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Nanjing: Digital culture industry enables a better life

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"' Digital Nanjing, a famous cultural city ', has a millennia-old culture here. Now, it has created a new city name card through the integration of culture and technology." A few days ago, Shenzhen Cultural Expo nanjing exhibition area, by Nanjing Soul Pupil film animation Co., LTD., Dasqi digital Technology Co., Ltd. to create digital virtual people, for the audience presented a vivid and enthusiastic "welcome speech". With the theme of "Digital Nanjing, Famous Cultural City", Nanjing, Jiangsu province fully displayed the new mode, new business mode and new momentum of digital cultural industry to enable better urban life at the Shenzhen Cultural Expo.

  Create new consumption patterns for traditional culture

Digitalization leads to new cultural consumption and constantly creates new scenarios to meet diverse and personalized needs. How can traditional culture seize the opportunity of Internet transformation and expand new art forms in the tide of digitalization and online? Through the integration of culture and technology, the art "time-honored brand" represented by Ten Bamboo House innovatively creates a digital auction exhibition display platform covering the whole country -- ten Bamboo House art online exhibition and auction platform.

Ten bamboo Studio art Group belongs to Nanjing Cultural Investment Holding Group. During the joint in the spring of this year art auction, focusing on industry, new track ten bamboo art group through online linkage, promoting ten bamboo art business development full flowering, preview is formed with cloud solicitation, cloud, cloud live auction, cloud, cloud and settlement etc. The whole process service system for the integration of the clouds, eight online auction platform will be broadcast live across the bid, The total turnover of the network exceeds 10 million yuan, driving the activity of urban art production and consumption.

In addition to ten Bamboo Studio, "ZHI Art: Nanjing Traditional Handicraft Virtual Display Platform" presented by Nanjing Bo 'ao Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. also revitalized traditional culture with the help of digital technology. Relying on big data and image analysis technology, this platform creates cultural heritage resource database model supplemented by animation, pattern disassembly, interactive games, scene tour, high definition large picture and other forms, and reinterprets intangible heritage technology for the audience with interactive digital technology. By clicking the picture, the audience can see the traditional color name, the proportion of different colors, the analysis of color psychological characteristics and other contents of the work, which shows the cultural knowledge of Nanjing Yunjin to the public in a simple and profound way.

In recent years, nanjing culture investment holding group anchor "Chinese city culture life demonstration operators" new coordinates, to the construction of Internet cultural Mosaic, culture, art, culture, ten bamboo jai financial investment, culture, science and technology creative five industry sectors, practicing "nanjing culture lack what, for what to do", It strives to establish a modern cultural industry system with nanjing's historical and cultural characteristics, continuously provides public cultural services with its rich cultural resources, expands the supply of fine cultural products, and has been nominated as one of the "Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in China" for three consecutive years.

  New formats enable new experiences

"Phoenix stage Phoenix tour, Phoenix to Taiwan empty river artesian......" This is the second part of the "Jinling Trilogy" created by Nanjing Yue Opera Company, "Phoenix Terrace", which is taken from Li Bai's famous story "Climbing the Phoenix Terrace at Jinling", and is performed by Plum Blossom Award winner Li Xiaoxu, a junior student of Nanjing Yue Opera Company. On September 23, this scene moved to the Scene of the Shenzhen Cultural Expo, with the help of nanjing enterprises DASqi research and development of 3D intelligent daze screen, reproduce the romantic feelings of the poet Li Bai, ceaseless "world literature capital" Nanjing prosperous culture.

Digitalization has given rise to new forms of cultural business, new products, new technologies and new models, and continuously expanded the supply of quality cultural products and cultural experiences. In recent years, Nanjing has fostered new forms of cultural business through the deep integration of culture and science and technology, and continuously met the new expectations of the masses with high-quality supplies.

On the scene of the Shenzhen Cultural Fair, nanjing Huajia Cultural And Creative Co., Ltd. booth "Dream back to Jinling City" attracted many tourists. During New Year's Day this year, the Series buried dozens of storylines and nearly 80 non-player characters in a space of more than 40,000 square meters in Nanjing's Confucius Temple scenic area. Add the wenbo, China culture brought to the players to file cover, visit the space inside the file cover all initial clues of the story, the audience use the becomes Jin Lingcheng "back in the VR system, you can return to hundreds of years ago, the scene, in the field can also experience a" detective "history and future of science and technology integration.

"I used to just watch and listen, but now I can participate in it as a character. It's very interesting." Audience Zhang Xincheng said after the live experience.

 We will continue to extend the industrial chain

New forms of cultural business lead industrial development. On the scene of shenzhen Cultural Expo, Nanjing showed the trend that digitalization endowed cultural industry with new kinetic energy by showing outstanding cultural and scientific integration achievements in key fields such as film and television animation, game entertainment and digital cultural equipment.

Produced by Jiangsu Force Digital Technology Co., LTD., the online animation "The Monster in the Forbidden City" leads the audience to experience the "Wonderful tour of the Forbidden City" from the perspective of children. The fresh audio-visual presentation makes children have a more intuitive and interesting understanding of traditional culture. The Force company will "live action + computer animation" interpretation of the Monster in the Forbidden City moved to the expo site, demonstrating the cutting-edge technology of 3D digital content production industry.

In line with the trend of short video development, Nanjing Tou Shi Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited 360°AR ring shooting equipment and 3D interactive device of portrait reproduction machine. Among them, the portrait after engraving machine interactive device adopts 3 d realistic creation, through 4 k hd camera and background software processing, can be like the real and virtual 3 d image at the same time and space, not only support a live-action video identification, also support 3 d synthesis of realism and cartoon style, created a brand-new visual sense experience for the audience.

The rapid development and increasingly extensive penetration of digital technology in the field of culture, cultural creation, production, dissemination and consumption has brought significant changes, so that the cultural industry chain continues to extend. By the second quarter of this year, nanjing cultural enterprises above designated size number up to 1818, based on the Internet of digital publishing, animation, games, digital content service, online game service, multimedia and other 16 culture industry of new forms small class of cultural enterprises above designated size, economic indicators continue to show double-digit growth, culture Internet companies show bright eye.

Nanjing, Sept. 9 (Chinamil.com.cn) -- Closed cultural entertainment venues such as cinemas and libraries, which had been suspended due to the epidemic in July, resumed operations in Nanjing on September 9, bringing the city's colorful cultural life back to life. Through in-depth integration with the digital economy and real economy, nanjing's cultural industry is overcoming the impact of the epidemic and continuously releasing new consumption, new business forms and new driving forces of the digital cultural industry.

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