The new model is some, but both are very quiet, equivalent to quiet outdoor and indoor levels.

After the game is running an hour, the APU core is under the back of the metal beam.The new model is 70.25 degrees, which is lower than the 73.5 degree of the old model. The hottest memory, the new model of 78.93 degrees is more cool than the old model of 93.3 degrees, and the ambient temperature in the old model test is lower.

Summary is that the measured results and the imagination are different. Although the new type of heat dissipation row size reduces a lot, the material is changed, but the temperature of the PS5 new model is lower. And after a long time, the temperature remains stable and there is no signs of continuous rise.

The performance of the new cooling system sufficiently maintains the normal operation of PS5. Under the premise of power consumption, the design and improvement of metal cover and internal air traces should be the main reason. At the same time, the old model may be the practice of stabilizing the balance of the stack.

Shrink, update and price cut

PS game consoles, from 1000 to 1100, 1200, the number of numbers, generally means small adjustments in internal and external design and function. A more integrated chip and components are used to reduce costs, improve or resolve some of the issues of feedback. For example, the induction switch of PS4 is incorrect. From 1000 to 2000, 3000, it is generally meant to adjust the overall appearance and changes in the core processor processor upgrade.

In the early years of gaming machine, it will usher in the first wave of prices in the sale of almost a year.

In the PS4 era, this rhythm has some changes. Almost the first two years, with the 1200 series launched, did the first price cut, dropped from $ 399 to $ 349. The 1200 series of heat sinks also have about 30 g of weight loss. Although the specific price is reduced by commercial behavior, it is certainly a strong support for improved development.

It is also from historical experience. The stability of the PS game machine change has always been upward, and the subsequent model operation becomes unstable, which significantly affects the example of the player experience.

So for ordinary players,The guidelines for the purchase of game consoles have always been & mdash; & mdash; buy new and not buy old. Early enjoy early, buy a discount late. Players can be confident in equipment quality and stability, which can be said to be a big reason for the PS family to sustain success.

Does players need to pay attention to improved internal specific adjustments? The feng friend of the planing is possible. Ordinary players should be more careful to be the price and terminal experience. The heat sink miniaturization, as well as the effects of various design adjustments, requires a comprehensive professional assessment, as well as the long-term use of players. By simple observation, the generation is not as good as one generation, which does not meet the production of industrial products, and the logic of manufacturers reducing cost increase the profit margin, nor does it meet the experience of players.

Say that this is still a story that practices the truth.


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