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First, after it is, Rui rush, copy the player to receive millions: Who also voted the Internet?

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Text / Xu Xiaoqian

Recently, Ruixing coffee once again killed the public vision by recovered the performance and market value.

This coffee brand that once walked to the edge of the cliff was big. The Times Finance Recently interviewed that Ruixing's resurrection is more than reflected in the expansion store and revenue, as well as the dark flow of the powder list, and the dynamics of the investor's heart.

  Investor loans have hundreds of thousands of income, funds have been added to millions

On September 21, when he heard the three good announcements, the thorns were also encouraged. He said to the times in the times, this day is coming soon than he imagined.

On the same day, Ruixing coffee powder once rose more than 18%, closed on the same day, and the increase was turned to 3.44%, and reported $ 15.05 per unit. This is enough to let the investors who are in danger: the unit price of Rui Fusing coffee is only 5.2 US dollars per year, with a minimum of $ 3.98 / share.

This is a transaction walking on the edge of the cliff. In 2020, Rulessed coffee was fell into the city, and its rapid expansion plan was forced to press the pause button. The thorns observed the operating conditions of the office building under the office building, and found that stabilized passenger traffic and also maintained a high frequency push.

"The negative public opinion does not impact the sales performance of Rui Fu coffee, the short-storement of the short-storement, the operation of private domain traffic, etc., it can be seen that it has improved signs." The thorns said.

The previous low-cost subsidy strategy, let the office workers in the first-tier city habits every day, a cup of coffee, for many consumers, Ruixing coffee is a well-deserved price rather than the king. "The quality of the starbucks, the quality of Ruixing coffee beans is not cheap than the starbuck. In the case of a bad taste, Rui cafe should be cheaper than the star Buck." The thorns said.

Many first-tier city Ruixing coffee shop clerk told the Economic Finance, and the store can sell 200 cups of coffee every day, and the internal staff of Rui is a set of calculation, a cup of coffee, rent 1-2 yuan, 3-4 yuan 3-4 yuan , Raw materials 6-7 yuan, the cost is added 10-11 yuan, and it will make money within 24 yuan. Rui cafe is priced at 16-24 yuan, calculated in 20 yuan, a store a daily pure profit at least 2,000 yuan, one month is 60,000 yuan.

In October last year, the thorns began to trade Rui Fu coffee in the powder list market. Previously, he and the investor friends predicted the "script" of Rui Fun to upgrade the upgrade: Strivet from the core management, reaching a reconciliation with investors to regularly announce the performance of earnings, and Ruixing is now steadily according to their expected route .

Every time I came from Rui Fu coffee, it means that the expansion of the stock price increase, from the beginning of this year, Rui rushed to release the benefits. In order to maximize the benefits, the thorns have selected millions of yuan in the bureau. It said that the funds put into Rui Fortune have been stepped by millions of people. "I like to take the low-level heavy warehouse, the dilemma investment style, although the risk factor is great, the income is definitely relatively robust than investment The Internet is much higher. "

The last, the success of the thorns is the essential car, and he believes that Rui can also bring high return.

 The revenue doubled, and you can buy a house in Shenzhen after the listing is listed.

The transaction flow of the powder list market is small, but each transaction variation is full of uncertainty factors.

At the beginning of February this year, the thorns have experienced the time. On February 5, Ruixing Coffee released the company's official website published an announcement of the company 's bankruptcy protection. He remembers that there are many retail indiscriminate "run" that day, and there will be more than ten thousand US dollars on one day.

For investors, the brave powder list is a full-scale psychological test. "Choose a lot of money in the powder list, it will bring huge shocks, and investors must have a firm belief, and they must see the space and absolute advantage of the future development." Said the thorns said, " Outside the domestic coffee market, e-commerce and sea is also the imagination space in Rui Fun. "

On the road to the bottom Rui rush, the thorns are not alone. A group of stupid investors have successively entered the powder bill market, they received a great signal in half a year: In April this year, Rui Xing won the old shareholders' capital, and the joyned capital of $ 250 million additional investment.

Pleasant capital founder, Ruixing Coffee Angel Investors Liu Erhai once opened in the media in the media: "There are some difficulties in a period of time. If the fundamental strokes of the company are good, we are willing to give support, such as additional investment, and some Transitional cash flow support. "

The expansion of the early period is not a useless work, the offline shop is a big moat, which guarantees the fundamentals of the follow-up competition of Rui Fun coffee. The dispute between the C-terminal is the most cruel, multi-bit Rui Fu coffee operator said to the times Finance, the previous location is the most critical and difficult phase of the store, once the site selection is successful, it can achieve profitability.

According to the financial report, as of July 31, 2021, Ruixing China's self-service store has reached 4030, and the franchise store reached 1293. The next day from the coffee track, MANNER this year's shop plan is a newly opened 200 stores, and the number of stores is raised to 300, but the size of the store is still not 6% of the Ruixingmen.

Many investors have seen the imagination space of Rui cafe comes from the sinking market. A three-tier franchisee said to the times in Finance. Every time I sell a cup of Rui cafe, I can earn 6 yuan, and I can sell 500 cups in the peak moment. coffee.

Like the future investors who are optimistic about Rui, the thorns bet is that Rui cafe returns to the returns of the motherboard market. Today, most obstacles in front of them have been cleared, only to go to the door. According to his judgment, if all according to the current rhythm, Ruixing coffee will be re-listed next year, and conservative estimates, the market value can reach a billion dollars.

At that time, it was the season of the investors of the bottom Rui, and there will be a group of professional institutions to raise the market value of Ruixing. "The one-year investment has seen a good effect, and now it is diverted on the book; after the listing, put the stock of the hand is sold, you should buy a set of rooms in Shenzhen."

(The respondent is a new name, does not constitute an investment recommendation)

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