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Week 46: Hongji Cyclone completed a SERIES C financing of $150 million, and A French financial planning startup Named Piggy Financing of $73 million

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"Titanium Media Pro Weekly" collects weekly investment and financing events and hot spots at home and abroad through titanium Media TMTBase global primary market database, aiming to enable investors and entrepreneurs to clearly understand the trend and grasp the investment logic and the latest industry opportunities by way of time and data depth insetting.

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In the field of enterprise services, there are 52 global investment and financing projects, including 21 domestic financing projects and 31 foreign financing projects. In terms of financing, there were 6 cases of financing in domestic technical services, ranking first, and 4 cases of financing in data services, industry informatization and solutions, ranking second. There were 8 cases of financing in the field of foreign industry informatization and solution, ranking first, and 5 cases of financing in the field of data service and enterprise, ranking second.

In terms of domestic investment and financing, Hongji Cyclone completed a SERIES C financing of $150 million, and Shushu Technology completed a series C financing of 376 million yuan.

In foreign financing, French industry financial planning startup Piggy Raised $73 million and Podium raised a $201 million Series D funding round.

From November 15th to November 21st,TMTBASE global primary market database includes domestic and foreign enterprise service trackThere were 52 investment and financing events, including 21 domestic financing cases and 31 foreign financing cases.

Domestic weekly financing trends

➤ In all, 21 investment and financing events in the domestic business services sector were listed this week in the GLOBAL primary market database of TMTBASE.

In terms of financing numbers, there were six in technical services, four each in data services, industry informatization and solutions, three in marketing services, two in RPA, and one each in archives management and enterprise security.

Stocking. From the number of financing, angel round 3, pre-A round 4, A round 3, A+ round 2, B round 1, B+ round 1, C round 3, strategic investment 1, IPO 3.

➤ Eight projects with more than 100 million yuan in financing were unveiled this week, two each in data services and technology services, and one each in RPA, archives management, enterprise security, industry informatization and solutions.

Hongji Cyclone completed $150 million series C financing

Hongji Cyclone announced the completion of $150 million SERIES C financing, becoming the largest single financing amount of China's RPA manufacturer. This round was led by CMC Capital and Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Lavender Hill Capital Partners (LHCP), Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital (LHCP), Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital, Lavender Hill Capital.

Established in 2015, Hongji Cyclone is positioned as a provider of Hyperautomation products. Hongji provides customers with the overall solution of RPA from products to consulting and implementation, while providing technical support for large consulting institutions, technology ecological partners, IT integrators and other channel partners.

Data services

Doushu Technology completed 376 million yuan C round of financing, sequoia China led the investment

Founded in 2015, Doushu Technology is a domestic game big data analysis service provider. Its founder and CEO, Lu Chengtong, formerly worked at Tencent Technology, specializing in data mining and big data analysis. It is reported that the current technology team size of Chushu is about 100 people, among which r&d personnel account for more than 40%. Most of the core members of the team come from Shanda Games, Tencent Technology, Intel Asia-pacific R&D center, etc. They have years of practical experience in mobile games and data analysis.

Counting technology focused on big data and artificial intelligence technology is used in entertainment, once upon a time the user behavior data acquisition, data processing, data modeling and storage, at the end of the data analysis and rendering, count all can support of science and technology, at the same time, also open data access, support for more personalized customer demand to do secondary development. Its Thinking Analytics provides an integrated solution of "data acquisition - storage modeling - real-time computing - analysis and display". It is an out-of-the-box big data analysis platform, featuring real-time streaming data computing system to help game enterprises monitor and analyze various business scenarios and key indicators in real time.

Enterprise security

API security solution company Starstop Technology completed over 100 million yuan level pre-A + round of financing

Star Stop Technology is a member of tsinghua University "Blue Lotus" team start-up company, founded in 2018, focusing on providing enterprise API security solutions.

The firefly security analysis platform of Starstop technology can help enterprises sort out API security risks, solve API intrusion problems and API data leakage problems, and provide a visual API asset and risk management platform. Star stop technology's current customer base is mainly concentrated in the Internet, technology and financial fields.

Technical service

Hillhouse has invested in Computer graphics engine developer Granular Technology

Founded in 2015, GritGene is a computer graphics and vision technology developer committed to creating the third-generation graphics engine GritGene, aiming to promote digital revolution in film and television, smart city and large-scale industrial products display through its products and technologies. Granular Technology team has 170 employees from 18 countries, among which r&d personnel account for more than 60%. The founder, Wu Xiaomao, once served as the project director and technical director of Crytek Germany Headquarters, the world's leading game engine technology and production company, and used to connect game technology with film and television technology. And used real-time gaming technology in Hollywood movies Like Maze Runner and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

GritGene, the third-generation graphics engine created by Granular Technology, can realize the collaborative work and joint computing of two engines. One engine is responsible for graphics computing on the "cloud-side" and the other is responsible for graphics computing on the "side". Driven by two engines, games and non-game application fields are fused through high-performance LBS (location-based services) interfaces, creating possibilities for non-professional developers to participate in digital content creation.

See the full text of the report for weekly overseas financing events, overseas recommended projects and policy developments this week.

"Ti Media & MIDDOT;TMTBASE Database" is an independent, accurate and efficient professional equity investment information platform of Ti Media Group. Its services include primary market research report, enterprise data query service, equity crowd-funding project dismantling service, offline venture capital circle service and so on.

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