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Netease Cloud music map what

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Original title: Keen to open offline netease cloud music picture what

Since 2018, when it announced its strategic cooperation with Atuo Light House and jointly launched a "sleeping music" theme hotel in Chengdu, netease Cloud Music has opened more and more offline stores. Recently, Netease Cloud Music's first bar No.9 officially opened in Shanghai. So far, according to incomplete statistics by reporters of Beijing Business Daily, netease Cloud Music has no less than 10 self-established or co-branded stores, which can be said to be one of the most offline "stores" among the mainstream music platforms in China, and has expanded to hotels, coffee shops, bars and other fields. Four years after the fusion of online music and physical scene, how is netease Cloud Music's offline business?

  The store covers many areas

Netease Cloud Music's first bar No.9 has officially opened on Donghu Road in Shanghai, which is also the first bar operated by an online music platform in China and the first physical store independently opened by netease Cloud Music.

Different from ordinary bars, No.9 bar is full of netease cloud music elements, including playlists, music reviews, vinyl and so on. According to the staff of netease Cloud Music, in addition to parties, No.9 is more expected to create an offline music social venue between villagers and villagers, and between villagers and musicians. Musicians will be invited to Live performances from time to time, and netease Cloud music users can receive free drinks with the "Cloud Village Villagers card".

It is worth mentioning that netease Cloud Music's offline business has already extended to several areas, but previously all adopted the way of co-branded with other brands. In April 2018, Netease Cloud Music and Atour hotel jointly launched the first "sleeping music" themed hotel in Chengdu, which is the first time that it integrates online music content with offline physical living space. In the following years, netease Cloud Music cooperated with Watsons to open a music-themed "beauty store" in Guangzhou, opened a coffee shop with Luckin Coffee in Shanghai, and opened a pop-up "life video store" with Yan Xuan.

According to incomplete statistics by reporters of Beijing Business Daily, up to now, the number of netease Cloud Music stores has reached 10, involving hotels, restaurants, bars and other fields, making it one of the mainstream music platforms in China with the largest number of "shops".

Zhang Xuefeng, a financial commentator, said, Music is a spiritual product that is born with the ability to connect scenes, and can produce different sparks in different scenes. "Coffee shops, hotels, bars and beauty shops are all offline places frequented by young people. Netease Cloud Music's derivative of music content here is bound to reach more potential users."

  The actual experience is almost zero, right?

In themed stores jointly opened by netease Cloud Music and major brands, "music experience" will be marketed as a prominent feature. But some consumers believe that this kind of marketing is often more gimmicky than real after the actual experience.

Take the "Sleeping music" theme hotels jointly signed by netease Cloud Music and Atuo as an example. The theme hotels have been expanded to 5, distributed in Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chongqing and other cities. Beijing Business Daily reporter experienced the theme hotel located near Beijing Ditan Park, decoration is very netease cloud music style, music reviews, vinyl records and other elements can be seen everywhere, and there are three netease cloud music theme rooms, wind and gold nostalgia. In terms of price, the price range of the hotel is 486-619 yuan, which is in the middle of the price range, compared with hotels of the same level within 2km away.

Rather than decoration style, many netease cloud music fans are obviously more concerned with the consumption experience related to music. On several travel and review apps, the hotel's review section is flooded with users asking questions such as "whether there is karaoke in the room," "whether there is sound equipment," and "whether there is musical instrument playing."

But a netease cloud music fan who stayed at the hotel told Beijing Business Daily, "It's no different from a normal hotel, except there are some netease cloud music elements on the first floor. The actual music experience is almost zero, which is somewhat disappointing.

A similar problem exists at The Luckin coffee shop, Rakuten Island, which, despite its distinctive decor, is similar to other Luckin stores in terms of coffee and desserts, according to several customers. In addition, the store placed for consumers to listen to the iPad and headphones, in terms of hygiene also let many people have concerns. "The playlist and headphones on the iPad are pretty gimmicky, but the thought of everyone listening to music on the same headset is a bit of a shock." Customer Ms. White said, "from the experience, in fact, can only be netease cloud music posted on the surface."

Sun Hao, a digital industry analyst, said, "For fans of netease Cloud Music, they definitely want to have an actual music experience outside of the decoration. If the joint store just put on a netease cloud music decoration style 'vest', although this gimmick has a temporary appeal, but not as a long-term way of business."

  Out of the shop drunk weng

In fact, netease Cloud Music and other brands to open offline joint store "drunk Weng's meaning", not in the "shop". According to the internal staff of netease Cloud Music, in cooperation with relevant brands, netease Cloud Music only gives IP authorization in the store, and the design, layout and final performance of the store are responsible for the brand partners. Informed personage expresses, netease cloud music's real purpose, depend on the cooperation of member business.

Beijing Business Daily reporter calculated such an account based on public information: up to now, the number of hotels owned by ATuo more than 600, with about 27 million quality members; Luckin coffee has 5,323 stores nationwide. Watsons has more than 4,100 stores and 63 million members. In addition, according to the prospectus of netease Cloud Music, as of the first quarter of 2021, the monthly live number of netease Cloud Music online board was 183 million, and there were 24.29 million paying users of online music and 13.3% of online music payment rate. In this way, after the cooperation between the two parties, the number of members that can be shared will reach at least hundreds of millions.

In addition, according to the 2020 Report on China's Online Music Industry released by Fastdata, the current paying users of online music platforms are mainly young people under the age of 20-35 in first-tier and new first-tier cities. And this is the mainstream consumer group of the brands mentioned above. "There is no direct competition between these brands and netease Cloud Music, and their target consumers are highly overlapped. The cooperation between the two parties in membership business can give full play to their respective advantages and thus open up new revenue channels." Zhang xuefeng said.

Netease cloud music has also been referred to in the prospectus, online music service month paying users increase sharply in 2018-2020, including the use of a strong brand appeal, large and high participation of users, the content of the diversification, actively explore music and music derived social entertainment products and services of the new cash opportunities ".

Regarding the future offline business layout, Beijing Business Daily contacted netease Cloud Music, but the other party did not respond as of press time. According to industry sources, netease Cloud Music has been exploring the possible needs of users and musicians, in the specific business layout, more will consider whether it is conducive to the development of the platform, rather than sticking to a certain way. "For netease Cloud Music, as long as it can promote the development of original musicians and meet the needs of users, no matter it is co-branded with other brands or open physical stores, it does not rule out the possibility of continuing to try."

Beijing Business Daily Boiling Point Investigation Team (Beijing Business Daily)

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