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Pulse, light camera, etc. APP automatic renewal set! Netizen: It feels strongly sold

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"Free Open Member" "One Crowd Experience 7 Day Member" "Limited 6 yuan to enjoy diamond members" ... Recently, Ms. Liu, Shanxi, opened the third party payment platform bills, "the pain", the previous video , Editing, social, music, etc. APP long-term "quiet voice" deducts the money in the bank card through a third-party payment platform.

Like Ms. Liu, many netizens have found that mobile phone sweep can easily open a variety of membership package, and the year service package, but it may fall into the "pit" set by the merchant. The reporter finds that some app "automatic renewal" routines are deep, guiding consumers into the "pit", and set many obstacles to the unsubscribe renewal service, violation consumers legitimate rights and interests.

 Opening is a cool, renewal sets

On May 1 this year, the online transaction supervision and management method was officially implemented, including the "Internet trading operators to provide services, automatic renewal, etc., should be in front of consumers before the service and automatic exhibition, automatic renewal, etc. On the day, consumers pay attention to consumers in a significant manner.

However, in reality, the complaint dispute caused by the APP automatic renewal is not a case. On the relevant consumer complaint platform, there are more than 60,000 complaints with the "automatic renewal" for keywords. The reporter survey found that the consumer is on the opening of the member:

- The automatic renewal fee is not selected. The reporter saw in the "Light Camera" member subscription page, consumers want to subscribe to members, only 3 pay options: "Continuous Package Year" "Continuous Package Season" "Continuous Month".

"Some apps just want to use a month, but the options for subscribe members will default, without other options, it feels strongly sold." A netizen wrote in the complaint platform.

- Small word is hidden mystery. Mr. Wu from Hubei, in order to find a convenient to find a job, download the "pulse" app, and is attracted by the "first charge member only 0.1 yuan" page. So, he clicked the golden "0.1 yuan immediately" button to pay 0.1 yuan to open a member.

But after about 4 months, Mr. Wu found that the software was buckled in addition to 272 yuan. After he reopened the page, he found that there was a line above the opening button contained the "7-day trial, expired 68 yuan / monthly continuation fee". On the relevant complaint platform, similar problems have more than 900 complaints.

- The preferential price name is not realistic. The reporter saw on a TV app called "Gathering", its continuous monthly activity price is a discount price of 6 yuan, after scanning code payment 6 yuan, the automatic renewal of the automatic renewal fee on the page shows the renewal fee for 29 yuan. 1 day before the service expires will be delivered through WeChat payment.

Some users have even derive the experience of "anti-automatic renewal routine": "Subscribe to the app member must not be impulsive, must find an idle, pay attention to the operation, so that you can see all the" pits "on the page. "

  Unsubscribe is not easy, refund is difficult

"Entering" is easy, "pit" is not easy. Consumers cancel the automatic renewal process in some app, so that consumers are unsubscribed into the maze, halo steering, and even refunds.

The reporter downloaded 20 APPs with automatic renewal fees. Only 6 can be unsubscribed within the APP. There are 14 levels of 4 or 5 interfaces that need to be found in a third-party payment platform. Click the Related button to complete the unsubscribe. In addition, partial apps do not provide the unsubscribe method in the email despite the prompt prompt in advance.

"I have taught the customer service for 20 minutes, and I have experienced six or seventh steps such as transfer, login, and verification." Mr. Zhang, Shanghai Citizen said.

Some app bind the automatic renewal service, it will deduct the next billing cycle a few days before the next service billing period, and the consumer cannot refund.

What is even more, some app has been removed, but the deduction is not stopped. Ms. Song, who lives in Henan, has downloaded a camera software called "swagie" through the short video platform promotion link.

"After downloading the software, it will not be used for 48 yuan. But after paying in, I can't use it. After I will uninstall it. But after 7 months, I found that the software will pass the third-party payment platform to deduction 48. Yuan, before and after the deduction of 1400 yuan. Now the app store does not find this software, and it will not contact customer service. "Ms. Song revealed.

  Clean up and rectify according to law, and put the active choice to consumers

In response to the APP automatic renewal, multiple experts suggest that the issue of "automatic renewal" issues in accordance with the APP should be administered according to law, and the active option is also given to consumers.

Liu Junhai, a professor of the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that it violates the consumer rights protection law, E-commerce law, network transaction supervision and management method, etc. Principles and the principle of autonomy.

"It is recommended to take the lead in the national market supervision department, organize Internet enterprises to conduct self-examination and self-correction, and rectify the format clauses and automatic renewal interfaces in the application ports of various consumers, focus on the chaos in which consumers subscribe to automatic renewal members. "Zhongnan University of Economics and Law Digital Economics Research Institute" Executive Dean and Lin said.

Zhao Yuncai, Beijing Yunjia Law Firm, said: "According to the relevant provisions, the third-party payment platform can be required to implement a reminder of consumers in the first five days of the default deduction, so that consumers choose to unsubscribe or renew, and provide Convenient unsubscribe entrance, exploring the end of the interlaced 'refused ", convenient for consumers to cancel the order."

Dish and Lin said that the platform can be required to set a complaint window on the subscription page, Unicom Internet Enterprise Background and Consumer Regulatory Platform. Can learn from e-commerce and game platform, encourage Internet companies to implement "quantity package" and "monthly package" in the member service system, increase user choice.

Xue Jun, Vice President of Peking University Law School, suggested that if Internet companies continue to make a lawsuit against consumer infringement, consumer himself, the Consumers or prosecutor can pass civil litigation or public interest proceedings, or from the market supervision department Order the operation enterprises to rectify, if the company is involved in companies, the competent authority can be respoted by the enterprise according to law.

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