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The 13th year of Double 11 transformation and change are taking place

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Author: Weng Yi

The 13th Double 11 draws to a close. This is the second Singles' Day since the outbreak, the first since the profound changes in the Internet environment, and the first singles' Day since the cancellation of the "Alternative" policy. Alibaba, the originator of singles Day, reported 540.3 billion yuan in sales, and other platforms also reported corresponding figures.

It has become the consensus of platforms, businesses, consumers and even the whole society to no longer be obsessed with data and see growth as the only direction. Double 11 has come to a transformation cycle, need to go through a process of chrysalis. In any case, in a long time to come, Double 11 will still be an important window to observe the operation of the national economy, and it will still have a strong psychological effect on the improvement of confidence in the development of the national economy.

Here, this paper takes this year's Tmall Double 11 as a sample, takes the new generation of new consumption, D2C strategy, and public welfare upgrading as the entry point, and preliminarily clarifies the future transformation direction of Double 11.

 New Consumption of the New generation

According to the top 10 single product trends of this year's Singles' Day and other data, the new consumption trend focuses on national fashion, time-honored brands and products related to intangible cultural heritage, which are warmly embraced by young people.

In recent years, the popular Chinese clothing, Hanfu, has been extended during the Double 11. 220 time-honored brands saw their sales increase by more than 100% year on year. Among them, 184 time-honored brands opened live broadcast, and the live broadcast room has become a new way for time-honored brands to communicate with young people. In health care products, by upgrading technology, improving packaging and dosage form, traditional health care products can also hit the needs of "health preservation youth"; Young people's love for intangible cultural heritage is beyond the imagination of public opinion, and cultural and creative products of museums are exploding, with a year-on-year increase of more than 400%.

Whether it is the rise of the national tide, or the revival of the old brand, or non-inherited, it is not difficult to find the distinctive place of the contemporary young people. The post-1995 and post-2000 generation grew up after China's accession to the WTO, accompanied by the rapid development of China's economy and the Internet. As the indigenous generation of the Internet, they undoubtedly play the main role in the development of traditional culture. According to the 2021 New Youth Chinese Goods Consumption Research Report, more than 40% of young people are willing to assume the role of "inheritor" of traditional culture, so that more people can know and feel the beauty of traditional culture.

Through the digital baptism of traditional culture, become no longer boring, on the form and content becomes rich and interesting, young people's cultural self-confidence is gradually strengthen, the contemporary young people have become the main force of development of traditional culture, young people are more willing to assume the role of the traditional culture "", through their own consumption and words and actions affect others, Let more people know and feel the beauty of traditional culture, and reveal their national identity in daily life. They incorporate elements of traditional culture into their daily lives. They not only understand and appreciate traditional culture, but also let more people know traditional culture through their words and deeds. They are the appreciation, spokesperson and inheritor of traditional culture.

This sends an important signal to domestic brands: they cannot survive long by relying only on feelings. Only by relying on product quality and understanding the cultural psychology of the young generation can they retain young consumers.

D2C strategy

D2C (Direct to Consumer) means that enterprises directly face consumers. It helps brands and merchants directly face all consumers. The concept of D2C, evolved from the traditional B2C, also has the shadow of M2C, which was hot in the last two years, and prospered with the rise of Internet e-commerce platforms. Specifically, an enterprise can reach the widest range of consumers through an online store, gain insight into consumer needs and adjust business strategies flexibly. Ultimately, it is an important tool for revolutionizing the supply side digitally.

D2C strategy makes merchants interact with consumers better. More and more new products and new brands emerge from The Double 11, so that merchants can better take the double 11 as an opportunity to promote new products, attract new fans, and achieve long-term sustainable business, which can not only sell well during the Double 11, but also be able to stay prosperous. D2C can help enterprises "two-wheel drive" : from e-commerce marketing to direct service to consumers, from crowd operation to consumer and goods life cycle management.

Since the epidemic in 2020, social digitization has accelerated. More and more enterprises have realized the importance of communicating and operating consumers through the Internet, and retail brands have accelerated their shift to the D2C model. The advent of D2C era is not only the driving force for the continued development of old brands, but also the reason for the rise of new brands. In the new stage, the market environment, consumer behavior and enterprise organization have undergone great changes. Platforms and enterprises should consider how to achieve long-term user loyalty and what is the next new product.

Therefore, D2C means that the services provided by the platform to enterprises and merchants need to be more three-dimensional, and the interaction with consumers is more "immersive". Enterprises are not only retailing on the platform, but are further equipped with the ability to define and innovate products, and can give full play to their creativity in the whole life cycle of consumers and goods. Over the past 13 years, many companies that relied on traditional distribution channels have evolved into future businesses with both manufacturing and retail capabilities by building strong relationships with consumers on platforms. To help consumer Internet and industrial Internet to form an organic integration platform.

The capabilities that platforms provide to enterprises are essentially tools and services, including marketing, retail, payments, finance, logistics, etc. Need to provide the best combination of public domain and private domain products for enterprise business activities. The platform has a very complete product system and infrastructure. The ability of enterprises to do a good job in the full cycle of commodity management and stratified operation, continuous operation of users. The platform also has a full set of active member access tools to accelerate the accumulation and application of member assets.

 Public welfare upgrade

Another major change this year is the upgrade of charity baby. When consumers share special public welfare projects on Singles Day and get help from friends, the platform will donate an additional 1 yuan for each help. At the same time, the platform will add an exclusive logo for those who donate a certain amount of charity baby. Automatically updates the Top 100 merchant giving rankings every day.

Charity baby is a "goodwill currency" that connects business and society, allowing those who do not participate in singles' Day to feel the warmth of singles' Day. It is reported that this year's Singles' Day charity baby donation will focus on three projects: providing lunch for the elderly in rural difficulties, providing public welfare insurance for low-income workers, and finding "children with mothers" for left-behind children.

The biggest difference between "Charity Baby" and traditional charity is that it is the most sustainable kind of charity. Under this model, the organizers do not need to elaborate on every fundraising story. More importantly, it enables donors to complete their donations unconsciously without any moral pressure or life pressure.

This public welfare model reconstructs the relationship between platforms, businesses, consumers and public welfare organizations, reshapes the model of public welfare participation, and evolves from the traditional "income donation" to "transaction donation", forming the trickle-down benefits of public welfare donations, effectively solving the incentive mechanism for public welfare, and making it more convenient for consumers to do public welfare. In addition, on the occasion of Singles' Day, consumers' enthusiasm is mobilized to the maximum extent, forming a sustainable public welfare ecosystem that integrates consumers, businesses, public welfare organizations and platforms.

Needless to say, this year's Double 11 is no longer just a business in nature. In the context of major changes in the Internet environment, Double 11 has started the transformation process. Platform companies are facing great changes, which is also an opportunity to practice social responsibility and social value, which is the inevitable choice of any head company at present.

(The writer is a senior research fellow at the Digital Economy Think Tank)

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