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Set up the business unit nail nail video conference catch late set

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Original title: Set up business unit nail nail video conference catch late set

Early layout of the video conference nail nail, Tencent meeting has not become a climate, at this time to force late is not late? On November 15, Dingding announced the establishment of the audio and video Business Division, under which dingding Songbird Audio Lab, focusing on audio technology and algorithm innovation. It is not surprising that an intelligent mobile office platform attaches importance to audio and video, but when you compare similar products at home and abroad, you will not help asking: why dingding failed to hold the initiative of video conferencing?

 Set up audio and video business division

Tencent conference online less than two years, users have already more than 100 million, and Tencent conference further through Tencent documents have repeatedly broken the circle. Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced Clubhouse, and Sonnet, a service provider of Clubhouse, became an Internet celebrity. These tools without social genes can be launched late. Spikes with social resources themselves only received a wave of attention when they released the nail flash meeting and nail documents not long ago. When it comes to the reason, insiders believe that the integration of cloud nail makes Nail become a subsidiary of Ali Cloud and decline in product innovation.

"In order to further improve the experience of audio and video conferencing and other products, Dingding recently set up the audio and video business Division, under dingding Songbird audio laboratory, focusing on the research of audio technology and algorithm innovation, exploring the combination of the next generation of audio and video conferencing form and Dingding. In addition, under the open strategy, Dingding audiovisual Business division will also focus on opening up its audiovisual capabilities to hardware and software partners." This is dingding's official description of the establishment of audiovisual business Division on November 15.

Regarding the personnel adjustment, Dingding related people told Beijing Business Daily that "Feng Jinwei, originally from The Alida Hospital, joined the audio and video business Division and led the team to take charge of the audio lab". Dingding insiders told the media: During the Dharma Hospital, Feng Jinwei's team has cooperated with Dingding's audio and video business. Among them, when Ye Jun, president of Dingding, led ali enterprise Intelligence Division, an important product was Ali internal video conferencing software. Many functions of this software were later widely used in the industry, including "wireless screen projection", in which audio technology and algorithm had cooperated with Feng Jinwei's team.

Generally speaking, an enterprise for a certain technology or business, the establishment of a special business division, laboratory, is undoubtedly optimistic about, force the signal of the technology or business. What's more, positioning in intelligent office platform nails, attention to audio and video is natural.

According to iResearch, the market size of Video conferencing in China reached 11.12 billion yuan in 2016 and is expected to grow to 17.99 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 11.4% compared with 2020. According to the functions of video conferencing products, audio noise reduction and multi-party video are included in the basic functions, as well as collaboration, management and AI functions. Iresearch pointed out that most of the current video conference products can meet the basic function + collaboration function + management function.

 Cloud nail integration delays progress?

At present, in the video conference market, giants and small and medium-sized enterprises are competing in the same field, including Dingding and Tencent Conference, which started from the software direction, Polycom and Logitech, which are dedicated hardware for video conference, as well as video conference service providers such as Sonnet.

In terms of enterprise background, incoming users can be divided into traditional communication vendors, cloud communication vendors, and platform vendors. Among them, traditional communication manufacturers include China Mobile, which launched cloud video; Cloud communication vendors include Ketian Cloud, which is positioned on aPaaS (Application platform as a service) platform of audio and video communication; Platform-based manufacturers include Tencent behind Tencent Conference, Huawei behind WeLink, And Alibaba behind Dingding.

Take Dingding and Tencent Conference, which also have Internet background, for example. Dingding released its first test version in December 2014. In 2020, when audio and video demand exploded, Dingding video conference, live broadcast and other audio and video products supported multiple scenes such as office and education, and Tencent Conference was launched at the end of December 2019.

In terms of data, since the two products are not listed independently and do not share user data in real time, the current public information is: Dingdingannounced in March 2020 that the number of online meetings initiated by enterprises on Dingding.com exceeded 20 million and 100 million person-times in a single day. Tencent in the release of the third quarter of 2020 earnings disclosure, Tencent conference users broke 100 million.

Although do not have this product and the time period and the latitude data contrast, there is no third party report each video conferencing products market share, but Wen Yuanzhi library founder wang chao to Beijing commercial daily reporter, "during the outbreak last year, is especially suitable for video meeting some, but not nailing with share video conference, tencent backwardness to the first meeting, fight a path, From this point of view, Dingding made a mistake. In fact, the video conference market is very large, Tencent conference only accounted for a part of Dingding lost the first-mover advantage may be because of the integration of Cloud dingding strategy, so dingding became a subsidiary of Ali Cloud, in product innovation sensitivity decreased.

From the point of view of function, Nail is not without innovation, recently released and upgraded a number of products and functions, including nail flash meeting and nail documents, such as nail documents for nearly 20 functional upgrades, currently provides online documents and other forms of creation, support for insertion and audio, video and other content elements. However for how to look at the industry mentioned mistakes, as of the Beijing Business Daily reporter, nail nail related people did not respond.

Reporter of Beijing Business Daily & NBSP; Wei Wei (Beijing Business Daily)

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