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Internet giants run into the concept of the universe hot and controversial parallel

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Internet giants enter the virtual anchor circle more than 4 million fans

The concept of the meta-universe is hot and controversial

Our reporter Zhao Yuhan

Us social media giant Facebook announced its name change to "Meta", and a virtual beauty anchor named "Yoo Yeoxi" gained more than 4 million followers on short video platforms in a few days by using the concept of the meta-universe. Nvidia, Microsoft, Bytedance, Tencent and other Internet technology giants at home and abroad have announced their entry into the meta-universe.

Liu Cixin, the author of sci-fi classics such as "The Three-Body Problem" and "The Wandering Earth", even said that "the meta-universe will lead mankind to a dead end". But that hasn't stopped the metasurverse from becoming a new wave after Bitcoin and blockchain. Under the pursuit of science and technology circle and capital circle, is the meta-universe really an epoch-making opportunity comparable to the mobile Internet?

  Avatars became popular thanks to the concept of the metadverse

"Are you a man? "The boy asked, facing a woman with a magic makeup pen, silver markings running through her cheeks and long hair down to her waist. This woman is Tiktok's most popular beauty blogger, but she's not a person.

On October 31, the first video of the virtual human "Yoo Yeo-hee" was released and quickly gained more than 1 million likes and followers, with more than 4 million followers so far. In the title of this video, it "nukes" the most popular term of the moment -- the metasverse.

Liang Zikang, CEO of Chuangyi Technology and head of yoo's behind-the-scenes team, said the birth of Yoo is related to the concept of the meta-universe. Six months ago, before the metasurverse concept took off, the team looked at the space and started making content. During this period, more and more giants entered the universe, but the team did not rush to release content, but to strive for unique ideas.

The birth of Liu Yexi has become a vivid example to explain the concept of the meta-universe. She is supposed to be a virtual KOL (opinion leader), endowed with a mysterious national image.

The year 2021 is considered the first year of the metadverse. In March this year, Lobos, an American gaming company, went public and proposed the concept of the metasomes for the first time, which is called the first stock of the metasomes. "Meta-universe" consists of "meta" (transcendence) and "universe" (universe), meaning "world beyond the universe", which means to build a parallel world similar to the real world with VR, AR and other technologies.

In fact, the metasemes have been shown in some science fiction movies. In the movie Ready Player One, for example, one can enter the "Oasis" virtual world by wearing a VR headset, where the protagonist can not only "see" but also sense physical pain caused by conflicts in the virtual world through the motion sensing suit.

  Giants and capital running admission

After the concept of meta-universe was put forward, it attracted the attention of science and technology circle and capital circle. Some domestic and foreign technology giants and capital made an entrance, and American social media giant Facebook was one of them. In the past, Facebook has said it will be investing heavily in the metasverse, and just last week, it even changed its name to "Meta," which is the prefix of the Metasverse's English name.

Meanwhile, tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia aren't idle. Microsoft has announced that it will add 3D avatars and immersive meetings to its conferencing and video calling software, creating an "enterprise metaverse." Apple is also reported to have entered the testing phase of its new VR device, which is expected to be released in 2022.

Domestic Internet tech giants are also vying to enter the local universe. Bytedance's recent acquisitions of VR and chip companies are intended to lay out the metasverse. According to Tianyan, Tencent, Alibaba, netease and other giants have recently applied for the registration of trademarks related to the universe, such as "QQ Universe", "King of the Universe", "netease Universe", "Lei Huo Yuan universe", etc. Even Luo Yonghao, who failed to start a business and became famous by live broadcasting, recently said he would set up a company in the field of meta-universe.

Why is the metasverse so popular? Industry analysts say that technology is eager for new products, capital is looking for new exports, and users are looking for new experiences. In terms of demand, COVID-19 has weakened people's connections in the physical world and strengthened the demand for virtual interaction, making the "home economy" significantly bullish. From the technical perspective, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies have become the foundation to support the development of the meta-universe.

  Conceptual disputes and technical difficulties to be broken through

Controversy has followed the consternation of the metaverse concept. Liu Cixin, known as "China's first architect of the metasomes" and the author of several science-fiction masterpieces, says the metasomes will be an inner spiral of human civilization that will lead humanity to its doom.

In Time Migration, Liu Cixin argues that people in this era are gradually turning to the invisible world. Although they can have a copy of their brain in both worlds, life in the invisible world is like drugs. Once they experience the life there, no one can return to the visible world.

Su Dechao, a professor at the School of Philosophy at Wuhan University, also criticized the meta-universe online recently, calling it nothing more than a "happiness machine" proposed by philosopher Nozick. Once the machine is connected to the brain, the person being connected will not be able to tell the difference between the illusion created by the machine and real life. It would be a disaster to indulge in it.

"Is digital life worth more than real life in the physical world? Isn't that crazy?" Many young people are skeptical about the future of the metasomes, but still expect the ultimate happiness of total immersion. More capital also hopes to seize the huge business opportunities brought by the concept of the metasomes early.

But what exactly is the meta-universe? There is no accepted concept, and companies are experimenting with their own approaches to practice. Industry analysts say the industrial construction of the metasurverse is still far away. At the baidu AI Open Day held recently, Baidu vice President Ma Jie said, "Too many cars, it is difficult to tell the real from the fake", to become a reality, there are three technical difficulties need to breakthrough, including computing power, algorithms and high VR content production costs. He believes the metasverse is currently in a period of excessive expectations, and that by the second half of next year or the year after that, the tide will ebb.

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