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Ren Zhengfei is a strong man for Huawei's five legions: peace is out, and no retreat is the way to victory

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Huawei has big moves!

On the afternoon of November 3rd, a video posted on Huawei's Heart Forum drew attention. The video shows Huawei holding a founding conference for the legion at The Matsuyama Lake Park on October 29, 2021. Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei, as well as Chairman Liang Hua, rotating Chairman Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun and other senior executives attended the conference.

This is a blood-soaked video that begins with a loud horn and the theme is "No way back is the way to victory". Huawei's top officials, the Coal Mine Corps, the Smart Highway Corps, the Customs and Ports Corps, the Smart Photovoltaic Corps and the Data Center Energy Corps, were flagged and sworn in, and each legion chanted, "Huawei will win!" You must win, you will win! ”

"I think peace is out, we have to work hard, sacrifice bravely, create a peaceful environment for the next 30 years ... Let no one dare to bully us again... History will remember you, and so we drink with the day of celebration, in silence to hear thunder! ”Ren Zhengfei, speaking at the founding conference of the Huawei Legion, also personally came to the five legions for more than 300 generals.

What is the Huawei Legion?

According to Ren Zhengfei, the term "army" comes from Google, and Huawei learns from Google. Legion is the basic research scientists, technical experts, product experts, engineering experts, sales experts, delivery and service experts in one department, to help the vertical industry shorten the cycle of product progress, for the company to produce more food.

In April, Huawei set up a coal mine "army", with Zhai Zhilei, the former president of Huawei operator BG, as chairman. On October 11, Huawei officially issued the establishment of customs and ports, smart roads, data center energy, intelligent photovoltaic four "army." This is the first time in 35 years that Huawei has formed a legion.

It is reported that the Legion organization in the internal framework is not marked, Legion Organization and Huawei's three major business operators BG, enterprise BG, consumer BG, etc. belong to the same level. The five "Army" organizations are developed and supervised by Ren Zhengfei, and the recently established four Legions are formed through internal public bidding. Among them, the Data Center Energy Corps and the Intelligent Photovoltaic Corps report to the President of Huawei Digital Energy Company.

Why the Legion?

Ren Zhengfei, who served 14 years in the military, admires the way the Legion operates. Huawei Corps is also personally developed and supervised by Ren Zhengfei himself. Huawei's performance in recent years has also come under pressure from multiple rounds of U.S. sanctions.

Huawei's third-quarter results showed that the company achieved sales revenue of Rmb455.8bn in the first three quarters, down Rmb215.5bn from Rmb671.3bn a year earlier, with a net profit margin of 10.2 per cent and a 2.2 per cent year-on-year increase.

Guo Ping, Chairman of Huawei's rotating chairman, said: "The overall operating results were in line with expectations, the To C business was significantly affected and the To B business performed steadily." We will continue to strengthen technological innovation, research and development investment and talent attraction, and continuously improve operational efficiency, we are confident that we can continue to create value for our customers and society. ”

The 2020 results also showed that Huawei's consumer business, which accounted for half of its revenue, had fallen sharply in the past year, with revenue growth in carrier and consumer businesses of less than 4 per cent.

As you can see,At a time when Huawei's consumer business is constrained, Huawei is counting on business to catch up quickly.Huawei executives have also repeatedly referred to "survival". Through "army" operations, scientists and experts can be integrated into the front-line combat teams, breaking existing organizational boundaries, rapidly assembling resources, shorten the cycle of product progress.

Other than thatIntelligent photovoltaic, intelligent data center, customs port and other five legion business there is a huge market.Ren Zhengfei also pointed out in an earlier interview with Xinhua News Agency, "Huawei's previous communications network was mainly connected to thousands of households, providing connectivity for billions of people." But in the 5G era, the main targets are enterprises, such as airports, terminals, coal mines, steel, automobile manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing..." Huawei believes that customs ports, smart roads, data centers, intelligent photovoltaics and other areas, have also met the conditions for the establishment of a "army."

In The Coal Corps, for example, mr Ren sees coal mines as an important growth point for Huawei. Huawei can help the coal industry to digitalize and intelligent transformation through the combination of ICT technology and coal mining technology, realize the production mode of "safe, few people, high efficiency", and also enable coal miners to "wear suits and ties" in future work, which is an important step in its B-side business.

At the founding conference of the Legion,Attending high-level meetingsAlso separateExpressed the establishment of the legionsVision for development.

For the earliest coal mining corps, Huawei said it would make a pioneering contribution to the safety and efficiency of coal mines in China and around the world.

In response to the Customs and Ports Corps, Huawei executives said they hope to gain a deep insight into customer needs, solve customer problems, improve port operational efficiency, customs operational efficiency, and create value for customers. The CEO was the President of Huawei Enterprise BG Digital and Technical Services, leading Huawei's digital transformation solutions to the ground in many fields, such as smart transportation, smart cities, to form a complete solution and core competencies.

When the Smart Road Group assembled, Huawei executives pointed out that firmly grasp the road industry in the construction, management, maintenance, transportation, service digital opportunities. It is reported that Chen Guoguang, CEO of the Smart Photovoltaic "Army", was the Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Digital Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. and took over the Huawei Smart Photovoltaic Business in April 2020 from Xu Ying Tong, the current President of Huawei's Yanteng Computing Business.

The vision of the Smart Photovoltaic Corps is to take Huawei's core capabilities to the extreme and become a true global king. Recently, Huawei signed a contract with Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Engineering Co., Ltd. for the Saudi Red Sea New City energy storage project, the size of 1300 MWh, is by far the world's largest energy storage project. Chen Guoguang, CEO of Smart Photovoltaics "Army", was the Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Digital Energy Technologies Co., Ltd. and took over the Huawei Smart Photovoltaics business in April 2020 from Xu Ying Tong, now President of Huawei's Luton Computing Business.

"Taking the opportunity to move forward and lead the company into a leader in data center energy" is the vision of the Data Energy Corps. CEO Yang You was president of Huawei Digital Energy's Global Marketing and Sales Services Division and president of Huawei's Middle East division, under Huawei operator BG. In data energy, Huawei has deployed more than 830 large data centers worldwide, covering a wide area of telecom operators, government, finance and more.

At the end of the founding conference of the Legion, we sang "Graduation Song", "Students and students, quickly come up with strength, shoulder the rise and fall of the world, huge waves continue to grow, comrades comrades, quickly come up with strength, take up the rise and fall of the world ..." As a result, Huawei's five legions were assembled and ready for distribution.

"No way back is the way to victory!" Loaded with the vision of "more food", Huawei's five major legions will take on the responsibility of "storming into the battle" for Huawei at a critical time, and will fight back.

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