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Take the lights to watch the phone, hazard is so big! This habit, quickly changed ...

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Experts: Xu Qi Bin, Deputy Chief Physician, Deputy Director of the Ophthalmology of Integrated Hospital of China, Zhejiang Province

Busy a day, many small partners have taken a break in bed, even if they turn off the lights, continue to play.

But you have to know,It is very harmful to turn the lights and even make you unimaginable.

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Some people may say that the eye protection mode does not open the mobile phone?

Is there any use of eye protection? Anti-blue film is a IQ tax? This article tells you the answer.

Turn off the lights

What eye disease is induced?

1 Add attention to fatigueIf you must use it, it is recommended to open your reading light and turn on the phone night mode.

2, after turning off the light, the external light is extremely dim, the human eye will be close to the watch screen, using a long time to use, will resultEye regulates spasm, causing eye acidity, dryness, and decrease in vision, and generating myopia.

3, after turning off the light, frequently using the phone will cause the eye tears to evaporate too fast, blink, causing tear film unstable, causing varying degreesDry eye

4, after turning off the light, using the mobile phone at night can cause the eye pupil to expand, and the crowd of glaucoma risk factors in the horizontal horn, the narrow angle glaucoma

Is there any use in your mobile phone?

the answer is:Eye mode is useful.

Eye mode can reduce the brightness of the mobile phone screen, moderately relieve eye fatigue; reduce the inhibition of melatonin secretion, which is conducive to improving sleep.

But note that this does not mean that you can use your phone for a long time in your eye mode.

Is the mobile phone sticker anti-blue film useful?

Although electronic products produce certain blue light, their blue-ray hazards are in the normal range.Therefore, in general, electronic products such as mobile phones do not need to stop blue-ray film, when we use mobile phones, you can open eye protection mode.

Blu-ray is divided into harmful (380-440 nm) and beneficial Blu-ray (440-500 nm), if the anti-blue film used is indeed genuine, and is certified by the relevant national departments, it is also useful to effectively filter the anti-blue film of the short wavelength blue light. It can slow down the fatigue.

At the same time, the antihypertensive film is also a comparative popular mobile phone screen film.

In the subway, bus, the elevator, in order to avoid the information, information, etc. in the mobile phone screen, many small partners installed the mobile phone anti-phonetic membrane.

Although the effect looks very good,However, due to the use of the anti-inflation membrane, it will cause the brightness of the mobile phone screen to varying degrees, the contrast is lowered, the distinction is difficult, and it is uncomfortable.If the brightness is increased, the scattering of the light will cause long-term use to increase the fatigue.

How to protect your eyes?

I suggest you don't turn off your phone again;

Play mobile phone at night, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, open the night mode;

Avoid lying on playing mobile phones, suggesting sitting. Don't play your mobile phone for a long time, prevent cervical spondylosis;

Play mobile phones, the tablet for 30 minutes, it is recommended to close your eyes, do your eye health care;

Develop good sleep habits, eat more fruit rich in vitamin C;

Use no preservatives, artificial tears, improve the symptoms such as eye.

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