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Zheng Weimin, a Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zheng Wei: Yuancosi may become a new direction in the future.

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《元宇宙》,于佳宁、何超著,中信出版集团出版"Yuan Universe", Yu Jia Ning, He Chao, CITIC Publishing Group Publishing

Mercury and data are the key elements of the metamorphic and digital economic development -

Yuancosian may become a new direction in the future of the Internet

Zheng Weimin

At present, my country's digital economy is booming, blocking chains, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., ex-lead information technology is rapidly integrated into production and life. The "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target outline will "accelerate digital development, building digital China" alone, and first proposes the added value of digital economy core industries accounts for this new economic indicator of GDP (GDP). With the advanced development of the Internet, the number of digital information technology revolution comes to the blue sea. Starting from 2021, Tencent, Facebook (Facebook), Microsoft and other domestic and foreign famous companies have begun to fully lay out a new field, namely the elevated universe. In their view, the Yuan Universe is the successor of the mobile Internet, the gate of the virtual world and the real world have been opened. The metacular city may become the new direction of the future Internet development, or it may be the next form of digital economic development. The exploration of the Yuan Universe will promote the deep integration of the entity economy and the digital economy, and promote the new stage of the digital economy. Exploring the development of the Yuan universe, helping to promote the further acceleration of my country's economic and society, and promote new development kinetic energy with scientific and technological innovation.

  Technical fusion communication entity economy

The integration and data is the basis of the metamoroid and digital economic development, and the development of the Yuanhe Universe and the digital economy requires "ABCD" on the basis of 5G, where A is artificial intelligence, B is block chain (Blockchain), C is a cloud computing (Cloud), D is Big Data. These major technological innovation integrate development, jointly promoting the development of digital economy, thus applying digital economy into all kinds of running scenarios of the whole society.

Yuancai has both 5G, artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, and big data in digital economy, and also combines forward-looking layouts for VR, AR, brain interface, and Internet of Things. The key to the universe, the key is to vigorously enhance independent innovation ability, break through key core technology, and achieve high quality development.

  Diversified and refined application

The intelligence is the basic element of the Yuan Universe, and it is also a barometer that measures the development of digital economy. In the physical world, electricity is very important productivity. In the digital economic era, it has become a very critical indicator. Per capita power can reflect the level of digital economic development in a region. Digital governments, financial science and technology, smart medical, intelligent manufacturing areas need to be supported.

The speed of energy is very fast. In Moore's law, the chip performance is doubled every 18 months, and now the time is doubled, and it can basically shorten to 3 to 4 months. However, it should be noted that it is necessary to promote the healthy development of the intersection, as needed to clarify the data center, the superior center, and the intelligence centers, which is how to correspond to different applications. Among the scenes. For example, the development of the intelligence centers mainly involves three major categories: image processing, decision making and natural language, different application scenarios adaptation, unlike the key step in development force.

At this stage, my country must improve the toughness of power supply, create a solid base of digital economy, carry out diversified integration, based on hardware, software applications to carry out independent controlled innovation. In addition, the country has announced that more powerful policies and measures have made my country's carbon dioxide emissions to achieve peaks in 2030, and strive to achieve carbon neutralization 2060. The data center relies on electric drive, and the vigorous development of the data center is also one of the important carbon emissions sources. Therefore, in the development of force, we must fully consider carbon emissions factors, speed up the data and calculation facilities of layout green intelligence, improve energy utilization efficiency, increase the proportion of clean energy use, and promote the development of "green calculations".

  Data distributed storage and value empowerment

In addition to the important foundation feature of the intersection, building a metamorcerer and digital economy is data. In April 2020, the Party Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Building a Mechanism of Elemental Marketing Configuration System", first clarifying data into one of five major production elements, and clearly proposes to speed up the data elements market, and promote government data open share sharing Improve social data resource value, strengthen data resource integration and safety protection. With the acceleration of my country's digital economy, all industries have accumulated a large number of data, which laid a stable root base for data elements and marketization. Now, the data elements are available, the key is how to store and use this data.

The Yuan Universe is a world consisting of data, and distributed data stores into the basic way of maintaining the lasting operation of the Yuan Universe. Meanwhile The situation is thus seriously hindering the circulation and use of data elements. Therefore, data authentication is an important prerequisite for data elements to achieve circulation transactions and marketization.

The block chain is a key technologies and infrastructure that solves this series of issues. We can understand the block chain as a "authentic machine" (providing a very low cost tool for data resources), and the data is achieved after the data is achieved, so that the data is truly an asset, implementation Maximization of data value. In addition, we must pay attention to effectively protect data security, improve data resource authentication, open, circulation, transaction-related system, protect personal privacy data, strengthen key information infrastructure security, and strengthen key data resource protection.

This book presents this book to us, showing us the appearance of the Yuanhe Universe, and analyzes the application of key technologies in the Yuanhe China. In this book, the author puts forward that the Yuan Universe will open a new era of the next generation, and to talk about the development of the Yuancosian development, and analyze the six trend of the development of Yuancai. The book combined with the latest cases of the world's universe in the world, providing valuable ideas for diversified application scenarios in the Yuancosian. A new digital era has arrived, "Yuan Universe" This book is worthy of concern for future friends.

(The author is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Tsinghua University. This article "Yuan Universe" book is the order)

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