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The first performance ticket industry standard in China officially implemented "Internet +" to make the ticket market more transparent

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Recently, the domestic first-performance ticketing field industry standard "Perform Ticket Service and Technical Specifications" issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Experts said that the implementation of the standard will further improve the performance ticket management, governance industry chaos, and promote digital construction in the field of performance.

 Ticket source standardization management

When Li Shuping, Li Shuping, a mobile company in Beijing, likes to watch musicals, dramas, etc., but said to purchase ticket experience, she told reporters helplessly: "Since my favorite actor is on a variety show, there is The musical drama of him is getting harder and harder, can only pay the ticket from the 'Bull' hand. "

As the domestic performance market is growing, many popular concerts, explosive dramatic images are often struggled for scarce. Many consumers said that the tickets on the ticket purchase website often "second light", but they don't know how many votes have been released, and "the yellow cattle" can hoard so many votes.

In fact, behind this chaos is behind the long-standing ticketing system for long-standing ticket systems. Previously, there were both national platforms for selling the performance tickets, as well as ticketing companies in all parts, as well as the aesthetic ticket system and a variety of small performance ticket sales companies. The performance ticket market information is opaque. The performance ticket lacks a unified standard, which has breeded the organizers unreasonable ticket, "Huang Niu" inverted ticket, and seriously hindered the healthy development of the industry.

After the implementation of "Performance Ticket Service and Technical Specifications" is expected to reverse this situation. It is reported that the industry standard applies to artistic performance places such as theater, theater, hall, and auditoriums and the business performances such as the provisional settlements such as squares, sports venues, and tourist scenic spots, and focus on the content, specifications of the unified national performance ticket. , Coding, production, distribution, etc., the generation, printing, picking, printing, printing of ticketing, printing, printing, printing, etc., unified national performance ticket purchase, ticket purchase, refund, etc. to standardize the standardization service; the ticket basics of the development of the performance industry rule. On this basis, the collection and effective supervision of the national performance ticket market data is achieved.

Pan Yan, Secretary-General of China Performance Industry Association, said: "When major performance ticket platforms improve the ticket management system and ticket sales system in accordance with this industry standard, it will gradually eliminate the problem of different categories, and the statistical acceleration is not uniform. Ticket system 'first certification, afterwards, to realize the standardization management of ticket sources. "

 Each ticket can be tracked

The "Performance Ticket Service and Technical Specifications" conducted the coding specifications for ticketing, which means that each performance ticket has a national unified standard in the future.

Unified encoding will make the ticket management system and ticket sales system parallel, ticket management system will involve location management, performance management, real-name ticket purchase, sales management, refund, ticket check, ticket sales, ticket sales system involves user account management, performance information Shows, ticket sales, refund, and related performance services. "That is to say, each of our performances can achieve full process tracking." Pan Yan said.

Unified information coding will also provide a real and reliable data analysis foundation for the market in the sale of performance projects. Encoding can quickly correspond to large data screening, conveniently master different areas, different types of performance product sales.

"Performing Ticket Service and Technical Specifications" requires a system that performs ticket management, which should have real-name ticket purchase and support digital ticket (e-ticket), which play a positive role in the industry's real-name ticket purchase and electronic ticket promotion. Pan Yan believes that the real-name system is of great significance during the epidemic prevention. It can also prevent the role of "Yellow cattle" for daily purchase, but which projects need to use real-name purchase or electronic bills, but also the organizer according to the performance Industry-related laws and regulations, the requirements of the competent authorities at all levels, and the actual situation of performance projects are considered, choose the right ticket sales strategy.

It is reported that after the implementation of the "Specifications of Perform Ticket Service and Technical Specifications", the China Performance Industry Association will conduct certification in the industry's national ticketing system standard certification, theater, theater units. Relying on standards, the association will gradually guide industry companies to improve ticketing services and strive to promote the development of the national performance industry.

  Book office data dynamics can be supervised

According to the requirements of "Performance Ticket Service and Technical Specifications", the various ticket platforms must access the national unified ticket information collection and service system, which will facilitate the industry supervision. Pan Yan said: "After all parties receive this platform, all the information of all performance ticketing systems real-time sales include order information, will display on the platform, the management department can monitor ticket sales in real time. If you do not follow the regulations The management can identify verification through high-tech methods to implement effective supervision. "

At present, ticket management and sales data of many ticketing systems have been docked with the national performance ticket information collection and service platform, and real-time acquisition and statistics of cross-system performance ticket information is initially implemented. The industry pointed out that this is an important step in promoting digital development in the performance industry. It has initially realized transparent management of the performance box office. At the same time, data visualization will also help various participants on the entertainment industry will better understand the target users, thereby enhancing the operational efficiency and industrialization process of the entire industry.

For the performance industry practitioners, the use of the national performance ticket information collection and service platform can be more accurately grasp of industry dynamics and their own works. Take the lighthouse professional version of the access to the information collection platform as an example. After the user is logged in, you can view the national performance box office market, and the data covers the drama, music, dance, Qu Yuanzi, tourism performance, variety. In particular, you can see the performance box office, in the sale, an average fare, and the box office rankings and other dimensions.

Zheng Yong, General Manager of Lighthouse Business, said that the national performance ticket information collection and service platform has solved the problem of industry data, and the performance data provided by the lighthouse professional is to solve the data transformation into productivity. "After connecting the national performance box data, the lighthouse professional version will fully promote the construction of the performance industry data service system and intelligent Xuanfei service system, solve the problem of information asymmetry in the industry supplied and demand. In the future, the box office data is updated in real time, announcement For intelligent estimates, the organizers can accurately anchor, passed, transformed, and retract target audiences to achieve effective decisions. "


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