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Declare war on rights owners! Han Chao hard gang: 5 cases of hammer recording see the true face of Tesla

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Once in a while, Tesla is about to launch a lawsuit against the owners of rights protection and attract a lot of attention from netizens. It seems that Tesla has found such a traffic password to maximize its brand publicity in China at the lowest cost.

The feud between Tesla and Hancho has also flared up.The reason is that Han Chao was subjected to the reverse tactics of Tesla. Although Tesla's sales fraud was established and it was judged to be "three-for-one withdrawal", Han Chao may have to sell his house to compensate for the "reputation" loss of Tesla.

What happened was that Tesla was found to have sold a car with a fatal accident, and han Chao, a human rights owner, directly sued Tesla.Tesla was ordered to pay three for one, including a 379,700 yuan refund and 1.1391 million yuan in compensation.

Car owner Han Chao said today that Tesla has not paid the compensation, but he was sued by Tesla in court, was accused of infringement of Tesla's right of reputation, was the compensation of 5.05 million yuan (5.05 million yuan).


In addition, this evening, under the hashtag # Tesla sues owners for $5 million,Tesla's legal department made a quiet appearance and posted a picture in the comments section to respond to the incident, expressing five disputes between Tesla and Hanchao.

The first case: Tesla has paid 1,518,800 yuan to Hanchao according to the judgment of the second instance in the dispute between Tesla and its wrecked second-hand car. But in this case, it will apply for a retrial in accordance with the law.

Second and third: Tesla sued Han Chao over the dispute over two Tesla scooters.Han Chao occupied two Tesla scooters without returning them, and damaged two of them successively.

In particular, during the use of the second mobility vehicle, tesla claims for compensation in accordance with the contract, due to the serious damage caused by the accident caused by the relative driving without a license. In order to ensure that the loss can be compensated, according to the law to apply for property preservation of Han Chao.

Fourth, Han Chao sued Tesla for infringement of reputation rights in April this year, and the case is now under trial.

Fifth: Tesla sued Han Chao in August this year, infringement of the right of reputation dispute case, is also in the trial.

To be sure, Tesla has always responded in its best interest. But that's just one side of the story.Han Chao, the owner of the car, responded more directly, with a fatal knife and a recorded hammer. Which one is more credible?


In the evening, The owner of Tesla's legal department han Chao also voiced his voice on his personal network platform and made a comprehensive response. The following is the full text of the response:

I do have five lawsuits against Tesla.

Four more after the fraud!

I sued Tesla for its right of reputation. The facts and reasons are as follows: Tesla publicly slander me as a planner of the Event of protecting the rights of Shanghai Auto Show. Tesla's jurisdiction was rejected twice, and this case should be heard on 2021-10-9!

The second one is tesla suing me for $5.05 million in reputation rights. The court date will be 2021-10-28!

The third and fourth should be classified as one case, because they were all about scooters,However, in order to maximize my cost of rights protection, Tesla divided the case into two lawsuits, which means THAT I have to pay twice the lawyer's cost and time for rights protection, and the court session time and frequency also double!

Here's the response from @Tesla's Legal department:

The recording of whether the two scooters are "illegally occupied" by the Market Supervision Administration has always been reflected in my microblog. The content of the recording is that Tesla should provide scooters in accordance with the law, because the vehicles involved in the fraud have hidden safety risks.And a substantial brake pedal can not move, the vehicle suddenly paralyzed problem!(Recording content)

I also sent a recording in which I asked the tesla service staff, "The Market Supervision Administration requires you to provide mobility scooters, but you refused to do so. Is that bigger than Tesla or the law?" The service staff refused to answer, slamming the door and leaving! (Recording content)

Moreover, regarding the tesla mobility scooter issue, Beijing Municipal Bureau also conducted mediation. During the mediation process, Tesla promised the police officers to provide me with mobility scooter! (Recording content)

In response to the alleged relatives and scooter damage:

In a response, Tesla's legal department said only that "the family... ." Did not have "I give relatives" and other words, because what, because the traffic police brigade has the whole record, I do not know about this, although it seems that the difference is not big, but even if an accident, a belongs to the independent behavior! In case hearing I also can request the court to traffic police brigade transfer record and relevant archives confirm lawfully!

Secondly, on the day of the scooter accident, I immediately contacted the after-sales service of Tesla to report the accident and got in touch with them. I posted on the blog that I was willing to bear the related maintenance costs and the degradation of the vehicle! (Fact Sheet 1) (Fact Sheet 2)

I did the same thing in the traffic brigade,Tesla also acknowledged it, and its legal department confirmed with me again that I was still willing to bear the consequences.

During this period, Tesla strongly required that the vehicle in the accident should be sent to the self-operated Sheet injection center for damage assessment and repair. I suggested that the vehicle should be repaired to the authorized sheet injection center and the damage should be assessed by a third-party neutral organization. However, DUE to tesla's oral commitment, I still chose to believe it.

In the end,Tesla did not allow me to witness the damage assessment process, but directly assessed the cost of vehicle repair and compensation, totaling about 200,000 yuan. It should be noted that the total market value of this scooter is just over 200,000 yuan!

In the confirmation of traffic liability, it is clear that the accident was caused by reversing, and the front part did not experience any collision, but a large number of front parts of the body were replaced in Tesla's damage receipt!

Therefore, I now only accept the accident photos taken by the traffic team!

It is also a dispute over reputation rights. Tesla and I have different causes of action and appeals.

Me: Tesla rumor, slander, I don't want a penny!

Tesla: I cheated you. You can't say THAT I'm not good and you need 5.05 million yuan, but I really can't find a reason to praise you!

Don't say the brakes aren't working. Listen to the market Regulator. I was the first to experience it!

Finally, as for the car in accident, the traffic police brigade could only deliver the car to me. I wanted to find a third party to make a reasonable loss assessment for compensation, but out of basic trust, I still handed it over to Tesla, and they took me to their own sheet injection center to make a god level loss assessment!


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