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Don't use the TV as a monitor for a long time and get sick

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In the past two years, the price of graphics cards under the influence of the mine owner growth rate is rapid, many gamers would like to buy a 30 series graphics card to upgrade the performance of the console, but high prices disrupted the plan.

Graphics card upgrade can not, and many people have set their sights on PS5, Xbox and other game consoles than the price of graphics cards.

And many people connect the game console to a big TV and unlock the new experience of the game, but also wonder, why can't you connect the computer to the big TV to use?

This installed machine does not ask people to come and chat with everyone, the TV as a monitor, will encounter what kind of problems.

The fineness depends on the PPI

The essence of DIY is to use less money to get stronger performance, often save small partners must have a good habit of comparing the price of goods.

Now on the market a cheaper 4K resolution LCD TV can be obtained about two thousand, and a 4K LCD display price difference is not much.

Here's the point.Although they are the same as 4K, but because of the different screen sizes, so the LCD PPI is higher.

PPI, known as Pixel Per Inch, means pixels per inch, which is a parameter that directly reflects the nuance of the picture.

Resolution means the number of pixels contained in landscape and portrait within the screen. Normal 16:9 ratio of 4K monitors and TVs, their resolution is 3840 x 2160.

千万别拿电视当显示器用 久了会得病

From this point of view, a 55-inch 4K-resolution TV with a screen size may be about the same as a 27-inch 1080P-resolution display.

Good colors also depend on the display

In addition to the difference in detail, display products that sell for similar prices have more precise colors.

This is because LCD TVs are essentially designed for entertainment scenesLiquid crystal display plays an important role in the work, including design drawing, video editing, photography and other professional work is the display of the color quality of the screen has very high requirements.

There is research and development power in demand, and the flagship professional display on the market has already reached 100% Adobe-nbsp;RGB color gamut coverage. And with the iteration of industrial chain production technology, the original research and development of new display technology will also sink in the middle-end display products.

Therefore, for office, entertainment, professional and other complex scenes of the display, its color richness and color accuracy are better than LCD TV.

千万别拿电视当显示器用 久了会得病

Electric race high brush cost-effective also have to look at the monitor

E-racing players are most afraid of the game screen card, and to solve this problem needs to have a higher refresh rate and responsiveness of the panel. Although there is no shortage of main game scenes on the market at present, the high refresh rate LCD TV, but the price compared with the electric competition display is much worse.

furthermore If the panel response time is too long, the screen can also experience shadowing problems.

Generally two or three thousand yuan price of the entry-level TELEVISION products screen delay is mostly more than 20ms, and the general display products take into account the need to take into account the user's operating system feedback, so the screen delay is basically within 10ms, the picture is known for smooth e-race display can even do lower.

Therefore, for playing racing, FPS this type of screen changes quickly, fast game, or electric race display screen is more cost-effective.

Screen does not protect the eyes, pain to find the door . . . .

In terms of usage scenes, the TV is ready for the living room, viewing distance, high screen brightness. The display is designed to be much closer to the visual distance than the TV, and the screen light is much softer than the TV, taking into account the use of the mouse and keyboard.

Moreover, the human eye can not see at a glance the large-size television presented by the picture, in use will either frequently turn the eyes left and right to view the content information, or need to twist the neck to see the content of the entire picture.

No matter what the way you do it,Tv brought about by eye fatigue and muscle strain can not be ignored, long-term use will inevitably lead to eye disease and cervical vertebral disease.

So the author here to suggest to you, TV or put in the living room to connect the game console or watch the movie chase bar,Never use a TV as a monitor! Experience is not good, but also easy to destroy the health.

千万别拿电视当显示器用 久了会得病

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