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"SMS bombing" black production full chain exposure, careful business website into the "broiler"

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Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Liangbin City Public Security Bureau Nethan Die was jointly won the first SMS bombing case in the past two months.

In June of this year, the Net Anti-Team of the Libin City Public Security Bureau received a report, some people built the website on the Internet to carry out a short message bomb, and the game plug-in violations were criminalized. For related clues, the Netan Detachment of the Libin City Public Security Bureau passed the investigation, and finally locked the suspect and implemented arresting action.

After the trial, the suspect Zhuo Xianjun generation of illegal services such as SMS bombing (also known as "calling you"), and earned a difference in the form of offloading the fire pack service, as of the public security organs, Zhuojian Development's lower-level agent has exceeded 450, including one agent in Henan Kaifeng purchased a service and implemented more than 5 million SMS bombardment.

Call youHow is it?

"Hello you" SMS bombing as an illegal malignant harassment behavior, in recent years, it has seriously infringed the personal rights of users, and it also has adverse effects on some companies. The criminals use the bombing software to allow the target user's mobile phone to receive a large number of verification SMS in a short time. It is even more than 1 minute to send thousands of harassment SMS to the target user mobile phone number, and continue to send a "bombing" effect with high-density SMS. , Seriously interfere with the user's normal use of mobile phones.

Related data shows that there are currently more than 3,500 verification code interfaces and more than 2,400 SMS interfaces that have more than 2,400 SMS interfaces, and more than 1.6 million bombings occurred every day. From the development of illegal software, to the operation personnel to sell, or develop the personnel of SMS bombing needs through multi-level agents, and then provide SMS bombing service, SMS bombardment has formed a complete set of industries. Chain, plus many developments and operators to deploy in the cloud server through software packaging, and reduce the use threshold and cost of the terminal personnel, and the rapid expansion of the industrial chain.

In the SMS bombing chain, ordinary users are only one of the victims. Enterprises that have been used to verify SMS are often subject to corporate interests and brand trust crisis.

Some enterprise websites have insufficient security ability, after being stared by the bombing software, if there is no effective response measures, the enterprise website will become the "meat chicken" of SMS bombers, frequently issued meaningless verification SMS, not only serious Interference users are operating, affecting operational judgment, may also cause users to trust the crisis due to SMS harassment behavior.

According to Tencent security Tian Yufeng control expert Yang Hong, the principle of "calling you" is illegal SMS bombing software.Collect a large number of normal enterprise websites (CGI interface), integrated into bombing sites or bombers, Access a large number of websites in a short time,Normal application SMS verification serviceThe way, will verify SMS is sent through the operator's interface Target User's mobile phone. Verify that the SMS itself may not have potential harm, but when hundreds of thousands of SMS continuously flood into the same mobile phone, bombing harassment causes users to use mobile phones normally, seriously violapses user rights

Call youA governance plan

Due to the conception of the black production, the difficulty of SMS bombing cases is difficult to break due to the concealedness of the black production gang. In order to avoid enterprise send SMS interfaces (CGI interface) is used by criminals, Tencent security Tian Yu launched the number of ability to replace SMS certification and graphics verification code, and help companies can effectively avoid down-proven risks while do not compromise the user experience. .

Tencent Security Tianyu team uses the website that is used by SMS bombarders.Some websites that are prone to violation are often deleted in SMS verification, which is usually manifested as simply entering a mobile phone number, that is, there is no obstruction to successfully request SMS verification code, or the security verification mechanism is easily cracked.After being stared by the SMS bombing software, the website will become the source of continuous harassment SMS, which has a big impact on the company itself. Therefore, the key to prevention and control is to establish a valid wind control mechanism.

Yang Hong recommends that enterprises can replace SMS verification code through number authentication in server-side prevention and control, with the risks of downward verification, and the user can verify the local number when the user logs in, and it is not necessary to verify the verification code. Avoid the risk of using the SMS bombing software on the source. Secondly, in some special cases, users still need to verify the code login, the enterprise can securely verify the login behavior through the Graphics Verification Code, filter out the machine bombers from SMS bombing software.

When the user is logged in, based on the smart brain of Tencent Security Tianyu SMS, you can use the login user of milliseconds to be trusted users, suspicious users, malicious users, and targeted to trusted users from verifying user experience, for suspicious users Set the graphic verification code, and set VTT dynamic semantics for malicious users, providing targeted verification to enhance service security, making good people more difficult to make evils.

In addition to the active intelligent defense of wind control, Tencent security Tianyu SMS wind control can also provide SMS to enter the enterprise website to verify the self-defense console, which can accurately limit the frequency of SMS verification code, prevent sudden short message bombing problems, further strengthen verification Code anti-theft brush capacity.

Through a complete set of intelligent grading and equipment fingerprint, POW certification, blacklist, etc., etc.

In addition to helping companies from black production, Tencent security is also committed to protecting the rights of individual users. Tencent mobile housekeeper product head introduced that for SMS bombardment, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper's SMS interception engine capacity has also been targeted, and the judgment interception capacity of harassment verification code, for "verification code" keywords Implicit harassment SMS also combines semantic analysis to create and upgrade the intercept model, and then cooperate with the dynamic cloud update of the intercept model rule, which can effectively identify SMS bombing behavior and make intelligence interception. The user can also pass the "one-button intercept SMS bombing" function of Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, one-click shielding verification code SMS, safely through the SMS bombing period.

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