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Qi'an Xinqi Xiangdong: the governance of online fraud must strictly limit the excessive collection of personal data by enterprises

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Sina Technology Zhang Jun

"There is no way to eliminate online fraud, but the government and enterprises can work together to reduce the crime rate of online fraud to a relatively low level." Qi Xiangdong, chairman of Qianxin group, said in an interview with the media during the Internet Conference in Wuzhen.

Recently, preventing telecom network fraud has become a topic of concern in all sectors of society. Qi Xiangdong believes that with the implementation of data security law and information protection law, it is of positive significance to protect personal privacy data and prevent telecom network fraud.

In addition, he also interpreted the new trends in the network security industry.

  There is no absolute security for network security to enter the deep water area

Qi Xiangdong said that first of all, network security is entering the "deep water area". Viruses and network attacks will become more and more serious, showing that attacking data and stealing data are the core.

For example, blackmail virus will exist for a long time, and the innovation of blackmail virus control technology will continue. The extortion virus, like COVID-19 now, will be constantly changing and will be associated with the digital economy for a long time. Network security technology, like constantly creating new vaccines, is not once and for all. We should constantly innovate to deal with all kinds of network attacks that are constantly changing and deforming.

Secondly, network security technology should be integrated with business system. Qianxin proposed the endogenous security system in 2019, proposing three integration: the integration of network security technology and it technology, the integration of network security data and it data, and the integration of network security talents and it talents.

In his opinion, the previous network security belongs to the peripheral wall type. For example, the firewall is a typical idea of "building the wall"; Antivirus software also wants to isolate viruses and network attacks from our system. "However, now we see that more and more network attacks are actually constantly infiltrating from the outside to the inside, and it is more and more difficult to distinguish between this penetration mode and normal access. At this time, security technology is required to integrate with business, and judge whether the network access behavior is attack or normal access through business. Therefore, secure technology, secure system The safe way is to enter a deep-water state. "

Thirdly, the defense of network security is developing in depth, that is, in-depth network security defense. Building a wall on one or two floors alone is no longer feasible, because the existence of loopholes is bound to be broken through.

Finally, the trend of network security scenario is very obvious, such as Internet of vehicles scenario, big data scenario, data transaction scenario, Internet of things scenario, scenario and personalized network security technologies and solutions will become more and more prominent.

Qi Xiangdong believes that if we want to enjoy the dividends of the future digital age, we must increase investment in network security, which is a cost that can not be avoided in the era of digital economy. At the same time, he stressed that security is relative, not absolute, and security is offensive and defensive confrontation. There is neither absolute security nor absolute insecurity. Only in a certain scenario, security companies should minimize security problems.

  The governance of network fraud requires the efforts of the government and enterprises

Recently, the publicity of telecom network fraud has become a national trend, and the app download volume of the national anti fraud center has also continuously hit a new high. However, it can not be ignored that telecom network fraud is still a high incidence case.

Qi Xiangdong said that in the traditional society, crime is beating, smashing and looting, while in the digital society, crime is more network fraud, because it is easier to operate and has a high rate of return. Therefore, there is no way to eliminate online fraud, but the joint efforts of the government and enterprises can reduce the crime rate of online fraud to a relatively low level, so as to make the people feel more secure and happy in the digital age.

"There are also methods of technical prevention, but it needs the joint efforts of the whole society, including the government and enterprises." in his opinion, the governance of online fraud should start from many aspects, one of which is to strictly regulate enterprises' collection, storage, use, including trading and sharing of personal privacy data. If there is no strict regulation, the spread of network fraud can not be curbed.

"Many enterprises have made the wrong choice in the face of interests. For example, they collect more private data from the people. It is said that if they use big data to draw an image for the people and use the portrait of big data to accurately market users, their revenue will increase." Qi Xiangdong said that in order to improve their revenue, these enterprises not only collect data in the process of service, After the service ends, these data will not be deleted, but will continue to be saved for next use. In the process of preservation, there will be adverse preservation, which will be stolen by hackers and network attackers.

He believes that the implementation of the data security law, the information protection law and the gradual improvement of the detailed rules will play a positive role in preventing telecom network fraud. In the absence of these laws, some Internet companies exceeded their product and service rights and excessively collected users' privacy, which is a violation. They may be punished by notifying criticism, stopping updates and getting off the shelf; However, with the law, the punishment measures will be more diversified, and may even face criminal punishment.

"The superior laws of the data security law and the personal information protection law are the criminal law and the national security law , there will be fundamental changes in the way of punishment. Therefore, Internet companies must pay attention. The consequences of doing something inappropriate or illegal in the past may not be serious. After these laws come into force, the consequences of doing something illegal may be quite serious. "

Qi Xiangdong believes that the understanding, learning and implementation of these two laws by some digital enterprises have not reached their due level, and there needs to be a gradual process. However, when more and more enterprises pay painful lessons for violating the data security law and the personal privacy protection law, they will educate other enterprises and remind everyone to constantly improve their awareness of abiding by the law.

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