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The game "Idea" competitors are "Trust"

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In the game, you will get a high rebate, but every time you will pay, you will always be more than a few yuan. Some players have confirmed unlucky, and some players continue to be more energetic, and they don't know all of them.

The "Rule of Law Daily" reported recently learned from the Anhui Feidong County Public Security Bureau, the Feidong police successfully knocked off a large online game fraud gang, seized more than 20 computers involved in the case, arrested 48 cases, frozen more than 7 million yuan, general involved The amount is more than 100,000 yuan.

  I can change my list

On the evening of May 11th, Zheng Moumou in a community in Feidong County Shop Town. When browsing the mobile phone live platform, I saw a anchor was playing a game, and the anchor played the game on the live broadcast, while watching The audience introduces this game with a rebate activity.

"As long as the game recharge has reached the list, you can get 30% of the recharge of all the recharge amount throughout the game, and the list is easy to make unrecovered." Everyone is actively involved. "In this game anchor Next, Zheng Mou has a heart, holding an invitation of the anchor.

The game anchor will get Zheng Mou into a chat software and send it to Zhengmou's URL to let it download a game. After the software download is complete, the anchor tells Zheng Mou as long as it is recharged in this game to get rebate, so Zheng Mou began to recharge in this game. After the recharge of more than 40,000 yuan, Zheng Mou finally got a position in the list.

But I haven't waited for Zheng Mou, and a person suddenly appeared in the game squeezing Zheng Moumou from the list. I saw that the recharge was more than 40,000 yuan, I was drifting. In order to get the rebate, Zheng Mou continued to recharge through WeChat. After more than 6,000 yuan, the game platform suddenly shows the top limit of the list, and it is impossible to continue to recharge.

Zhengmou found that he had a total of more than 50,000 yuan, but still still in the list, only a gap between one is only 6.6 yuan. Zheng Mou, the more I want to be more and more, I feel that I may be deceived, and I immediately report to the Feidong County Public Security Bureau.

  Game competitors are "support"

After receiving the alarm, the Feidong County Public Security Bureau established a task force, surrounding the known clues to conduct a deep investigation, comprehensively combing the current platform, game software, etc. gang.

"The gang is headed by Cao, Zou, and Yan and others, using the '' high rebate 'and other means to induce others to recharge, from the middle and prosperous profits." Feidong County Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Xu Xue Song, the police of the brigade.

After touching, the task force found that the gang is clear, organized, an anchor, finance, technology, customer service and other departments are clear. Use a game top for the scam, attracting players through the live broadcast of the fire, the anchor is recommended for the game Inform that the top list will be rebate, after the player enters the game, after participating in the top activities, the platform will arrange internal technical staff to become "Torr", simulate another player of the player's competition, stimulating the player to recharge more money.

"There will be a recharge entry in the game, you can recharge, the more recharge, the higher the rankings on the recharge list." Fengdong County Public Security Bureau Netan Brigade police Ge Guangpeng told reporters that players often continue to get on the list Recharge, the information that can be recharged can be obtained by Cao et al.

According to reports, the top scam is divided into two cases. The first thing is that players will recharge several dollars in the players, and they will compete for a few dollars. When the event is over, players can continue to continue. Recharge, either time, you just have just card in the list, according to rules, you can only recognize unlucky, blood this is sorry. There is another relatively rare, the game inside the "Torr" and the player's top list, the players have been recharge, but the player will need to recharge tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, and will eventually let the players and internal "Torr" Become a list, although the player can get rebate but will lose a lot of money.

  Cooperative development game "off the road"

After preliminary investigation and analysis, the discoupless group police locked the main members of the fraud gang. At the beginning of July, the task force decided to carry out the net action, organized more than 40 cultivated police forces, and fell to Harbin, Suihua, Changsha, Nantong, Shangrao, etc., etc..

After several weeks of continuous fighting, 20 members of the fraud gang were arrested, and 17 of whom were criminally detained by the Feidong police, and the other three suspects were taken up. On August 12th, 17 suspects were arrested by the Fatong County People's Procuratorate. In mid-September, the task force deployed the second arrested action, arrested 28 suspected of fraud, and a total of more than 20 computers involved, frozen more than 7 million yuan, and the total capital involved in more than 100,000 yuan.

After investigation, Cao, Zou Mou is the boss behind the game, and Yan is a game developer. The three people just started to cooperate together to develop games. The game can be used to recharge the renminbi in the game. Equipped with the monster upgrade, later saw that others used the "top list" to get popularity, in order to make a bigger interest, so I thought of fraudulent activities in the way, using the player wants to get rebate, Inducing players to recharge.

"Cao, Zou Mou almost 50% of illegal profit, the anchor, the management personnel, according to the 'fixed salary + commission' acquisition." Xu Xuequan said that the game management will release recruitment information in the group, Attract the game anchor for fraud activities.

Currently, the case is still in further processing. Police suggest that in recent years, the fraud cases of online games have increased, and the techniques are constantly refurbished. Just scan code 1 Mao money can get advanced game accounts, low-priced brush game skin, recharge "anti-addresses limit" and other scams Give netizens, Internet platforms, and network environments have brought great harm. There are many fraud environments in online games. The masses should be careful. If the trick must be alarm, you must first turn alarm.

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