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Realme is new, but I want to do the second millet, it is not easy.

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RealMe is further on the road of "replication" millet.

On the afternoon of October 19th, Realme held a new machine conference, launched true me Q3S, I really gt neo2 new machine, and Realme's first smart watch in the domestic market - really my watch T1.

Among them, both new machines are 5G mobile phones. And really my watch T1 supports Bluetooth calls, and the company also registers the official Weibo account of the Realme watch to show it to it.

RealMe's choice to hold a conference before "Double 11", it is not difficult to guess, it is also cost storage for future products. At the same time, the biggest feeling that Realme will bring to the outside world is that the company is further consolidating its "5G + aiot" strategy.

"5g + aiot", Realme "hard just" millet?

Review the brand development of Realme, it starts with "low price" mobile phone products in the Indian market, competing with the red rice brands under Xiaomi. In 2019, Realme returned to the domestic expansion market, self-positioned in "young people's tidal mobile phone", and please come to traffic star Yang Zi, Yang Mi and other endorsements, in its marketing copy, and more strongly adjust the "personality" for young users "Surprise" and other concepts.

The millet once said that "the smartphone from ordinary people" is going to be "the smartphone", returning to the country, "" The slogan "will always give consumers more surprising in the price of the price". On the propaganda film of this conference, Realme founder, CEO Li Bingzhong said that Realme's new goal is: "In the next three years, at least 100 million people will be used in Realme's 5G mobile phones."

Relying on the "cost-effective" strategy and millet from the foreign market to China, on the future development path, it seems that RealMe will continue to stick Xiaomi "hard".

At the beginning of 2020, the market research institution's report showed that in 2019, the global smartphone shipments have increased by 1%. This message also releases a warning signal to the smartphone industry at the time. Smartphone shipments have begun to see the top, and they have killed the domestic major mobile phone companies that bayonets, and they also conversion strategies, and they have begun to bet 5G.

At that time, the Lei Jun took the lead in the official website to announce the 5G strategy, he said: "5G is a revolutionary era, Xiaomi is very special, the business of 5G is very much, and the 5G mobile phone in Europe will soon release 5G mobile phones in China. "In fact, in February 2019, Xiaomi has released Mix3 5G mobile phones at its Barcelona global conference.

The Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi's IoT business is very perfect, especially consumer IoT business, it is already "the world", which will bring 5G to these business, will bring a better experience to consumers.

The Realme of each time also immediately aims to "5G" and "Aiot". At the end of 2019, Realme announced its "comprehensive" "full price segment" "National 5G Strategy". Li Bingzhong released a public letter in Weibo, which wrote: "From 2020, Realme will be fully cut into 5G in the Chinese market, no longer launch 4G mobile phone products."

At the same time, Realme also started a large-scale flag layout full ecological strategy.

Li Bingzhong mentioned in the media interview that Realme has its own strategy "Ai + IoT" layout, the future will be mainly launched around three levels: In one human, Realme will launch TWS headphones, smart watches and other products; Family RealMe will launch smart screens, smart speakers, etc .; RealMe will launch a bag and other products for travel classes. Li Bingzhong also emphasized that these are the core products of Realme, create a brand exclusive "5G + aiot" ecology. As of 2020, RealMe released a variety of more than 50 intelligent Internet access AiOT products, and said it would post more than 100 products in 2021.

From the mobile phone to the bag, RealMe's class expansion strategy and millet are quite similar.

But in fact, this is not the development direction of Realme mobile phone brand. Senior industrial economic observers Liang Zhenpeng said to the Ai Finance and Economic Affairs, not only Xiaomi, but the current mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei are also doing TV, headphones, laptops, etc., trying to create a ecological chain. The reason, or the imagination of smart home markets is larger, and the smart products can be interoperable, collaborate, and these technology companies can make big fists.

According to the forecast of the Chinese Business Industry Research Institute, smart homes account for 43% in the 2020 Internet connection equipment, and the scale of smart home market in 2021 is expected to reach 58.05 billion yuan. The supply technology is rapidly mature, and 5G commercial steadily advances, the Aiot application scene is still rich.

Does the strength have to support a wild?

But the problem is that Realme strength supports its ambition?

At the 19th, Realme said that Realme I just released last month is more than 100,000 units.

Ai Finance Society found that the first 5G smartphone Realme I first released in January 2021, I am now following the official flagship store of Tmall.

Figure / Realme Tmall flagship store screenshot

As a black horse, the sales of RealMe 5G mobile phones is indeed considerable. But compared with millet, RealMe still has a small gap.

The research of Strategy Analytics shows that in the third quarter of 2021, Xiaomi occupied 42% of China and European and Eastern Europe 5G smartphones, and the annual output increased by 5700%. Analysts said that Xiaomi is expected to maintain the leading position in Central and Eastern Europe in 2021, and maintain 5G smartphone shipments in 2022.

Some industries are not optimistic about Realme's competitiveness. Liang Zhenpeng said that since the birth date, and after entering the domestic market, it is mainly to play "price war" to snatch the market. From this point of view, it is consistent with the strategy of Xiaomi's red rice brand, so it is difficult to make I really compete and differentiate.

A number of users tell Ai Finance Society, if only from a cost-effective point of view, the user of mobile phone products is not "loyalty", but in their opinion, it seems that the design of various "fancy" The company's research and development capabilities are the key to determining the quality of your mobile phone.

Realme rarely refers to the team's research and development. The only known thing in the outside world is a sentence that Realme Vice President Xu has mentioned in Weibo: "Realme is the youngest team in the mobile phone industry, with an average age 29."

As for RealMe's smart home product strategy, there are industry insiders to think that it is anxious. Brand awareness has not yet started in China, but the product has been done. Ai Finance Society finds that at present, RealMe products include not only mobile phones, computers, headphones, but also backpacks, self-timer rods, suitcases, toothbrushes, sweaters, baseball caps, etc. But most products have no big water.

For smartphone brands, it is not easy to build a product "ecological chain". On the OPPO official website, the price of 129 yuan T-shirt users evaluated only one, the price of 99 yuan, the baseball cap users were evaluated, and the price of 199 yuan of sweater users were only 3. This also shows that the sales of such products are not considerable.

"In the final analysis, the user will pay for other products other than the mobile phone, or to rely on the reputation and competitiveness of the brand." Liang Zhenpeng said he believes that from the moment, RealMe is still in the intelligent home field. Lower level.

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