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Ge Jingdong: Build new social marketing to help brands achieve sustainable growth

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"This finding is confirmed by the micro-blog data insight. If a successful brand moves consumers not only by popularity, but more importantly by building a relationship and trust with consumers." "Ge Jingdong, senior vice president of marketing at Weibo, said at the 14th Jintou Awards International Creative Festival on Oct 14.

In the face of complex and rapidly changing consumer market, it is urgent for brands to learn the lesson of social assets in order to gain new growth opportunities and change the pattern of high exposure to high visibility. Weibo and brands work together to gain insight into the market and perceive consumers, and then jointly provide new social marketing solutions centering on "brand popularity, sense of belonging and trust".

But what is the new social marketing? Ge Jingdong gave his understanding: brand social assets build social memories that resonate with users and drive sustainable growth of brands leading the trend. Micro-blog is building new marketing schemes from the five dimensions of "market insight, consumer observation, consumer communication, sales management and accumulation of brand compound interest".

Weibo and smartphone OPPO have done a practice. OPPO in high-end products. The X3 series uses a well-known director's approach to convey the brand's concept. This time, the cooperation with Jiang Wen gained insight into the core "hot spots and products" links on Weibo and stimulated user participation. On the one hand, the brand belonging of "insiders" was increased, and on the other hand, more circle breaking communication was stimulated, forming a continuous outbreak.

  Create social memories that resonate with users

National support for Cotton in Xinjiang, solidarity for flood relief in Henan and Disaster relief in Shanxi, and watching the Tokyo Olympics were all recorded on the Internet, especially weibo. As an important social media platform, Weibo accepts the needs of users to participate in and discuss topics, and also records the thinking of user groups at every historical point.

After reviewing these memories, Ge jingdong refined a view, that is, "resonance is greater than transmission, empathy leads to resonance." From the perspective of the spread of Olympic events, the Olympic Games is no longer only about gold MEDALS. The sports fighting spirit and patriotic spirit behind it, as well as the personal charm of athletes, have triggered the emotional resonance of the whole nation. In this communication, Olympic athletes become social "new top flow", social with goods "new popular", and social trend has become the "new normal".

The Phenomenon of the Olympic Games is representative. Behind it, the social trend of the national topic has become the "new normal". Interestingly, most of the "emotions" in these collective memories are related to "consumption". The most direct and powerful support of netizens is to vote with their hands and take practical actions to express "support".

Auto maker GaC Trumpchi is feeling the change. The company originally set a starting price of 98,800 yuan for a car endorsed by athlete Su Bingtian, but after the latter broke the Asian record by 9.83 seconds and gained national attention, the company decided to change the starting price to 93,800 yuan. "In the era of social media, the relationship between brands and users is changing," ge said.

  Build long-term brand social assets

The joint research of Weibo and Zhimeng Consulting found that only by creating a stable "triangle" structure of "popularity, belonging and trust" can a brand have a more stable foundation and go further. However, it may not be realistic to obtain the above triangular structure through one endorsement. It requires continuous insight and communication with users, and the accumulated data from feedback and iteration will help brands judge which direction to go in the future.

What Weibo hopes to reach a consensus with brands is to continuously establish connections, trust and relationships with consumers through long-term accumulation and precipitation of brand social assets. However, how to measure brand social assets, whether there are quantitative indicators and what dimensions can judge the health of assets have become new problems.

Weibo uses three dimensions of "sound volume asset, user asset and content asset" to measure brand social assets. In a word, the "long-termism" of brand social assets is: from "traffic pool" to "trust pool", from "exploding popularity" to "normal compound interest", from "dynamic volume accumulation" & NBSP; To "long-term brand equity". Brand social assets shape the social memory that resonates with users, driving the sustainable growth of brand leading trend.

How to make a long-term brand, Microblog also tries to find a certain route in fragmentation, to perceive consumers, communicate with consumers, "find the right people, talk, find the right traffic", around the volume of voice, users, content, constantly precipitation assets, enjoy the compound interest of brand social assets, do long-term things, there is accumulation of things. Ge jingdong said that Weibo will work with brand owners to create a "pin not poke brand" with social sensitivity and social thickness.

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