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Toshiba (China) Yoichi Miyazaki: Focus carbon neutral, embracing Toshiba business to B

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Toshiba 2021 into the Expo booth

Toshiba from Japan already has over a hundred years of history, is a diversified enterprise. Intake fair booth, Toshiba exhibited six main product represents Toshiba's main business direction, namely: Toshiba pure hydrogen fuel cell system H2Rex ™, SCiB ™ lithium ion battery, a heavy ion cancer therapy apparatus, high-power devices IEGT Toshiba Matrixeye ™ 3D matrix type ultrasonic inspection techniques, FLEXAIR air conditioner indoor unit.

In this and many other exhibits, "carbon neutral", "low power" has become the core keywords.

Energy savingEnvironmental friendlyCarbon and focus

Among them, the pneumonal fuel cell system can efficiently convert hydrogen into energy and thermal energy, with electricity efficiency at 50-55%, the design service life is 800,000 hours, and under normal circumstances, it can be used for approximately ten years.

Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd. Zhang Yong, director of Business Promotion Department at the scene introduction, pure hydrogen fuel cell system is to achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide generator, may undertake to contribute to China to achieve double carbon. Currently, the use of pure hydrogen fuel cell system, Japan has built the world's first hydrogen energy hotel "Tokyu REI Hotel", its hydrogen fuel for disposal of plastic near the free chemical plant.

A prominent application scenario hydrogen is bound to the application of renewable energy. However, the current pure hydrogen fuel cell system has not yet landed in China. In this regard, Miyazaki Ocean Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd., chairman and president optimistic, he believes, although hydrogen is not popular in China, but the Chinese market is still very large demand for hydrogen promising, Toshiba now called the Mount of hydrogen technology with China a methanol reforming enterprises, has cooperated fuel cell technology, will be available in 2022 planned 300 fuel cell system.

In addition, since the hydrogen energy industry chain is very long, it contains hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen and many other areas, in the Toshiba stage for "hydrogen", Chinese enterprises work together to develop hydrogen energy market, plans to have flows with China top.

Another exhibit, based on high-power devices, such as IEGT, Sic, through flexible HVDC technology, more efficient, more reliable and controllable power supply system. In the field of new energy electric locomotive, power electronic transformer, can effectively reduce the energy loss. Yoichi Miyazaki said the sale of a subsidiary of Toshiba's semiconductor memory business three years ago (the new brand name "Kai Xia"), the current Toshiba's semiconductor business, mainly in the discrete semiconductor devices, including power semiconductor devices just mentioned, They fall into this category. With the electronic machine energy-saving, environmentally friendly growth in demand for discrete semiconductor devices market has also been a very good development.

Miyazaki titanium foreign media summary App pair in terms of carbon and hydrogen and semiconductor business, Toshiba is a positive direction to push in China, they are very critical role to peak for carbon, carbon-neutral and can play, Toshiba will continue to force in both directions, fit a double carbon commitment to the Chinese government.

Toshiba did not withdraw from China

Two weeks ago, Toshiba closed down in China opened the first production plant in Dalian, a voice that time the outside world speculation Toshiba are about to exit China. Yoichi Miyazaki said the shutdown of the production plant in Dalian is just a Toshiba factory in Dalian, China joint venture with Toshiba a railway locomotive traction equipment factory is also located in Dalian, good operating conditions.

"We closed the Dalian plant is built 30 years ago, the place was still all factory, after 30 years of development, alongside all turned into a residential environment has undergone great changes. In addition, 30 years later , China has undergone enormous changes in the past, products have been completed its historic mission, and no new products fit in there production plant is relatively aging, so after more careful consideration, decided to close the Toshiba factory in Dalian. "

Miyazaki Yoichi also mentioned earlier in Hangzhou renovation reconstruction of an air-conditioning plant, the new factory is located in the original factory a few kilometers, the reason for this choice, the one old plant capacity has been unable to meet the Chinese market demand, orders exceed production line load, the new plant expansion is to meet the market needs; secondly, to select a new address located in the vicinity of the old factory, but also to be able to have a match with the original supply chain on the line, quickly put into production.

Yoichi Miyazaki said that as a foreign company, but also more willing to see China provide a good business environment, such as tax preferential policies, stability and integrity of the supply chain infrastructure support, power, transportation, water and so on and so on.

Business transfer to to B

80s first entered China during that time, Toshiba to white goods occupy the Chinese market. But with the rise of the adjustment as well as Toshiba's entire business structure of China's domestic home appliance brands, Toshiba gradually fade out to the field C, gradually reducing product for individual users, and concentrate on developing the business and infrastructure and energy.

Yoichi Miyazaki, according to reports, this strategic shift of companies, not just Toshiba's unique, currently some large Japanese companies like Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, GM and the United States, Europe, Philips and so there ever experienced business restructuring.

"Toshiba is the 1875 establishment of a fast almost 150-year history of the company, founded in 1875, when production of the product, in fact, no one is still to sell, we are with the progress of this era of constantly making adjustments . "Yoichi Miyazaki added.

For the future there will be adjustments and innovations in the general direction of which, Yoichi Miyazaki said Toshiba a long historical background makes itself has been relatively deep technical precipitation, every innovation not necessarily the "innovation", probably in the original some basis, stepping past experience, continue to follow the development of the times the experience obtained, coupled with flexible reorganization.

"This is actually a direction, so our Toshiba has accumulated a lot of technology, success, technology and experience. I didn't say that I pushed him this wall, but I said that our wall After building, we continue to grow on this basis. "Miyazaki said.(This article first titanium Media App Author | Qincong Hui)

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