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Win11 refused to Win11 three reasons a trick teach you perfect retention Win10

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Tonight midnight Windows11 operating system consumer official update version will be pushed, tonight if you do not turn off the word, tomorrow morning is likely to harvest can not boot - roll back package. For ordinary users who are not proficient in computer maintenance, our general advice is not to try a new operating system too early.

拒绝Win11的三大理由 一招教你完美保留Win10

There are three reasons:

1. System stability cannot be guaranteed

The operating system has been in internal beta for many users for only a few months, and many of the software and hardware have not been fully tested. As a result, unexpected instability can happen at any time. If there is a computer maintenance experience of friends may at any time according to their own experience to maximum save your important data, repair his computer, but if is a friend of don't know much about computers that is a big accident, important file cannot be removed, the computer also want to have to pay a professional maintenance of master, do more harm than good.

2. Software compatibility is uncertain

Although every time Microsoft system upgrades are very pay attention to the compatibility and the old products, and have to say that the Microsoft operating system compatibility is the best in the world, but even so, in contrast, a few times before the big update, Windows 7, Win10, which one is not in the official after upgrading can also find a lot of no follow up optimization software. There are so many third-party software companies out there that you can never be sure which ones you're using are niche, have slow maintenance staff, or have a code that makes it difficult to move from an old operating system to a new one.

QQ wechat such a large number of users, the company update active software may be in Win11 online before the completion of the adaptation and optimization, but some professional software, or some of the company's own software, can not guarantee the speed of the update iteration.

3, upgrade Win11 is useless

Windows11 does have some functional updates, but for people who have been familiar with so many years of Win10, to adapt to the new version of the new features brought efficiency, far less than the change of old habits brought efficiency decline to the obvious.

拒绝Win11的三大理由 一招教你完美保留Win10

Start menu changes

According to the Wolf cry beast in Win11 beta version inside the actual use of the feeling, many in Win10 is very smooth use of the function in Win11 becomes not so convenient. For example, if you want to use PS to open a picture, in Win10 you can directly drag the desktop image icon to PS software icon, or directly drag to the task bar PS window label hovering, the picture will automatically switch to PS page, drag into the window scope can be opened. But this feature is not available in the internal beta version of Win11.

For example, some functions of the right menu have also been revised, and the refresh button disappears under certain Windows, which is very uncomfortable for OneDrive. Shortcuts such as copy and paste have also become extremely small ICONS, and every time you use them, you have to guess which one is copy and which one is paste or whatever. Some shortcuts, such as decompression software in the right-click menu, are also hidden in more options, making it more cumbersome to operate.

Another function, directly install and run android applications in Windows11, this function has not yet appeared in the beta version, according to the official news is the official version of the launch will open this function of beta. However, even if the internal test is opened, Microsoft's android app store is Amazon. It is questionable whether this ecosystem can be used normally in the domestic ecosystem. If you are not a geek with multiple computers, you should not try it at will.

At present, Win11 internal test version of memory space demand is huge, 8G memory has been basically unable to use, 16GB to get a relatively smooth experience, and each operation and software open speed are significantly inferior to Win10 version, these problems do not know will not be in the official version of the launch of the time to be fixed, Wait until the new fix is stable before upgrading.

A few ways to turn off Windows Update

1, directly under Settings - Update and Security, select pause update for 7 days, this button can be more than 5 times, that is, pause update for 35 days, and so on the expiration of the time to continue clicking.


Windows+R, enter "regedit" and press Enter to open the registry editor. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows under "Windows" node to create a new item called "WindowsUpdate" under "WindowsUpdate" to create a new item called "AU".

Under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdateAU" create a 32-bit DWORD value, called "AUOptions" double-click the value, the value is set to 2.

Note: This scenario involves modifying the registry. It is recommended that you back up the registry before performing this operation.

Third, if it is a professional version of the system, please press the Microsoft logo key and R key at the same time, enter "gpedit. MSC" press Enter, open: Computer configuration - Management Templates -Windows Components -Windosw update, on the right side of the "configure automatic update" and "allow automatic update immediately install" status changed to "Disabled".

4. If you have installed Windows Upgrade software and want to uninstall it completely, Windows+R, enter "services. MSC" press Enter, disable Windows Update service in Services, open Explorer, click View, and select "Hidden Items". Open the C:Windows location, delete all the UpdateAssistant folders, and then delete the Windows10Upgrade folder from drive C.

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