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Bright Japanese newspaper: Mo let online broadcast become a vulgar culture hotbed

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Don't let online live broadcast be a vulgar culture hotbed


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Some time ago, a net red of a few million fans in the network platform was blocked, and the topic washed in the hot search. Previously, her account had been reported many times because of the vulgar by netizens. People who have seen her live broadcast will be confused. Why is there anything that doesn't have really practicat, don't trim at the live broadcast, "exporting into airtie", people who do not have an indecent movement will have so much? Similar to the "selling ug" network live broadcast, what should I do in the future?

Web live is a new thing brought about by Internet development. It is not accidental. Internet live in line with the development of Internet communication: unwaver live network live broadcasts, cross-regional exchanges; intuitive and convenient participation methods make network live broadcasts in a large number of audiences; low threshold, high interactive, open, real-time characteristics Participants have a higher viscosity. During the broadcast of the network, participants have passed the induction and value identity, cultural and values, and the dissemination of cultural and values.

In recent years, with the rise of the Internet short video platform, online broadcast enters the "3.0 era", the online broadcast of the economic interests behind the platform boost and live reward, traffic change, etc., online broadcasting period ushered in a new round of outbreak . More and more anchors join, making the network live this group become increasingly huge. According to "2020 China Network Performance (Live) Industry Development Report" statistics, the current broadcast industry's anchor account has accumulated more than 130 million, the user size is 617 million, and even a lot of live villages ". The live broadcast is so hot, and the quasi-entry will be low, resulting in mixing today's aquarium fish dragon, and the sand. The quality of the anchor is uneven. Some anchor is not high, the cultural quality is low, and the laws and regulations are weak; in order to attract more viewers in live broadcast, more rewards, the flow rate is achieved, and some anchor begins to do not need.

Early network live broadcast mainly based on talent performances, live broadcast, livelihood live broadcast, pay attention to a skill. Entering the current live room, exaggerated filter, singular makeup, twisted performance, bored and vulgar language, constantly impact people's aesthetic cognition, and people suspect that they have entered another human space. Many an an an anchor uses a variety of vulgar fifteec to make a variety of vulgarities, blossom, "ugly, blame, fake, custom". The various live broadcasts involved in the black, not only break through the moral bottom line, but also the illegal violation. In addition to the live broadcast, the chase of traffic also has a very bad impact. "Coats" is red, and the door is working around a group of things, live broadcast, spying the anchor of others, so that their life is not a chance. "Raewei" fire, all over the country rushed to watch the excitement of the village, and hundreds of mobile phones broadcast almost the same content. Multiple anchor gives many new lines of traffic. It has been reported that in the face of such a live broadcast site, "the villagers did not dare to let their children see, and they are afraid of bringing their children."

Internet broadcast is "changed", and click on any video live platform. The vulgar live broadcast has become spreading, and it has to attract people's vigilance and attention. It is shocking that a large number of fans in the live broadcast are buried in these vulgar live broadcasts, not only to support these anchors, but even these vulgar main sides are stars. When a sneak anchor is banned, there is still a large number of fans to be unexpected. It is sufficient to see that the live broadcast of low-procure cultures has seriously polluted network environment and network culture, and the negative impact on society is also far-reaching.

Internet live broadcast itself has certain entertainment, this is not very thick, but online broadcast cannot be a hotbed of a vulgar culture, either barbarous growth. In view of the huge audience and influence of online broadcasting, the online live broadcast should be a platform for promoting the main melody, carrying forward the socialist core values; the network award-based capital should be the medium to spread the true and good and positive energy. If you let go of the network live broadcast, you will not let the network Live eventually becomes a toxic tunity carrying harmful values, which endangers the healthy growth of adolescents, forming a poor demonstration effect, interfere with the correct aesthetic judgment, impact the bottom line of human value, producing extremely serious negative effects.

The crowds, the ugly vulgar is not the future of online broadcast development. In the face of status quo, the network live broadcast platform should increase the crackdown of vulgar anchor, improve the threshold of live broadcast industry, and guide live broadcasts to the direction of more professionalization, and promote a new round of shuffling in the industry. Tilt the traffic to quality content, so that excellent anchors that meet the core values of the socialist core becomes the traffic network red. The network should create a ventilation cultural ecology; network culture should promote the main melody, spread positive energy, elegant tone, and new, pursuit of noble, realm. We must be alert and oppose the mission of vulgar culture.

(Author: Zongbo, Department of Assistant Researchers, Maxist Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

"Guangming Daily" (September 29, 2021)

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