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Many places new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle expert interpretation: hurry!

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According to incomplete statistics,As of now, at least 15 provinces and cities have launched a new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle, including Henan, Guangzhou, Anhui, Fujian, Henan, Heilongjiang, Hubei, Yunnan, Tianjin, etc.Among them, it has completed the reinforcing needle inoculation in Hubei, as of 10 October 10, has completed the enhancement.

The so-called reinforcing needle is to complete the vaccination, according to the case of the antibody regrested, the vaccination of the human body to the virus immunity is maintained. Hepatitis B, flu, rabies and other infectious disease vaccines have strengthened needles, not new crown vaccines.

At present, the reinforcing needle inoculation range, the age is different,First, the public is fully open, such as Jinan, Anhui, Hefei, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Suihua, Henan Zhengzhou, etc., such as Hubei, Guangxi, Fujian, etc.

For example, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, on October 13, full open strengthening needles, Chinese medicine born Beijing, Chinese medicine born Wuhan, Beijing Co-Xing Zhongwei's inactivated vaccine, Tianjin Kangseno's adenoprosis carrier vaccine, the whole vaccination period full 6 months of 18 and over the population can give priority to the high-risk people infected, and the key positions that guarantee the basic operation of the society. .

Zhangzhou, Fujian is also open on October 13, but the priority priority is expected to vaccinate 1.48 million agency, and it will be completed in April next year.

For the strengthening needles, many people have questions: Is the vaccine in front of the vaccine; White & Rdquo; Will it be a vaccine in the future?

In this regard, Jin Dongan, a virological expert in Hong Kong, pointed out thatAccording to the recommendations of WHO, especially inoculating the new needle is currently some of the key people, but from the global perspective, there may be all people in the future.

He emphasized: & ldquo; if the WHO has no evidence, it will not propose suggestions for inoculation. & rdquo;

According to Jin Dongyan explained,At present, it has been sufficiently confirmed that the two doses of inoculation have been inoculated. After a period of time, the immune effect will indeed decline, but the value decreased in the vaccine immunity, it is still not determined, so, further vaccination, strengthen the needle, is to build a prison Virus defense is more sensible.

Wang Huain, chief expert from the immunization planning of China CDC, has emphasized that strengthening immune antibody has stronger persistence, although the level of antibody is also decreased half a year, but is still higher than the peak after inoculation.

Zhong Nanshan academicians have previously pointed out that inactivating vaccine or mRNA vaccination, the immune function has a significant decline in immune function, and according to the domestic latest research, the vaccination second agent is vaccinated 6 months, and the level of antibody has increased by more than ten times. And more than 6 months is still maintained in a relatively high level, and Zhongnan believes that this is a very promising way to enhance immunity.

Jin Dongli pointed out,Strengthening the needle inoculation work is not one, it is necessary to gradually rush, & ldquo; inoculation of new crown vaccine, it is certainly helping to improve the epidemic prevention effect of vaccine, so I suggest that the relevant crowd will inoculate the needle to strengthen the needle & rdquo;, especially the elderly, suffer Significant patients with basic diseases, engaged in the safeguards of ensuring the normal operation of the society.

The data released by Co-Xing has shown that the new crown is destroyed by the vaccination of the New Crown to strengthen the immunization, and the protection effect of the symptomous infection is increased from 56% to 80.2%. The protection effect of hospitalization cases will rise from 84% to 88. %.

After inoculating the third agent, the strong immune response can be quickly induced, and the mid-antibody titer is significantly increased, and the inoculation of the third dosage of the secondary and the antibody titer is increased in 28 days after the second dose. 3 -5 times, and the longer the third agent and the second agent interval, the higher the growth rate.

In addition, in the epidemic of Nanjing, Harbin, etc., there has been a case where the vaccination is still infected, does it mean that the vaccine does not have?

Jin Dongyan explained this: & ldquo; This situation will have a certain mitigation after inoculating the needle compared to the previous vaccination. & rdquo;

From the previous period, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou and other places have been seen, the proportion of two doses of vaccination in severe diseases is less than 5%, and more than 90% of severe populations over 60 years old have no vaccination.

Data show that in a diagnosis case, there is no vaccination or only a vaccine, and the viral load is doubled than the person inoculated the vaccine.

In Jin Dongyan, the inoculation of the enhanced needle can not only increase the risk of the human body to a certain extent, but also to a large extent to reduce the probability of infection.

Zhang Bo, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, also proposed thatOur long-lasting battle of our viruses is still in the stage, and the vaccine should be tapping, especially the enhanced vaccine, and can wake up the body's immunity.

In the face of vaccines on the effects of variation of virus, Zhang Bo said: & ldquo; Vaccine's role is unquestionable, even a case of confirmed cases from preventing weight and death. & rdquo;

Jin Dongyan also pointed out: & ldquo; new crown vaccine does not solve the virus once, whether the new crown vaccination should be accepted regularly, and its influencing factors are diverse. & rdquo;

Director of the China CDC proposed in the recent interview,If the vaccination rate in early 2022 has exceeded 85%, China will consider opening the border.

多地开打新冠疫苗加强针 专家解读:赶紧打!

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