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Ali shot! 40 million into the public travel, plus code network about the car market

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Recently, Alibaba has continued to lay out in the field of online vehicles,Within a monthEven cast two network car platform.

On the evening of November 17th, Mass Transit and Volkswagen jointly announced that in order to further promote the development of existing business and planned business, Volkswagen Travel intends to increase capital and expand its shares to introduce investor Ali.


Photo credit: Mass Transit Company Announcement

Ali will invest a total of 40 million yuan in two phases, of which about 70% will be included in the registered capital and 30% into the capital accumulation. Of the RMB20 million invested in the first phase, RMB138.889 million was included as the registered capital of the public travel, while the remainder of RMB6.111 million was included in the capital accumulation; The Company and other original shareholders waive their pre-emption rights for this capital increase.


Photo credit: Mass Transit Company Announcement

After the capital increase, Ali's stake was 10% and Volkswagen's shareholding was reduced from 52% to 46.8%. The shares of mass transit and mass enterprise management were 46.8% and 20.6%, respectively.

Up to today's close, the share prices of the two listed companies have rushed back high. As recently as November 9th, Ali made his first foray into Hello Travel for $280m. It also means that since the antitrust, capital is re-favoring the opportunities in the online car market.

Why does Ali want to invest in mass travel?

It is understood that the Ali investment in the public travel was established in 2015, in March 30, 2016 officially opened. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mass Transit (Group) Co., Ltd., it is the first mobile Internet taxi platform established by taxi companies in China.On-line access to the Shanghai area of the first network license plate.

Sky-eye data show that the registered capital of public travel 250 million, the chairman of the board of directors for Dong Jiyuan. At present, there are taxis, special cars, government and enterprise vehicles and station cars, including four taxi business. VW has 28 years of experience in the traditional taxi industry, with clear advantages in vehicle management, service management and safety management.

Mass Transit said that mass transit mainly relies on Mass Transit's cruise taxi capacity and good service reputation in the rental industry, while strengthening in-depth cooperation with traffic parties, and deepening the traditional rental industry in the field of mobile travel market share.By 2020, Volkswagen Travel has operated in nearly 18 cities, including Shanghai, Shaoxing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

In addition, the public travel website shows that it has already cooperated with Alibaba. In November 2019, Volkswagen Travel in Tmall flagship store integration to open the automotive after-market services, integration of the post-travel market, into the field of e-commerce expansion, currently has recharge, car inspection, driving training, used cars and other products.

After this year's drop-off crisis, other domestic network car platform saw the opportunity to compete for market space. Ali"bet" has a "mass system" background of mass travel, in line with its investment in the field of travel layout logic.

But judging by the earnings data,Mass travel is still in the early stages of cultivation and development, and has not yet formed a larger scale of business。 Mass Transit disclosed financial data for the first three quarters of this year. VW's revenue for the first nine months of 2020 and 2021 was RMB5.5163 million and RMB12.5110 million, respectively, while net profit was RMB25.7546 million and RMB12.501 million, respectively. Total assets in the first three quarters of this year amounted to RMB21.4973 million and total liabilities amounted to RMB16.172 million.

It is worth mentioning that in the immediate follow-up to the capital increase announcement,Mass Transit issued a risk warning a few hours later, saying the deal could require approval from authorities and there was a risk that it would not be approved and could not be implemented.At the same time, said that the public travel is not included in the company's consolidated statements, its operation and this capital increase on the company has no significant impact.

Continuous layout network about the car field, Ali first into the Hello travel

Recently, Ali has continued to lay out in the field of network cars, in the field of travel has a number of investments. 9 November,Ali also took a first stake in Hello Travel for $280 millionThis is also the second financing for Hello Travel so far this year. However, Ant Group has been accompanying Hello travel for a long time, Ant and Hello tied the knot at the end of 2017 Hello's D1 round of financing, since then Ant has repeatedly added yards.

It is understood that Hello Travel announced in early November to complete the financing contract, involving the amount of $280 million, investment institutions including Ant Group and Alibaba. So far, Hello Travel has raised more than $500 million by 2021. At present, Hello Travel business development is very rapid, the company has more than 500 million users in 5 years, to achieve a single shared bike business to a diversified travel and life service platform successful transformation.

Official website shows that the current Hello travel sharing travel services have Hello ride and Hello Ride, in the network car service there are Hello all-net call car, Hello taxi two businesses. It also includes local travel and living services such as The Little Ha, Hello Hotel, etc.

At the end of December last year,SAIC Group's mobile travel strategy brand, Hendo Travel, announced the completion of more than 300 million yuan of strategic financing, jointly invested by Alibaba and Ningde Times.Hendo travel will also be supported by the data technology, artificial intelligence, map navigation and other resources provided by the Ali travel platform Gaud maps. Hendo travel positioning of high-end user groups, the company uses the mobile Internet and big data technology to build business vehicle information service platform, comprehensive coverage of network cars, corporate cars, personal car rental and taxi business, to provide users with one-stop travel solutions.

Ali's company does not have its own network to contract vehicle capacity, but Ali in February 2014 wholly acquired Gaud Maps, and in 2017 launched the aggregate taxi service sector "Gaud taxi", the user travel orders are distributed to the third-party network car platform, and then by the third-party network car service provider performance. In 2020, Gaude Map achieved an average monthly active user of 514 million, a total of 4.5 billion installations, slightly higher than Baidu's 511 million, 4.3 billion installations, continue to link the first position in the national navigation market.

Mr Lubbock, an analyst at Net-a-Car, said the market, which had been dormant for several years, had regained its capital in the second half of the year. In September, Cao Cao Travel received 3.8 billion yuan in financing, in October, T3 Travel received 7.7 billion yuan in financing, coupled with Alibaba's frequent moves, meaning that capital began to re-evaluate the opportunities and prospects of the entire online car industry. With the addition of capital, will certainly drive the new competitive pattern of the network car industry, for the entire industry has a positive and positive impact, directly benefiting the network car drivers and passengers.

(Titanium Media APP Editor Liu Dafang Comprehensive China Fund News, Securities Times, Net-a-Car Ginseng, etc.)

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